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Canoe polo rule book

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Canoe polo rule book

Postby Robbing » Thu May 07, 2015 2:47 pm

This is the 2013-2015 rule book.

New rule book from 2015 (This will download the PDF to your device)

Bare in mind these rules are about to change and will be in force in the new season, which starts about August time.

- If a shot is taken, and whilst the ball is still in flight, the half/full time whistle is blown. The shot is still considered in play. Therefore, if it goes in to the back of the net, it's a goal.

- You're not allowed to travel with the ball whilst it's tucked under the arm. Sometimes known as chicken wing.

- On a restart, only 3 members of the opposing team have to be back in their half before the restart can take place.
- Any player still in the attackers half at the restart can not take part in the game until their body has crossed the centre line.
- The players who have just scored have up to 15 seconds to return to their own half.
- The player taking the restart throw must position themselves along the centre line and the other attacking players must not pass the centre line until the whistle is blown.

- Deliberately delaying tactics to delay the opposing team after an infringement or goal, such as throwing the ball away or obstructing a member of the opposing team on purpose is not allowed.

A new hand signal.....
Illegal holding/Illegal hand tackle

Out of game play rule changes....
- Changes in boat dimensions and scrutineering.
- Explicit rules about the helmets and faceguards.
- BAs must now be a minimum of 20mm in thickness.

There are other rule changes for.....
- Team coach/officials.
- Complaints about refs and other officials.
- Trademarks and advertising.
- Entries to world games.
Which all have no effect on us as a uni team.

EDIT: Just a quick update of the new rules.
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Re: Canoe polo rule book

Postby Robbing » Wed Mar 16, 2016 2:17 pm

This appears to be an updated version of the rule book.

Canoe Polo Rules 2015 Edition
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