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Committee Meeting Minutes 2012/2013

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Committee Meeting Minutes 2012/2013

Postby ruby » Thu Mar 22, 2012 8:27 pm

Posted here will be my minutes from all committee meetings. This thread is more of a place to keep them for reference so if you have any comments please could they be discussed under another thread. Thanks!!

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Postby ruby » Thu Mar 22, 2012 8:30 pm


Jamie Greengiant, Ruby Hawes, Becky McEwen, Oli Excell, Milly Varney, George Page, Sean Carley, Charley Smallwood, Beth Morgan, Paddy Fuller, Olivia Doran, Hannah Ellis, Katy Somerville, Harry Grace, Tom Oram, Jake Ward

-All information for people going is on the forum and in the recent club e-mail.
-People to be reminded that if they are going on the coach on Friday they have to be there by 4:30 and no alcohol is allowed.
-Everyone needs to remember to bring ID or they will not be allowed in.
-Big bags to the chapel by Wednesday

Riley Smith Awards
-Nominations close 9th March
-We want to put ourselves forward for ‘Best Society’, ‘Best Give it a Go’ and ‘Best Event’.
-Committee to write a club nomination next week.
-Members to be told that they can do their own nominations if they wish.

Pool Sessions
-Suggestions for skills, edging games etc, if to do it and when.
-Agreed that games are better at the end of the session and that more people need to be involved. (this was tried out at the pool session after the meeting and seemed to work well)
-Ways to improve coaching like having groups of ability level and getting a ‘production line’ type system going where people are shown a skill and then go and practice it.
-Coaches to be reminded that they need to be at the pool ready to start at 9 and actually ‘coach’.
-People watching from the side of the pool need to stand on the opposite side to the changing rooms as the fire alarm has accidently been set off on a few occasions due to people leaning on it.
-Crack down on swimmers in the pool as it makes it hard for people to practice paddling if there are people in the way. This will be implemented more strictly with the new intake in September.

Forum Behaviour
-Need to stress to members that it is a PUBLIC forum so anyone can see what is posted if they google the club.
-A group private message will be sent out to all forum users reminding them that it is public.
-Moderators need to be more stringent in removing inappropriate posts quickly.

Unwanted Boats
-Polite e-mail to be sent out to people who have boats in the chapel but don’t have membership asking them to remove their boats.
-If they have not dealt with this by September another e-mail will be sent.
-The outlaw and a few other boats are no longer useable and need taking away. We will see if we can give them away to anyone.
-Any boats not to use have black crosses on them.
-Sean will go through everything after NSR.
-Need to buy coat hangers for cags.
-Lost property cage needs emptying out.
-Keep an eye out for any free kit going online on facebook or ukrivers.

-We need to decide if we will be entering the Yorkshire regional polo league next year.
-If we get put in div 3 and the dates work then it was agreed that this would be a potential option.
-2nd option was to look into a polo league set up Lancaster University for other uni clubs and see if we would be able to join next year.
-Oli will find out more information about both of these options and it will be discussed again at the next meeting.
-Want to try and set up more friendlies with other uni teams. Will mention this to other teams at Christie Cup.
-Newcastle want to do a pre BUCS polo tournament which was agreed we will attend date dependent.

-Fundraising ideas for next meeting.
-Need to update website.
-Link website to facebook page and twitter.
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Failed/Failing my degree
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Joined: Thu Dec 09, 2010 9:09 am
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