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BAs and some other bits

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BAs and some other bits

Postby Paddy F » Wed Jun 22, 2011 2:40 pm

so on getting back to the midlands I've discovered some mates have had a pyranha kayak sitting in their back garden getting slowly covered in bird crap, and my aunt is getting a sea kayak out of her divorce, theyve both said i can have these cheap if I'll make use of them, having not properly seen either of them I don't actually know what make/models they are. Once I've found that stuff out I'll be looking to know how much theyre probably worth so I know what to pay them.

More relevant, I'm looking to get a BA, seeing as I'd like to do student safety next year one with a quick release strap for livebaiting is ideal, can anyone give any advice one different styles of BA to go for?
Paddy F
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Postby Dárragh » Wed Jun 22, 2011 5:57 pm

Pretty much anything cheap with a quick release strap...
(not really old/tattered though, you want it to float!)

no need to spend much over £100 on one. Try different BA's to see what's comfy etc... but it's not something to stay awake over really.

People in the club in rough order of price have:
Yak Descent (Bryn)
Palm Extreme - older version (Club has one, Merriman and Luke has one for sale I think ... php?t=4556)
Nookie rivermonster (Jake)
Peak River Vest (Harry)
Palm Amp (Me, Dan...)
Palm Extreme Newer version (Charley, Rob B - of PGL fame, tons more people)
Astral Greenjacket (DamX Mark, Carrick, Dave Hepworth)

There's plenty more to melt your head with including this

I'd go for Luke's one, if he still has it! Bargain!
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Postby LeeE » Fri Jul 01, 2011 6:33 pm

A few notes just from having mine (Palm Symbiant) for a while:

Mine was about £60-70 when I got it. Works perfectly fine on everything I've done so far so no complaints there and it fits nicely and stays in place.

Mine didn't come with a quick release strap as standard but you could buy one to go with it.

When I replace it I think the key things I'll be looking at are:

A side-entry BA as it can be a pain to get on when you have a lot of thermals on.

I'd also quite like more than one large pocket/places to attach things, would be handy to have space for a strap, karabiners, knife, cow-tail and some food and the one pocket on the Symbiant just isn't that big.
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