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Great news! Welcome! It looks like you want to join the best club here at the University! Well, it is in my opinion and the rest of the canoe club. Please follow the simple instructions below to join the club. You might be interested in becoming an Edge member as well, if you're not one already.

Please remember that for insurance reasons you must be a member of the club to attend any club trips, polo sessions, and/or weekends away with the club. Please note that storing your personal kit in our storage facility isn't guaranteed and membership does not give you the right to do so, but merely entitles you to it if it's available.

Membership for the year costs only £30 -which isn't much at all! This gives you comprehensive insurance during club events, the use of specialist equipment free of charge on club events and the ability to hire the equipment for personal trips. Not to mention the wonderful coaching provided during all events, fun, excitement, the ability to escape the urban jungle, cheap trips, and much much more.

How to become an LUUCC member - a step by step guide

  1. Visit our LUU canoe club webpage.

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  3. If you're a University of Leeds student, click Student Login in the top right corner of the webpage to log in. If you're not a University of Leeds student, log in by clicking Guest Login and Create New Account. Or if you've already registered with the website, just fill in your Username and Password and hit Login.

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  5. At the top of our canoe club page click Join this group >>.

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  7. A new window will pop up and you'll have the choice of which membership you wish to purchase. We have a full year membership or a first/second semester ONLY membership. Click Add to basket next to the membership option.

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  9. A small message appears that states your item has been added to the basket. Click View Basket.

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  11. Review the memberships you've chosen. If you didn't want a particular membership, you can remove it from your basket by clicking the circular red x button on the right to the item. Once you're happy with your basket, click Proceed to Checkout.

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  13. Fill in the details that it requires and click Continue.

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  15. Review the details you've just entered and enter your billing address.

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  17. Read the terms and conditions, it's a cracking read......honest, click the checkbox to say you've read what you should have done and click Pay Now.

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  19. Select the type of bank card you wish to use to pay for your lovely new membership.

  20. LUUCC Sign Up photo 10
  21. You'll be taken to a page, where you'll enter your bank card details. Once complete, click Confirm card details.

  22. LUUCC Sign Up photo 11
  23. There is no need to add any additional payment details, billing addresses or shipping addresses. Click Pay ##.00 GBP now to purchase your membership.

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YOU'RE DONE! We're glad to hear that you're one of us. We look forward to meeting you if we haven't already! You'll receive an e-mail congratulating you on joining the club.