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Below are maps that are useful to club members.

The Chapel

The Chapel is next to the barriers and is diagonally opposite The Edge. It's where we store all of our equipment. We meet here at 8:45pm before a canoe polo session and at 9:00am on a Sunday river trip.

The Edge Sports Centre

The Edge Sports Centre is at the bottom of campus, and is where we hold all our pool and polo sessions. Once through the main doors, pass through the barriers to the left of reception. You'll notice the swimming pool is to your left through the ceiling high windows. Pass through the next set of barriers, which can be easily seen from the first set of barriers to get in to the swimming pool changing room. The main area of the changing room have unisex cubicals, but if you're not in to the whole unisex cubical thing, there are male and female only changing rooms at the back. If you're not sure where to go, look for people with club hoodies or kayaking related equipment and they'll point you in the correct direction.

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Useful Places of LUUCC

This is a map of useful place for LUUCC members. It's a little old and some of the locations are not visited anymore but still useful none the less.

Click the menu in the top left corner to get a list of locations. Click the full screen button in the top right corner to load it properly in to Google Maps and on a mobile device, it will load it in the Google Maps app.

Paddling locations

Social locations

Other various location

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