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BUCS Polo Transport List

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BUCS Polo Transport List

Postby Charley » Wed Apr 06, 2011 11:32 am

Please can drivers contact paddy to get chapel access, he will have my key. Any problems PM or call me.

Van (BAs, helmets, decks and tents and some camping gear etc.) 5PM
Sarah B

Naomi (4 carbons and a few paddles) 2PM
Lucy S

Paddy (3 carbons and a few paddles) 3ish?
Lucy H
(Patrick C, return journey only)

Giles (4 plastics and a few paddles) 6.30PM
Lucy Dobs
Sarah W
Martin R

Charley (4 Plastics and a few paddles) 5PM


Sabina (from Stockton)
Patrick (journey there only)

So the plan is to get all gear and as many tents/camping gear in the berlingo as possible then boats and paddles on car's. The money saved from getting the smaller van will go towards the carbon repairs.
This means a fair amount of gear will be in cars but there's only 4 in most cars so man up, it's only an hours journey.

Paddy will be at the chapel from 7-8 on thursday and from 2.30 on fri for people to bring kit to be in the van (if itll fit in)

Don't forget the banterphone and the live baiting gear;


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Postby Charley » Wed Apr 13, 2011 10:18 pm

Please get in contact with your drivers to sort out/confirm departure times etc.
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