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Club Emails 2014-2015

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Club Emails 2014-2015

Postby JackSWeddell » Mon Feb 24, 2014 12:39 pm

Hello good people of LUUCC!

What an exciting week! The committee of old wrapped things up (the captain in particular giving an overly intimate goodbye to a rock on the river Wharfe last Sunday, but fear not; he’s all healed up now!), and the new committee was voted in at our AGM on Wednesday, at the fine establishment that is Seven Spices. Ladies and gentlemen, here is your brand spanking new committee;

Captain: Jack Weddell
Secretary: Alice McLoughlin
Treasurer: Lucy ‘Alma’ Kidson
Gear and Safety Sec: Zach Owen
Polo Sec: Andy Canavan
Comp Secs: Sarah Waddington and Simon North
Social Secs: Julia Horncastle and James Lane
Webmaster: Benji Wilson
Ordinary Member: Arthur Mercer

So there you are, well done to all those who ran for a position, and braved giving a speech in front of a room full of people! We’d all like to give a huge thanks to last year’s committee, you did an awesome job and we hope we can keep that going over the next year! Once the serious business was over and done with, the fun began, with the new social secs taking us out to Milo’s via a quick, shot filled stint in Strawbs. While the night may be a rather drunken haze for most, it certainly was fun, despite everyone having to endure my semi-nakedness and general messy state!

This week

Tonight we have a pool session down at the Edge, at 9pm! Bring your swimming kit, smiles and your finest £1 coin. This is a super hour and a half of fun messing around in boats in a nice warm swimming pool, so come along whatever your experience, we’ll have something for you to do! We’ll play games, provide some coaching, and just generally catch up on all the goings on in LUUCC!

Wednesday will be the exciting first social from James and Julia, and here is their foolproof plan;
Meeting at Terrace for 9pm, from where we’ll head to Milo’s for around 10.30. We’ll then sojourn to Wire, where they’ve pulled out all the stops, and got us on the guestlist, along with some other cool discounts, for the brand new “Groove Kitchen” night. So get down on Wednesday for an awesome night of alcohol and grooving!
Also, as is social sec tradition, James and Julia are looking for a catchy joint name, (like Frankie and Lea’s team Flea, or George and Millie’s team Gorilla) but are struggling, so there’ll be a prize on Wednesday for the best suggestion; get thinking!

Thursday sees the new boss of everything polo related, Andy Canavan, oversee another polo session, and here’s the man himself;
“Feeling rough after Wednesdays social? Come down to polo on Thursday, just like horse polo but without the sticks (or horses). If you've never tried it before, you definitely should. Its only £1 so what have you got to lose? Meet 8.45 at the chapel. Thanks, Andy”

Sunday will see an intermediate/advanced trip head off to the bays of Scarborough for some sweet-ass kayak surfing on what are shaping up to be some tasty waves, followed by a classic fish and chips by the sea! This is some of the most fun you can have in a boat, so if you have a good roll, get signing up on the union website (you’ll have to login to see the canoe club shop)! We’ll gather at the chapel for 9am, and keep your eyes on the forum for more details! (p.s, surf forecasts change regularly so there might end up being no surf and we'll head off to a river somewhere, but we'll definitely get out on the water somewhere)


In two weeks time we have the huge paddling festival over in Nottingham. Unfortunately if you’ve yet to buy your ticket you are now too late and will have to spend the weekend filled with jealousy at all the fun being had by LUUCC. If you have signed up, and don’t yet have a job to do, get speaking to the rodeo bosses; Andy ‘Ghandi’ Canavan or Sam ‘peg-leg’ Newman, and they’ll let you know how you can help out.

I think that’s everything covered, if there’s any problems get in touch on this email address or drop me a text on 07902419741
Jack :)
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Postby JackSWeddell » Mon Mar 03, 2014 5:07 pm

Wazzzuupppp LUUCC,

The excitement continues this week with yet more heady days for LUUCC. The new committee have started taking their first steps as ‘big deals’, NSR is just days away, and there’s even hints of spring around the corner…

Last weekend, the new committee ran their first trip, and hit up the river Ure (with only small amounts of carnage), while other members did their first aid course. We had a great pool session on Monday, followed by a nice and relaxed social from Team J, and a tip-top polo session from Canavan. I continued the slightly worrying trend of captains ending up in hospital, managing to slice my hand open, and unfortunately missing Sunday’s trip. Sunday saw a sold out beginner trip head off to the mighty Lune for a banging day, with everyone building their confidence ready to tear it up in Nottingham next week; so well done everyone, and cheers to leaders and drivers! ANYWAY, here’s the agenda for this week!

Pool Session

Tonight there’s another pool session down at the Edge sports centre, 9pm. You’ll be able to get in a boat in a warm pool, work on any skills you wish, horse around and catch up with your friends, all for just £1! Hope to catch you all there!


“Hey guys!

I know we’re all looking forward to NSR this week so it’s a chilled social this Wednesday! Whether you can play a few tunes on the guitar or are completely tone deaf, come along to this week’s house gig for a jamming session. So bring your beers and your finest ukulele; it’s going to be a great night!

We’ll confirm the location at the announcements at the pool session, so be there or be square!
Otherwise, add our numbers:

Julia: 07702078722 James: 0798280222

Team J. x”


It’s that man Andy’s next polo session, get down to the Edge for 9pm for an evening of charging around in kayaks and throwing balls around in a vaguely organised manner. £1 for members, £3 for non-members.


I’m sure you’ve all heard grown sick of waiting for this much touted weekend of paddling and partying, but it’s time to get excited, in 4 days’ time we’ll be galavanting off to a whitewater course somewhere in the East Midlands, making fools of ourselves and having an all-round excellent time! You’ll need to bring your kit (camping stuff and any big bags) down to the chapel on Wednesday at 6-8, as there’s only room for small bags on the coach. Talking of the coach, that WILL BE leaving from Parkinson steps AT 6pm on Friday, so you really can’t afford to be late. If you need a tent space, or have spare spaces to offer around, post on the NSR topic on the forum (that's here lol)! Check out that forum post as well for more info on pretty much everything Rodeo related. Hope your fancy dress is up to scratch everyone... ;)

See you peeps later, if you need anything, get in touch with me on 07902419741!

Jack :)
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