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Freestyle Kayak Moves (perfect to show off or for NSR)

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Freestyle Kayak Moves (perfect to show off or for NSR)

Postby Jamess » Sat May 14, 2011 10:46 am

Saw something on UK rivers, and decided this may be useful to members looking to improve skills! This is mainly something Andy J put up back when i first joined the club..

andy j wrote:Before having a jam at freestyle I've put a few bits of tips and advice together* on some of the most popular things to do with freestyle. Any of you guys new to the discipline, the flatspin, although looks basic, is something that once mastered is essential to every aspect of playboating.

The thing that really helps me is if I picture myself in the position of the kayaker in such videos. Break it down into steps then flail around as if you were in your kayak attempting them. Although it sounds stupid if you cant get your head around them on the bank then I'd be frikin impressed if you could pull them on the river!

Flat Spin:
Video - ... re=related
Ignore the fat American chatting shit but focus on the spin.
Key concepts
-See how at all times his boat is edged so he is leaning downstream
-He leads the roation with his head, he looks where he wants to turn then his boat follows
-He only ever has his paddle downstream of him on the foam pile, never in the green wave.
-When side surfing he is edged downstream and has his downstream blade in the water for stability and to initiate movement along the wave and roation of the boat.

Video (Slow Motion Shots) - ... re=related
This is where the trip goes to, the entry wave with the concrete walls is unrivaled nationally for learning loops in
Key concepts
-Starting nice and high up on the foam pile
-Get some momentum down the pile and plant the bow in at the seam between the foam pile and the green water flowing downstream
-As you go verticle stand up tall on your footrest and reach upwards
-Throw your weight up out forward in front of you and tuck until you are leaning forward on your deck
- Quickly push your heels away from your face so you are returning to a neutral sitting up position. This forms the last third of the move and makes the difference between no loop and a good loop.
-So it's PLUG your bow in, stand and THROW yourslef, STRECH and push your feet away from your face.

Try and spot these 3 stages in the slow motion video in the loop.

Balanced Smooth (First minute)-
Disjointed off Balance (First couple of mins)-
Note how the guy in the first video is much smoother and fluent. This comes from maintaining balance with his core/torso. He isn't throwing his weight around like they do in the second video which leads to disointed ends.
Another word guide to kayaking
Key Concepts
-As you initiate your bow for the first time, you need to edge your kayak to which ever side you intend to kayak on. This needs to be maintained for rotation to continue.
-Your kayak follows your head. If you are rotating to your right, then look right.
-It shouldn't be a move that you need to force hard. Use the power of the water, use the incoming flow to turn the bow and stern of your kayak in the move.

*These are by no means THE way to do the moves, just my interpretations along the way. Be ace if anyone from the club could share below their opinions, tips and experience on anything to do with freestyle.

Hope any of that helps, andyx

and some more...

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Postby brync » Sat May 14, 2011 11:50 am

I'm not in Aberystwyth.
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Postby Jamess » Sat May 14, 2011 12:31 pm

Official 2008-2009 Slag Bitch.....
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Postby Nic1234 » Sat May 14, 2011 12:33 pm

James do some bloody work!
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