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Club Emails 2013-14

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Club Emails 2013-14

Postby Jamie » Mon Feb 18, 2013 4:43 pm

Hey guys! We’ve had one of the best weeks with the canoe clubs, starting with Jamie’s last pool session with excitement for NSR. Wednesday saw the elections of your new committee!! A classic curry with an epic night out at wire afterwards it was a great night organised by our new social secs. We are all excited to carry on from where the old committee left off and carry on the amazing run of LUUCC!! Saturday saw Leeds paddlers compete in BUCS Pole dancing racing. With a chilled out day in the sun and a few runs of tees barrage we had the best time there out of all the universities (apart from carriage caught on camera). I’m looking forward to the results soon. Sunday saw the first river trip of the new committee to the fantastic gorges of the middle tees, running a longer section everybody had a great day in the sun, with some nice sections, fresh faces and chips afterwards it was an enjoyable trip! Want to do more….well we’ve got loads coming up in the next 2 weeks…

NSR – 1st, 2nd & 3rd March

One of the best weekends away with 1000 kayakers who know how to have a good time run by LUUCC, this event is kind of a big deal. Sign up is still available on the union web site if you haven’t already get on it tickets are going fast!!

Get tickets at - ... oor/canoe/
You can compete whatever you’re level beginner to expert, (But beginners could win some awesome prizes). The NSR is also a LUUCC event, LUUCC members run the rodeo and it could happen without us so if want to become a big deal for the weekend sign up now!

Monday Night – Pool Session – 9pm - The Edge - £1

Come along and get some top quality coaching from some of the best kayakers in Leeds. No previous canoe/kayaking experience required, just enthusiasm.

9pm-10.30m, Edge Swimming Pool, £1

Invite all of your friends and join us for a lot of fun in the pool.
We'll also be heading to old bar after so you'll be able to meet everyone and have a chat about joining the club or just enjoy a nice beverage in good company.

Don’t forget that trip sign-up happens after our pool gear has been put back into the chapel, so hang about for the chance to sign up to this Sundays trip!

Looking forward to seeing everyone!

Wednesday Night -
Good day guys and gals,
Thanks for voting us in on Wednesday as your new social sex. We will do our very best to keep up the great work that Millie and George have done all year!
So the plan for this Wednesday: We thought everybody could do with a bit of TLC after the AGM so a relatively tame one. Meet at Dry Dock (opposite Leeds Met Library) at 7.30 for 2 for £5 cocktails. Then we shall shimmy on down to 1st Bowl in the Merrion Centre at about 9.30 to drunkenly throw some heavy bowling balls around and continue drinking.
If you want to meet to walk down to Dry Dock, drop us a text.
Love Team Flea xxx
Lea: 07852738701
Frank: 07846253620
(we'll answer if we aren't sleeping, honest)

Thursday Night – Canoe Polo – The Edge – 8.45PM (Meet at the Chapel)
Join us for a bit of competition and improve your paddling skills in the fast game of polo. You could also be in for a chance for the famous polo player of the week prize. We always have a good laugh at polo so come down with enthusiasm and anybody at any level is guaranteed to enjoy it.

Sunday – Beginner’s guide to freestyle – URE - 9am @ The Chapel

This is your final chance for practice before NSR, were heading down to find some lovely play waves on the river Ure for a chilled day of fun, hi jinks and some narly tricks. Sure to be a great day for everyone, don’t worry if you’ve never surfed before, sure by the end of the day you’ll surfing those waves ready for NSR! Sign up happens after tonight’s pool session and extra spaces will be on the LUUCC forum cost will be £8 bargain for a superb day out.

To join LUUCC for the rest of this academic year, buy our half year membership online at the LUU website for only £17.50: ... oor/canoe/
For more information come check out our website and join our forum:
And any questions feel free to email:

That’s all from us here at LUUCC, but check out our Facebook or forum if you want to get involved there’s always something going on! Looking forward to a fun year with the new committee!


Alastair Kirby
"But I didn't come here to die... I came here to win." -Steve Fisher. YES STEVE!
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Postby Jamie » Tue Mar 05, 2013 9:53 am

HELLO everybody!

Hope you all had a great week whatever you were doing and are looking forward for more amazing action with the LUUCC as this week is a big one!!! Last week we had an amazing pool session with organised coaching for anybody wanting help improving their skills! Wednesday’s social got LUUCC blowing after 241 cocktails making sure it was a wicked night! Thursday’s polo got us ready for a few possible friendlies before April’s big event BUC’s polo keeps your eyes open for details soon!!! Sunday’s trip was unfortunately called off due to lack of water but it’s not all bad news as we’ll be back on white water for many epic trips and fun days in the sun (or rain hopefully) ASAP!! But as always we have an amazing week lined up for you.

Monday Night – Pool Session – 9pm - The Edge - £1

Tonight’s pool session is sure to be a lively one with lots going on and lots of stuff to talk about especially for this week end Please come over and see us even if you have never set bum in a boat before.

There will also be loads of coaching going on, getting your old school moves ready for NSR. So you’ll be ready to surf those waves and win a prize for yourself or even the club. It’s going to be a great night!!!

Wednesday Night – Social

Hey ladies and fellas,
Plan for Wednesday: Come on down to the Old Bar for a few bevvies 6-8 (conveniently so you can drop off your NSR kit and come for a pint). Then on to Pizza Express for 8.30 (bring 2-4-1 orange codes if you have them). Then potentially if people are up for it we'll head on to Mook for cheap cocktails.
Please either text/message/post on our forum post if you are coming to the meal so that we can confirm numbers with the restaurant by Wednesday morning.
Hope to see you all there!
Team Flea xxxxxx

Lea - 07852738701
Frank - 07846253620

Thursday – Canoe Polo – 8.45pm – The Edge (Meet at the chapel) - £1

Come along this Thursday to experience on of George’s excellent sessions in Canoe Polo and it’s going to be great. No experience necessary, but the ability to throw and catch is good, something I’m still working on. Come down for the chance for the legendary polo player of the week prize too.



This weekend is not only going to be epic paddling but there’s going to be the best party of the weekend anywhere in Nottingham. 1000 students are descending to Nottingham’s white water course for one crazy weekend, run by you guys in the best kayaking society in the world (just possibly) the LUUCC!!!

So here’s the run down

Wednesday – Kit drop off 6-8.30 @ the chapel.

Bring all your kit for the weekend that needs to go into the van. You only have room for a SMALL handheld bag on the transport on Friday. Kit drop off includes personal paddling kit and tents for your group, if you don’t have a tent yet check out the LUUCC forum’s tent topic as i'm sure there will be spaces. ... php?t=5455

At a stinky ditch in Nottingham there is no cash machine or shop so make sure you bring everything with you, there will be burger vans and bars so bring enough money for the weekend and your pre-drinks for the parties if you so wish.

a stinky ditch in Nottingham is also known for its “tropical” climate so bring lots of layers and snacks to keep you’re sprits high!!

Friday!!! Leave for NSR 5pm @ Parkinson’s steps.

We will be getting a coach down to a stinky ditch in Nottingham, so make sure you have everything with you for the trip as the coach will not stop on the way down, here you will get you’re LUUCC volunteer t-shirt for the weekend. Once we’ve got to a stinky ditch in Nottingham we will set up tents register and then the Party beings....

Check out the transport list to get more details on the forum.

Just a reminder than the university has a no drinking policy on all of its transport.

Saturday – and so it begins..

You will be nicely woken up by me on a megaphone no later than 0700 so we can be ready to get volunteers at the course for 0715. Whatever you are doing you are guaranteed to have a good time as you can’t not at NSR!!

First completions start on saturday, if you’re down to compete this is your first day of paddling and will be great fun more details for where you need to be at what time will be released at NSR.

Make sure you have circus themed costumes for Saturdays nights party I’m expecting the full circus to be there for an crazy night, so remember to bring you’re costume for Saturday!!

Sunday – And the fun continues…

Most likely we are all going to have epic hangovers but will still need everybody up 0730 latest so we can be at the course for 0800. It’s going to carry on being an amazing weekend and we need as many people there as possible to help out and cheer our guys on in the finals (fingers crossed).

The evening we will need everybody to help pack up the campsite and get all of our stuff in the van.

We will be back around 17.00 then head down to the chapel to collect kit and say your goodbyes.


I will be spending in bed!!!

If you haven’t got your volunteering sorted check out the forum for opportunities as the NSR have subsidised our tickets in return for our help. ... php?t=5414

It’s going to be one of the best weekend of the year, I can’t wait!!! Any questions drop me an email!

Have a great week and see you at NSR!!!

Alastair Kirby
"But I didn't come here to die... I came here to win." -Steve Fisher. YES STEVE!
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Postby Jamie » Tue Mar 05, 2013 9:54 am

Hey everyone!

Firstly, yet another massive thank you to everyone for the amazing weekend! It was probably one of the best weekends of our lives and the reason is down to all of you LUUCC-ers for helping out, getting on the water and partying hard. An even bigger thank you goes out to Tom, Harry and Ben for their flawless organization skills which meant that everyone had an amazing weekend. It was of course made even more amazing by the fact that we won a brand spanking new boat! There’s now a lovely shiny new Zet Raptor in the Chapel just waiting to be taken out on the river. Well done to everyone who got on the water, no matter how awful they were feeling, which meant that we won our new boat. A very special well done also goes out to Becky who won herself some pretty lovely looking paddles for coming 2nd in the women’s novice.

However, don’t feel blue about having to wait another year before the awesomeness that is NSR. We’ve got yet another fun-filled week for everyone who is still up for more kayaking fun times!
Monday Night – Pool Session – 9pm - The Edge - £1

Still not bored of kayaking after the weekend? Still not fed up of seeing tons of kayakers? Then come down to the Edge tonight for some top quality coaching and banter! All you need is a quid and some clothes you don’t mind getting wet in.
Don’t forget that after the pool session we meet at the Chapel for trip sign ups before heading down to Old Bar to have a cheeky drink

Wednesday Night – Argo then Dry Dock
Hey guys and gals,

Wednesdays Social: This week we are going to see Argo! Woo woo. 6.15at the Light Vue. After this we shall go to dry dock for some 2-4-1 cocktails! Hope all of your bellies are feeling fine after NSR yeeeeeeeeeeeer. Please let us know by tomorrow at 7pm if you will be attending so we can buy y'all tickets.

Lots of Love,
Team Flea

(smelly poo)

Lea: 07852738701
Frankz: 07846253620

Thursday Night – Canoe Polo – The Edge – 8.45PM (Meet at the Chapel)

No, not the Polo involving horses. This polo is much more fun, wet and chaotic! Turn up at the Edge at 8.45 to paddle up the pool manically, throw a ball around and bin people!

Sunday – Intermediate/Advanced Trip – Upper Tees – 9 a.m. @ the Chapel

As our last club trip before Easter break, the lovely Sean and Will have an intermediate/advanced trip to the Upper Tees planned! Not only is it a chance to test out our brand new boat, it’s also going to be an absolute blast! Meet at nine at the chapel ready to huck some g-nar!

Please note that this is an intermediate/advanced trip so it’s recommended that you don’t sign up for this unless you’re completely 100% sure in your ability to roll. If not, never fear! There’ll be many, many more awesome trips for you

And any questions feel free to email:

That’s about it for this week. However, if this still isn’t enough for you check out the Admiral Chat section of the Forum to see if anyone has anything else planned!

See you soon

Tasha Isaacs
"But I didn't come here to die... I came here to win." -Steve Fisher. YES STEVE!
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