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Committee meeting minutes Feb/March

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Committee meeting minutes Feb/March

Postby RuthC » Sat Mar 26, 2011 12:01 am

Committee Meeting 21/02/2011

Members present:

Charley Smallwood
Ruth Coe
Bryn Carter
Ross MacLeod
Darragh McCambridge
Beth Morgan
Olivia Doran
Hannah Ellis
Reuben Elliot
Nicola Underhill
Jake Ward
Jethro House
Lucy Stuart
Matt Grimshaw
Harry Grace
Patrick Fuller
James Silcock

Sunday’s river trip – middle Tees (feedback/reflections)

There was a great turn out for Charley’s first trip (approx 29 people). The new method of running the river in small groups of about 5 (including a few river leaders) works well.
The trip definitely pushed the beginners and showed them their ability on white water.
A criticism – groups catching up with each other to the point where there were too many people in the eddies (generally due to swimmers and faff). It was decided that the group leaders take initiative on when their group is ready to move on and that these situations are inevitable with such a large group.

NSR (transport)

The coach needs to leave at 6pm on Friday, but we can have it for the whole day if necessary. So the group will meet at the Parkinson steps at 5pm. A transport list needs to be drawn up to see if it will be necessary to take an mpv or minibus as well as the coach. We need to check with Anne-Marie how many seats are on the coach.
If possible t-shirts will be given out on the coach (and worn over the top! of hoodies), but they may not be available until we reach a stinky ditch in Nottingham.

Uni Pool over Easter

The pool will be offered to either White Rose or Leeds Canoe Club when not in use over Easter. The uni will charge a fine if we say the pool will be in use and it ends up unused. This will be passed on to whichever group say they would like use of the pool, and they will pay the fine if they don’t turn up.

Student Safety

It was emphasised that this is not a club trip and is attended independently, but we do need to consider who we advise to go, or not to go, as this will effect the clubs reputation.
Paddy, Chris G and Tom C will be advised to get as much white water experience in as possible if they are still planning on doing the course. The deadline for application is 12th April.
Anyone without their own kit is recommended to find (borrow) dry kit to wear for the course.
It was also pointed out that for a small extra cost it may be possible for a few uncertain candidates to ask the coaches for a tailor-made course at their ability.
A topic will be set up on the forum for FAQs about student safety.
When exact numbers are known a group booking will be made for accommodation, asap (as it will book up quickly).

Alex’s wrist and Bourbon

It’s up to Alex whether or not to take further action with Bourbon. This could include getting them to look through the CCTV. At the end of the day it’s his decision.
The club can’t get involved, apart from going down to Bourbon and chatting politely to the staff. Bourbon sponsor the club and we risk loosing to much, or being brought up on other matters if we get too involved with the situation.
We should however support Alex with whatever action he decides to take.

Club colours/celebration week

Realistically we are only submitting nominations for club colours; it has been decided to leave out mentioning the nominees for now. Anyone can nominate someone but it is Charley’s decision who he nominates/ writes about.
The club will push to keep ‘best society’ and run for best even (NSR) again, as well as best GIAG and anything else we can go for.
To get best GIAG new people need to put the club forwards, it was suggested that we send out emails to all the new people we got to encourage this.

BUCs polo + Christie cup

- CHRISTIE CUP: The union will pay for the competition and transport to and from the event.

- BUCS: We need to know exactly how many are planning on going to sort out transport. It may be a case of just taking cars and a van from Leeds commercial (as with last year). Or it may work out easier to take a large MPV if a large group are going.
This will be subsidised by the club.
On the Saturday night of BUCs there is a men’s div 2 tournament, so people need to be aware of this and transport between this and BUCs needs to be sorted.

Polo Boats

We have got £300 emergency funding to fix the carbons. The money raised from the polo sessions this year (tbc from Bryn) could possibly go towards new paddles.
The plastic boats also need fixing, but need to be done professionally this time, so they last.
Roo has brought up the fact that he needs tools and spare parts to keep up with the maintenance of the boats, and has asked for money to this. This can be sorted by keeping hold of receipts, or providing a float to fund this kind of thing.
Roo also needs to know how much money the club has to spend on kit.
Jake has requested funding for a hot air gun, which is personal but only ever used for the clubs benefits… the decision is still to be made by Bryn.

Alps Training Weekend

First thing is to set a date… general consensus is to go the weekend after term has finished before exams start.
Its decided that the maximum number of people we can take is about 20 – with priority going to those actually going to the alps.
The focus of the weekend is to continue with the safety people learnt as student safety over Easter. Roo has pointed out his concerns with the upper Tryweryn, having had plenty experience on this river, so it will be made sure only people definitely competent enough will be able to run this section. (Using Charley and Luce as an example from last year).
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Postby RuthC » Sat Mar 26, 2011 12:11 am

Committee meeting minutes 14/03/2011

Members present:
Charley Smallwood
Beth Morgan
Ruth Coe
Nicola Underhill
Bryn Carter
Roo Elliot
Olivia Doran
Hannah Ellis
Paddy Fuller
Ben D
Jake Ward
Jethro House
James Silcock
Harry Grace

• Need to start fundraising for the polo boats, we have been allocated £300 emergency funding from the union, this leaves £432 as the goal to be raised.
• Grimmy will hold a meeting soon to discuss ideas and start a thread on the forum.
• One idea was doing the three peaks whilst carrying kayaks.

Pool over Easter
• White rose will use the pool on Monday’s through Easter, and have been informed the Edge will charge a fine for not turning up.
• The four Thursday sessions have been cancelled and the Edge know we start back on 2nd May.

Christie Cup
• Weds 23rd March – meeting at 12 at the chapel (possibly later, times for the matches still to be confirmed).
• Plastics need to be fixed before then.

• 15th – 17th April
• Two options for transport: a) take a Berlingo van for the kit and put the boats on cars (5 will probably be needed) or b) hire a LWB van for boats and kit. The Berlingo is £16 for the weekend, so is considerably cheaper and if there are enough drivers this is the better option.
• Everyone will have to pay £20; the club will pay for petrol and the van.
• The entry forms need to be sent off as soon as Paddy has everyone’s student number.

• It was decided that for a couple of people they would get more out of the course if they left it a year, and will benefit from having more paddling experience, so have been advised on this.

Alps Training
• The 6th-8th May are now the confirmed dates for the weekend, and there will be a limit on the number of people able to come, between 22-30.
• Matt, Max and Luke will be coaching, and as an incentive will not have to pay anything for petrol/van hire, just the campsite fee.
• The campsite will be around £10 per person for 2 nights. The club maybe able to subsidise, but the weekend will probably cost around £20.
• Setup on the rivers- 4 people per river leader in a grop (may varying depending how competent the boaters are in the group). This would mean for the Upper Tryweryn there are spaces for 20 people (plus the 4 coaches).

NSR Feedback
• Ben D approved as the new rodeo treasurer!
• Improvements that can be made for next year:
- More information given to everyone about the bibs, everyone has there own bib which they are responsible for, for the whole weekend. There was too much faff trying to find the correct bib numbers.
- Everyone needs to do there extreme Pole dancing! (More emphasis on this). There should be a real uptime for everyone on the site, so no sleeping through your Pole dancing time.
- The rotas for the various teams (toasty, first aid etc) need to be enforced.
- Split safety teams into Leeds people and volunteers.
- Beer tokens should be a rumour rather than an incentive (people should want to help out anyway).
- An idea for next year is to have two vans, a Leeds van specifically for kit, and a rodeo van. This will hopefully reduce confusion over kit and bibs, and make it easier for the bosses to sort out rodeo prizes etc.

The New Boat (Big Dog)
• The club was considering potentially selling the big dog to buy river runners, this was decided against: we won a brand new boat – it’s definitely worth keeping, and selling it would make us look bad to the sponsors.
• We could potentially sell a G-force instead, but it probably wouldn’t be worth it.
• With the Big Dog its important to make sure everyone gets to use it, and people should just be aware of this.

• The club will pay £10 towards each committee hoody, so they will work out around £10-12 each. Old Will will supply the hoodies.
• The design for the club hoody will stay the same as this years, the club will consider potentially trying to make a profit from these.

River Trip Blog
• At the end of each trip someone will write a brief description of the day, including who went, the location, any highlights and a few pictures, to go on a river blog.
• There’ll be a link to the blog from the front page of the website so new members can see what kind of trips go on every week.
• Then Harry, ordinary member, will be in charge of sorting the blog. Anyone on the trip can write for the blog though. There’ll be a thread on the forum for anyone to add there river trip experiences to.
• We will get LUU to put the new river blog on the news section of the website, so non-members will notice it too.

Poster Competition
• There will be a competition to design a poster which can be put up in the window of the Edge during pool sessions, to explain about the club and encourage people to come along.
• The prize will be a free river trip :D
• It was mentioned that the policies on advertising should be checked first.

• There will be a new link on the forum for people to add resources about safety, what needs to be brought on rivers, syllabuses and skills etc… general good to know information.
• A thread will be started about celebration week and the Riley awards. Ann Marie is looking for a collection of pictures, videos and quotes from the club to put up in the union for celebration week.
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