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Alps Training Transport List

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Alps Training Transport List

Postby Charley » Thu Apr 07, 2011 11:31 am

Provisional Transport List

Minibus - Leaving @ 5 so medics etc can get it

Matt H (D - o7786one967tu0) - Nomad
Max B
Baby Ben - Nomad
Bryn - Jackson Topo Spud and sidekicks
Harry - Burn and weners
Patrick - Paid - Dempsey's Mamba
Alex Olney
Ross - Orange ZG and red peak uk paddles
Tom C - Paid
Sabina - H2 and orange werners
Tom O
Ash - NSR boat
Nic - H3?
Ruth - Redline
Lee - Jaffa Burn with crunched nose and yellow mitchells
Lucy H - Mamba

Van - 4ish...?

Silcock (D) - Em's Burn and club paddles
Martin Roger

Car - Leaving Firday eveing after Riley's

Jake (D)
Beth - Red mamba and carlissles
Lucy S - Blue Axiom and nic's 2nd pair of blades
Darragh - Red Burn and AT Eddy's
Dobson - Redline

Car - Leaving early afternoon (once the vans been packed...)

Charley (D) - Stretch and werners
Sarah Barber - Outlaw

Car - Leaving at 6

Niamh (D) - Big Dog?
Carrick - Red Salto and black lendals
Dempsey - Jackson Fun
Luke F - Nomad

Money wise - Due to loans coming in after Easter and everyone being skint just make sure I/Bryn/Ruth get the money before Thursday 5th May, Polo that night will be the last chance to pay as i don't want to have to deal with a load of cash while camping.
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Postby Charley » Wed May 04, 2011 12:29 pm

Ok, just a quick recap of what’s happening for Alps Training in case some people have forgot. It’s this Friday just in case you need reminding (*Cough* Max *Cough*)!

Please check theTransport List on the forum under announcements for when you’re leaving, the majority of people will be LEAVING at 5 from the chapel in the minibus so please MEET FOR 4.45. Also check the transport list for what boat you would like to take, otherwise you’ll be left with whatever I put in for you!
Please remember it’s camping and if you’re struggling to find a space check the tent topic on the forum, so don’t forget your sleeping bag, roll mat etc.

The forecast is for heavy rain pretty much all weekend so bring LOTS of warm clothes and waterproofs and as many thermals as you can get your hands on, Saturday and Sunday will involve a fair bit of standing around discussing safety and theory etc.

Food wise, the club will only be providing the actual BBQ’s for Friday and Saturday night (no actual food) so you need to buy the rest of the food you want to eat for the entire weekend! Each vehicle will be doing a stop at a big Tesco on the way though so food can be bought then.

I will be in the chapel from 8 on Thursday night before polo for kit drop off so it can go in the van, the van will be leaving before the minibus and there’s very little room for gear on the bus so please please please can people drop stuff at the chapel before polo on Thursday to go in the van. Any problems call me and we’ll sort another time, Friday morning maybe. This kit drop off includes boats from Luke, Max, Dempsey and Matt please. You can also pay me for the weekend here.

So what you need to do;
- Check the transport list for when you’re leaving
- Kit drop off Thursday night and PAY ME
- Buy food for the weekend or bring money to buy it from Tesco on the way
- Don’t forget to pack waterproofs and shed loads of thermals!

See you Thursday evening.
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