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Committee meeting minutes 2011/12

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Committee meeting minutes 2011/12

Postby RuthC » Sun Oct 30, 2011 3:33 pm

24/10/11 Committee Meeting Minutes

Members Present:
Charley Smallwood, Ruth Coe, Bryn Carter, Patrick Fuller, Ben D, Beth Morgan, Jake Ward, Hannah Ellis, Olivia Doran, Harry Grace.

Ben D - Pool safety
• There have been 2 incidents reported to the union this year already, which doesn’t put the club in good light, so there needs to be more emphasis on taking care around the pool, mainly by discouraging people from hanging around in the water if they are not coaching.
• As one of the incidents was due to a paddle breaking the union have decided they want a better log of the all the equipment we have, when it is checked and when it is used.

Budget / fundraising
• The club desperately needs new buoyancy aids, and preferably boats too, so we need fundraising ideas and events to happen. The first will be a pub quiz social after Tyne Tour.

Tyne Tour
• Transport – so far we have a 12 seat minibus and 2 9 seat MPVs, the Luton box van and a LWB van. The options for the rest of the transport are a) get a 33 seat coach or b) find enough drivers and offer the incentive of a free t-shirt and £5 off their ticket. We will decide which option to go with when we have a quote for the coach.
• Food – need bacon, bread and something vegetarian. Bryn, Hannah and Olivia will sort out food / bacon from the market.
• River leaders – Charley, Jake, Beth, Harry, Darragh, Roo, Merriman, Ross? Laurent?
• Brief itinerary: Friday – vans leave in the morning, MPVs leave at 3pm, and coach/cars leave at 5.30/6pm. Evening – Spoons for dinner then to Studio.
Saturday – Half of group paddle, others go into Hexham village and to Warden’s Gorge, evening – fireworks then Ceilidh.
Sunday – leave by 6pm, home for 9pm. It’s important existing members set a good example by helping out with loading/unloading the van etc.

Special ‘events only membership’
• The club is considering having a membership for graduates that would cost £15 and would allow them to be members of the club for the main weekends away only. This would include Tyne Tour, Lakes, NSR, BUCS and Alps training.
• Storing boats in the chapel – people need to be a member of the club to store their boat in the chapel as there is very little space.

Calendar of events
• Jobs a good’n

GIAG pool session – 7th November
• The club needs 20 new student ID’s in order to get the GIAG funding from the union so it’s important people are still enthusiastic after Tyne Tour and bring people along.
• We need pictures of the GIAG session taken; there’ll be games etc (similar layout to the first few pool sessions of the year).

White water racing

• Money for this needs to be paid to Beth by Friday 28th October, and people have to have signed up by Monday 31st. The club needs more BUCS points and if enough people go we could possibly apply for Gryphons next year.
• We still need to find drivers.

River trips
• Try to give more advanced notice of river trips, or just what ability each week is going to be aimed at.
• There should be more advanced planning of river leaders/ groups again like at the end of last year as it has been decided that worked really well.

• Naked calendar – Friday 28th Oct. Meet 12.30pm at the chapel.
• Monday’s pool session will be Halloween themed.
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