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LUUCC Club Emails 2012/13

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Postby Jamie » Mon Nov 12, 2012 2:28 pm

Helloooo LUUCC!

We’ve had a pretty good week. Although perhaps mainly characterized by an achy head and body after the Tyne Tour, devoted LUUCCites have still managed to get out and show their fortitude. The pub quiz on Wednesday was informative... and it was good at polo to see a large number of freshers really getting into it =D

Monday – Pool Session – 9pm – The Edge

Buzzing for a bit of paddling, or just in need of a chill out? Come down to the Edge pool tonight. We’ll be throwing in the standard mix of coaching, chatting and messing about. That’s something everyone can enjoy :)

Intermediate paddlers be sure to come over for first dibs on the sign-up sheet for this Sunday’s river trip, in which we will be heading up towards Teesdale to catch some G-narly whitewater.

Wednesday – Noah’s Ark Otley Run! – 5.30 @ Woodies

It is nearly time for the annual LUUCC Otley Run. An Otley Run is a must do for any student in Leeds so if you haven't done one yet BE THERE and get ready for a craaaazy night!

The theme for this year is Noah's ark so grab a partner, make yourselves a couple of animal costumes (the more original/imaginitive the better) and perfect your animal calls so you can find each other if you get lost. There will be tasks to be completed throughout the night set by Noah
and his wife (George and Millie), a battle of the fittest with prizes to the strongest pair on the ark. (If you need a pair give us a shout and I'm sure we can find you one)

Plan is to meet at Woodies Ale House at 5.30pm (please be as prompt as possible so we can get going and not leave anyone behind) and we'll go from there, from pub to pub along the Otley road and in to town.

Any problems ring Millie 0785037441eight
George 0750233932four

So get creative and we'll see you all there!

Team Gorilla

Thursday - Canoe Polo – The Edge – Meet at the chapel at 8.45pm.

Come along to polo this Thursday for a bit of ball play, a lot of crashing about, and a chance to win that fabled ‘polo player of the week’ prize.

Sunday – River Trip (Intermediate) – Chapel - 9am
Hi guys,
So this Sunday we’ll be heading back up to the River Tees, only this time we’ll be tackling the Upper Section directly below the famous High Force Waterfall. This stretch has plenty to keep the able paddler occupied, including a class 4 rapid, and a 10 foot waterfall!

This is a great section for those who have been on an intermediate level trip before, such as the Kent or Leven, or for anyone who has been on a lot of higher level beginner trips such as the Wharfe, Lune and Middle Tees, and feels up for a bit more of a challenge. The Tees area is great beautiful, and also full of tea shops :) mmmmm cake!

If you are unsure of whether or not this trip is appropriate for you, please ask.
Sign up Monday at the pool session or on the forum after that if there are still spaces.

Trip cost: £8
Warm clothes: Lots of them.

Jamie Greenhalgh,
LUUCC Captain
"But I didn't come here to die... I came here to win." -Steve Fisher. YES STEVE!
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