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Club Emails 2011-2012

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Postby Charley » Sun Feb 05, 2012 6:42 pm

Well thanks very much to whoever did a bit of rain dancing last week as it certainly worked! The rivers were heaving! LUUCC had an action packed weekend, taking full advantage of all that rain with a dozen students competing in BUCS WWR on the Saturday and then A CLUB TRIP TO THE SWALE on Sunday! (Wowza!) Well done to everyone who competed at White Water Racing on Saturday, Leeds came 19th out of 27, which is pretty good saying we had so few people compared to the others and after all the ‘incidents’ that happened. Individual times were;

K1M - 152 competitors
Charley - 9.19 (22nd)
Bryn - 10.37 (80th)
Mikkel - 10.37 (81st)
Jamie - 10.51 (94th)
Paddy - 10.59 (104th)
Aidan - 15.23 (132nd)
Sean - 37.20 (148th)

K1W - 68 competitors
Lucy - 10.20 (15th)
Beth - 10.30 (19th)
Katy - 15.06 (57th)

Mens Team - 33 competitors
Bryn, Harry, Mikkel - 10.44 (15th)
Jamie, Jack, Tom - 14.35 (32nd)

And well done everyone who joined us on the Swale this Sunday, it was a brilliant day and it was a true show of the calibre of paddlers Leeds has that we were able to take a club trip to such a intense river, well done everyone. It was so good to see people nailing lines and boofing drops like pros.

So what’s happening this week then?

Wednesday 30th – German Market Social – Meet Terrace 6.45PM, Moving @ 7PM to the Beer Tent

Hey guys,
Ok this week’s social we will be heading down to the German Market for some steins of beer in the beer tent. It gets pretty packed quite quickly, so the plan is to meet at the Terrace for 6.45 and walk down at 7. Those of you who have not been before, there’s lots of singing and dancing with steins on your head, and is generally a good laugh. Afterwards we'll head out somewhere, Spoons, or maybe Fab Cafe, whatever we feel like.
Hope to see you there
Lots of love team Doris

Any problems, give one of us a ring: Hannah - 07815700273 or Olivia - 07889183553.

Thursday 1st – Canoe Polo – Meet @ The Chapel 8.45PM

It’s getting colder and darker as winter begins, so if you fancy having a bit of a practice of useful river skills that’s a bit different to the Monday pool sessions, but still in the warm, then Canoe Polo is for you! Running every Thursday from 9pm at The Edge, you get some boat practice, some games and general LUUCCness all for the bargain price of £1.
AND the person with the best attitude, silliest goal, best play or general display of that good old LEEDS spirit wins a prize.
Congratulations to last week’s PLAYAAAAHS of the week Matt for some full on effort for the whole session- what an improvement and Mikkel for some pretty epic/silly plays in the last game.

Remember: Thursday 9pm, The Edge.
P.S. It doesn’t matter if you aren’t sporty, it’s not a real sport

Sunday 4th - Beginner/Intermediate River Trip – Meet Chapel 9AM

It’s the last trip of the year so it’s the last time for a cracking day out in the country with all these lovely Leeds folk so man up, grab your thermals and your thermos flask and sign-up to come for a bit of boating in the dales. It’ll be a nice relaxed trip for beginners but we’ll also be looking at some vital river skills as we go. There’s patches of rain forecast over the week so it hopefully won’t be too much of a scrape or too rocky so an ideal time to get your butt out of bed and enjoy some of the best views in England while doing a touch of light kayaking.
The trip will cost a measly £8 and this gets you transport to and from the river, all kit hire and some outstanding coaching from some of Leeds finest. BARGAIN!

N.B. It will be chilly so wrap up warm and bring lots of spare dry clothes for afterwards. If you want some advice on thermals and keeping warm on the river check out our forum thread; ... php?t=4726

Thursday 1st is the last day to sign-up for LUUCC Christmas Meal! So get yourself along to the LUU Helpdesk to sign-up for a fantastic night of wining, dining and dancing! So come along dressed as your favourite/least favourite/one you fancy, whatever really but we expect you to make an effort, LUUCC doesn’t take fancy dress lightly!

It's on Wednesday 7th December at 6pm at the Wetherspoons on Woodhouse Lane (opposite Morrisons). The price is only £13 including a free drink and some free wine so clearly a bargain! More info and ideas can be discussed on our forum thread here; ... php?t=4804

Introducing Lakes Weekend 2012!

So the next big weekend of the year is coming up! It may seem a while off yet but it is in fact just 8 weeks (4 university weeks) until LAKES WEEKEND!

• A weekend of partying and paddling in the beautiful lake district.
• A wonderful chance to push your boating a bit further, no matter what your ability.
• A great chance catch up after Christmas with the all the other lovely LUUCCites, and a chance to let your hair down after the stress of January exams.

This is the weekend immediately after he two week exam period.
Transport (vans, minibuses and cars) will be leaving at staggered times on the Friday (all with fancy dress themes of course), so don’t worry about Friday commitments.

We will be staying in Ulverston (just a bit further south to where we were last year), in a village hall. So no camping, you’ll be happy to hear (just kipping on the floor but don’t forget your roll mat and sleeping bag and still be well prepared for cold weather).
There will be a hot meal provided on the Saturday night in a nearby pub, YUM!

So it sounds good so far but how do I know whether it’s suitable for me?
The trip caters for anyone, all you have to have before hand is full club membership (which can be bought for £35 on the union website), and to have come along to at least one pool session.

How do I sign up?
The trip costs £40 (this includes transport, accommodation, food on the Saturday night and a small packed lunch for the day you will be paddling).
Sign up is at the union help desk and will be open from Wednesday 30th. There are a limited number of spaces on the trip so please try and sign up before Christmas to ensure your place.
Loads more details of the weekend, along with some wicked pictures can be found on the forum here;

See you all soon, get signing up.
Love Ruth

Stuck for what to ask for Christmas? Why not ask for a fabulous LUUCC Hoodie?

The club hoodies can now be ordered through Ruth at any club session or by emailing They’re an absolutely bargain price this year at a tiny price of £25. For this you get a gorgeously designed hoodie depicting your proud support for LUUCC. More info can be found here; ... php?t=4808
Please order ASAP if you want yours before we break up for Christmas.

So that was a mega action packed email with load to take in, so if you need a break check out this awesome footage from some more Scottish boating;

One day........

Back to work I guess then, See you soon!
Charley x
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Postby Charley » Sun Feb 05, 2012 6:44 pm

Wowzaz, it’s absolutely flipping freezing! But at least it’s almost Christmas, so bring on the free heating of being at home, binge eating and constant re-runs of Cool Runings on BBC2. But before we all head homewards there’s still the LUUCC Christmas Meal to get down and dirty with! So by now you’ve hopefully all got your best celebrity costumes sorted, found a superb gift for your Secret Santa and are sitting ready with the mulled wine at hand for a smashing night out. But before that, drag yourself out of bed and along to the pool session tonight to discuss all of your costumes and more importantly, your pre-drinking plans!

Monday 5th – Last Pool Session of the Year! – 9AM The Edge Swimming Pool

So it’s the last pool session of the year and the perfect time to discuss your tactics for Wednesday night and be convinced in to signing up for LAKES WEEKEND (you don’t wanna miss it!). Same drill as always, pop along to The Edge, no experience required, just bring your swimwear, a towel, an old t-shirt and one shiny pound. Nothing could be easier.

Wednesday 7th – Christmas Meal – 6PM Weatherspoons on Woodhouse Lane

So the LUUCC Christmas Meal is finally here! I hope you’ve got your celebrity costume sorted and your £1 Secret Santa gift all wrapped up. There will be prizes given out as well, including one for best fancy dress, king and queen of tarts, drunken mess etc...
See you all there, I hope you have nothing planned for Thursday…. (apart from polo)

Thursday 8th – Canoe Polo – Last Session – 8.45PM the Chapel

SO, is anyone looking forward to the holidays? I know I am.
But before we get to go home and enjoy the luxuries we don't as students there's one last POLO!POLO!POLO! session. Even if you've never come along before this week is as good as any to start, if anything you'll enjoy catching up on the goss from the Christmas meal!
Congratulations to Ross who was last weeks Player of the Week, you deserved that Bombay Mix.
This week’s prize will be a special CHRISTMAS themed prize.
Look out for info on Saturday’s tournament on the forum: ... php?t=4811
P.S. When I say that the prize will be Christmas themed, I mean that it will be genuinely special, not like the "special" drawing I did at Easter. Chocolate and other things may well be involved!

Lakes Weekend! – 20th to 22nd January

I know it seems like along way away but the time will be eaten away before you know it. It’s only a few Uni weeks away now so get paid up and your name down before Christmas to guarantee yourself a place on another superb weekend away. It’s the weekend straight after exams so the perfect opportunity for you to blow of all that post exam excitement in style!

All the info you could ever want on the weekend is right here; ... php?t=4809
But just in case we’ve missed something then feel free to come have a chat with myself or Ruth (who’s top dog on this one) or email –

Prepare yourself for another spectacular weekend with LUUCC of fancy dress, inappropriate club incest, TOP banter and some light hungover kayaking.

You get THE WHOLE WEEKEND AWAY, all inclusive, for an absolute bargain price of only £40! This includes transport there, back and around while we’re there in some luxury, themed minibuses, accommodation in a lovely, WARM, village hall so we don’t have to camp outside in the cold, a slap-up pub dinner on the Saturday night at the local pub, breakfast and a packed lunch on both days (yea that’s right, we’re taking it old school with the packed lunches!), and a cracking weekend! So don’t you dare miss out on this wicked opportunity!

Sign-up at the union helpdesk or online on the union site (yea we’re damn high-tech don’t you know!) – don’t forget you have to sign-in to the LUU site first; ... oor/canoe/
Sign-up before Christmas to guarantee your place on the trip as there is limited places.

Quick video of the week if you’ve not been subjected to watching it before; ... 2&hl=en-GB
Mr Laurent at his…… ‘Best’?

Well I guess I’ll see you all on Wednesday for a banging night out! Time to start spreading some festive cheer.
Charley x
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Postby Charley » Sun Feb 05, 2012 6:47 pm

Well a very happy new year to you all! Hope you had a good one and are looking forward to a prosperous 2012, action packed with new kayaking adventures, and we’ve got loads to offer in the coming months. Lakes weekend is only 2 weeks away (whoop whoop), then our Annual General Meeting where we’ll be electing some brand spanking new committee members up to give running the club their shot, followed immediately by the largest student freestyle event in the world, organised by us (obviously as we’re $hit hot!), the massive National Student Rodeo. And as if that wasn’t enough, for anyone looking to get away this summer, and fancy some top coaching for some of Leeds finest, we’ve got our Alps training weekend as well! Blimey! Not to mention huge socials every week and our Summer Meal to cap it all off!

So I know most of you are deep in the exams (and it sucks), but the torment will be over soon, so if you’ve not already (then why the flip not!), why not sign-up to our Lakes Weekend. For anyone that doesn’t already know it’s the weekend straight after exams 20th - 22nd Jan, and the perfect opportunity to celebrate the end of exams in style and get out of your nest that you’ve been huddled in for the last 3 week revising, and get some beautiful fresh air in the gorgeous Lake District. Sign-up closes on Thursday 12th so be quick about it! All info can be found on our forum right here; ... 9&start=15

And sign-up can be made online at the Unions canoe club page here; ... oor/canoe/
Or at the union helpdesk.

Pool sessions will start again on Monday the 23rd Jan and Canoe Polo on Thursday 26th Jan but more info to follow on this.

For any budding committee members there will be a committee meeting on Mon 9th/Tues 10th, TBC, keep your eyes on the forum for this. If you fancy a position on the committee you’ll want to come along to this and see what we’re planning as there will be some overlap, especially with NSR etc.
Enough for now, back to the books and good luck to you all.
Charley x
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Postby Charley » Sun Feb 05, 2012 6:48 pm

Well what an unbelievably amazing weekend! I thoroughly enjoyed it and I hope you guys did too. It was so good to see so many of you out there and keen to get on the water, a spectacular effort from everyone involved. However, special thanks need to be made to a certain few;
Firstly I think we all need to give Ruth another massive thank you for organising such a fantastic weekend, it’s down to her that it all ran so smoothly and that and that we had such a lovely bunkhouse so please remember to thank her as it was a lot of work to organise and she did it just so all of us could have a jolly good time.

Also on the thank you list is all our drivers without which you would not have even got there, all our river leaders who kept you safe the entire weekend, our amazing chefs who stirred up a culinary masterpiece on the Saturday night and our old school packed lunches each day. But also everyone else that helped out throughout the entire weekend helping pack the vans and keep the place clean, hopefully we’ll even be allowed back to use the place again in the future as it was a lovely place.
I was very impressed with everyone’s attitudes to get stuck in and help out wherever they could so thanks to all of you, I hope you all had a great weekend.

Lost and found from the weekend can be found on our forum; ... php?t=4888

For anyone who still needs to pick up kit from the weekend, collection will be this evening from 8.30pm-9pm from the chapel before the pool session or after at 10.30pm.

But anyway, as another term begins we’ve got even bigger and better things on the horizon and even more for you to get involved in at LUUCC. Events to put in your diary so far are;

Monday 30th Jan – GIAG (Give It A GO) Pool Session – Bring your friends along and show them what the big deal is about this whole kayaking thing.
Wednesday 8th Feb – Hannah and Olivia’s last social!
Sunday 12th Feb – My last river trip (sob...)
Wednesday 15th Feb – AGM (Annual General Meeting) where our new committee will be voted in
Weekend 2-4th March – National Student Rodeo!!! Organised by Leeds, the largest student freestyle kayaking event in the world!
Weekend 13-15th April – Alps Training – More details to follow
Weekend 21-23rd April – BUCS Canoe Polo Tournament
Wednesday 26th May – Summer Meal

My final proposed Sunday river trips are as follows (so you can pop them in your diary and get signed up nice and early);
Sunday 29th Jan - Intermediate
Sunday 5th Feb – Beginner
Sunday 12th Feb – Advanced (if no water a stinky ditch in Nottingham/Teeside)

But on with what’s happening this week;

Monday 23rd – Pool Session – The Edge Swimming Pool – (9pm – 10.30pm)

So you’ve been to Lakes weekend and have realised there are a couple of skills that you’d like to perfect, so why not pop along to the pool session where you can get some top quality coaching from our helpful and friendly coaches in a warm pool and reminisce on the weekend. Bring along your swimming gear, a towel and an old t-shirt and get to it. It’s only £1 for edge membership holders so an absolute bargain. Then we’ll head over to Old Bar afterwards for a quick drink for anyone that has recovered yet.

Wednesday 25th –

Thursday 26th – Canoe Polo – The Edge Swimming Pool – (9pm – 10.30pm)

Well, it’s been a pretty intense start to 2012, what with Lakes and those exam thingies, and it’s carrying on that way with polopolopolo, this week is a friendly match against the lovely people from York Uni, keep an eye for the team lists on the forum; ... php?t=4887
It’s all kicking off at the same time as usual, 9pm, The Edge, see you there!

Sunday 29th – Intermediate River Trip – Meet at the Chapel 9AM

So you’re super keen to get out on the river again after such a wicked weekend and here is your opportunity. Sing-up will be at the Monday pool session or by txting me (07984980745).

We’re looking to get you guys out again on something nice and relaxed somewhere in the North but forecasts for the weekend look varied so no definitive plans yet. Feel free to contact me to discuss whether the trip is suitable for you. The trip will cost a meagre £7/8 so another bargain for you guys!
Arrive at the chapel promptly at 9 please and we will hopefully return for 7ish after a fish and chip dinner.

But anyway, hope everyone is slowly recovering from a super intense weekend, see you guys soon!
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Postby Charley » Sun Feb 05, 2012 6:49 pm

Well what a great turn out for our Give It A Go Pool Session! It was great to see so many new faces on the scene and everyone really getting involved and trying kayaking. Thanks to everyone that came and a massive thanks to everyone that helped out coaching and just getting our new faces involved. In the coming month we’ve got some big changes coming in, taking the club to even bigger and better things, and the biggest event of the year, so no time to slow down just yet!
But before we get carried away with all that, there are still the events this week to get to grips with;

Wednesday Social – National Student Rodeo Film Premier – Meet at Terrace at 7.30PM

Hey guys! This week we will be watching the film made of NSR last year by Max Bilbow, and then heading on to Mook and Smokestack for a Cuban-themed night involving cocktails and salsa dancing!
The film will be in Parkinson B.09, so meet at 7.30 in the Terrace to go to the film at 8. It's really good and will show everyone who hasn't been before how much fun NSR is and why we're all so excited!
The film will finish about 9 (there'll be a chat and questions time too) and then we'll head down to Mook for 2 for 1 cocktails, and then to Smokestack on Call Lane, which has free entry.
Hope to see you all there; it should be a really good night.
Any problems,
Hannah - 07815700273
Olivia - 07889183553
Lots of Love, Team Doris xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Thursday – Canoe Polo – The Edge Swimming Pool – 9PM

So with there being only 2 weeks!!! until the AGM this week is my second to last canoe polo session.
How to top last week’s epic series of matches against the Yorkies, Congratulations to everyone who played everyone was playing fantastically and it was great to see so many new faces playing, and scoring, for the club.
This week it's back to normal with some fairly casual games while we piece together the events of Wednesdays social.
As always there will be a mystery prize for the person who tries the hardest/scores the funniest goal/plays the best or just makes the session.
9pm. The Edge. Thursday.
See you round

Sunday 5th Beginners AND Intermediates River Trip – Meet at the Chapel 9AM

So this is something a bit different, we’ll be taking 2 groups, a beginner and intermediate group to THE BURRS!
The Beginner trip will be working on basic river skills and an introduction to white water, the perfect first trip after the GIAG session.
The Intermediates will be working on leadership techniques and techniques for leading groups as well as a bit of more relaxed surfing; an ideal trip for anyone looking to be heavily involved in the club next year or river lead.
The trip will cost only £7 (a bargain price as we’ve got the minibus) so grab a super cheap trip.

- Heaps of thermals and warm clothes and a change of dry clothing
- Wet shoes (trainers, wet-suit boots, whatever you wear in the boat)
- Towel
- Food and snacks and a Thermos flask of anything hot is always a lovely treat when you get off the cold river
- Money – a few quid for some food in the pub afterwards and some money for the trip

Any problems or questions call Charley (07984980745)
Please remember you have to be a member of the club to attend club trips.
Unfortunately the trip has already mostly filled up but contact me and I’ll pop you on the reserves list and will contact you on Friday to confirm if I’ve managed to swindle you a place or not. If you’ve singed up and are unable to make it PLEASE TELL ME so someone else can have your space, if you don’t tell me and don’t turn up you still have to pay for the trip!

Coming up......

Annual General Meeting – Wednesday 15th Feb – 7 Spices Restaurant – 6PM

The LUUCC Annual General Meeting on Wednesday 15th February.

The Annual General Meeting of the Canoe Club on 15th February is one of the biggest nights of the year, not just because it’s the night we all elect the new committee for the coming year, but also because it’s one of the messiest and most memorable nights on the calendar.

The night is essentially split into two parts. The first deals with club business, and then the second is the elections for the new committee 2011/2012.

It will be held at 7 spices kicking off at 6pm and will cost £11 pounds which covers the buffet meal. If you want alcohol then you can bring your own. The sign up is now up and will shut on the 3rd February. Sign-up at the union helpdesk.

This is the “important” bit where we have to put our sensible hats on and remember that we are a university club, following a constitution and university guidelines laid down by the ARC, and that every paid member has the opportunity to voice an opinion on any aspect of the club. This will therefore be at the start of the night before we can’t talk very well.

The order of business will be as follows:
• Captain’s Report – short speech by Charley giving a report on the year
• Financial Report – Bryn filling us in on the money situation
Constitutional Ammendments – all members have the right to submit constitutional amendments they feel are necessary to the club via the forum using this topic, which are then voted on during the evening. Members may either be “for”, “against” or “abstain”. Ammendments MUST be submitted 5 working days before the date of the AGM.

An exact agenda for the meeting will be posted on this topic nearer the time


We then go about electing the new committee. Each person who wishes to run for a position must firstly sign their name up on this forum post. Each person signing up needs 2 additional people to sign – one “proposer” and one “seconder” who think they are the right man/woman for the job. Strictly speaking you cannot propose and/or second 2 people running for the same position. There’s no real limit to the amount of people who can run for each position.

On the night each nominee must then make a short speech, answer a couple of questions about the role and then someone is voted in (pen and paper, not show of hands) for each position by all the members of the club. Last minute proposals can be made on the night at the discretion of the current Captain who chairs the AGM.

Why bother?
The reason why LUUCC goes from strength to strength is that every aspect of it is run FOR its members, BY its members. Being on the committee is a great way to put back into the club, you get loads out of it, it’s an awesome way to meet new people and it looks great on your CV. If you have even slightly thought about going for a role then have a chat with the current person on the committee face to face about it.

I don’t have the time to do it…
The LUUCC committee has been running for decades with every person working towards a degree. It is unlikely you don’t have the time, more likely is that you simply need to organise yourself more so that you do. If this is something you need to do generally then getting a role on the committee may be the kick up the arse you need!

I don’t know enough about kayaking…
This is often something that people worry about the most when going for a role. The only thing that requires prior knowledge is river leading or coaching – neither of these are committee positions. Being on the committee is mostly about organising people rather than specifically organising kayaking.


Captain Currently Charley Smallwood. The Boss. The Figurehead. The Master of all He/She Surveys.
Being Captain of LUUCC isn’t all it’s cracked up to’s better! If you want to meet tonnes of new people both young and old, push your boating to the next level without even realising it, get that warm feeling by introducing people to a completely new sport, and having an all round awesome year both on the river and on the dance-floor – then this job is for you. It’s worth stressing the key is not being the best paddler, many captains in the past have been no where near the best boater in the club the key is organisation along with being friendly and approachable.

Currently Ruth Coe
The club secretary is essentially all about being the captain’s bitch, assisting him or her with the organisation of club events, such as Tyne Tour and being the sole organiser of the Lake District Trip. The secretary is also responsible for distributing information within the canoe club, recording and distributing committee meeting minutes, assisting the treasurer in completing and collecting membership forms and payment and doing other nitty gritty jobs like booking transport, ringing up venues to book, sorting ceilidh tickets etc etc. One of the big jobs is also being the first point of contact for the club when booking pool sessions with the University. Secretary has always been about someone who has a keen eye to be organised and willing to bend over and take whatever gets given from higher up. Being passionate about the club and wanting to ensure its smooth running to continues is an absolute must.

Treasurer Currently Bryn Carter
Looks after all the clubs money! Keeping everything balanced and looking ship shape and making sure the Union/ARC are happy is the key role for the Treasurer. Giving students money to spend over a year is a recipe for disaster unless managed well. Collecting all the wonga from club trips, paying people back for their expenses (mainly petrol money), paying for pool hire, and booking transport are just some of the jobs. Knowing where the cash office is definitely helps as you will be heading up there once or twice a week, sometimes more in the lead up and come down from the big events. Debt collecting skills are also very important, as there are always some people who forget to pay...

Comp Secs Currently Beth Morgan and Jake Ward
The competition secretary’s main role is to organise the annual National Student Rodeo (NSR) in March. This is a major student kayaking competition in Nottingham attracting 800+ students. They also organise the clubs attendance of BUSA Whitewater Racing and potentially Pole dancing. The NSR especially is a massive commitment in terms of time. It involves dealing with large sums of money and co-ordinating a massive team of amazing volunteers. It’s a fantastic opportunity to develop managerial, delegation and teamwork skills whilst professionally organising a large scale festival. You’ll have to deal with industry sponsors, non-profit organisations, and members of the public and of course lots of smelly students. If you're interested in the position then have a chat with Nic and Jethro and make sure you definitely throw yourself head first into this year’s event and help out with as much as possible.

Synchronised Kayaking Sec Currently Paddy Fuller
Synchronised Kayaking Sec is all about organising the club's canoe Synchronised Kayaking sessions every Thursday evening, keeping it interesting for all abilities and giving as many beginners a taste as possible. Along with this, you will need to organise a mens and ladies team for the regional Yorkshire Synchronised Kayaking league, the Christie Cup and of course the BUCS annual competition in April. Along with the Gear Sec you will also need to keep all the Synchronised Kayaking kit in good working order. Although it may seem like you have to be awesome as Synchronised Kayaking, this does not have to be the case – many past Synchronised Kayaking secs have known jack all about Synchronised Kayaking. As long as you are willing to call the role your own and have passion for it – it will be awesome fun. Like most roles its about organising and making sure things run smoothly, and critically introducing as many freshers and beginners as possible. If you feel you can do just that, the role is for you! It doesn’t stop with Synchronised Kayaking either, you will still have an important say and input into all the other goings on in the club, and more often than not the Synchronised Kayaking sec can be the captains right hand man or gal.

Gear and Safety Officer
Currently Ben D
The Gear and Safety Officer is responsible for the inspection, maintenance and repair of all club equipment, the purchasing new equipment for the club, and maintaining an accurate inventory of all club kit. In addition you must also remove any kit that is not suitable or is deemed to be unsafe for use and ensure that any kit that is decommissioned is disposed of correctly. Again, working quite closely with the Captain, the safety aspect is ensuring the club’s risk assessment and code of practice are maintained and updated according to recent standards should it be required and ensure that river leaders are all keyed up on safe practices on the water.

Social Sec Currently Olivia Doran and Hannah Ellis
The social secretaries have to decide which place the club will descend upon each Wednesday night. Generally merry much of the time, it's their job to make sure everyone is having a good time (no easy task). They also organise the yearly summer and Christmas meals, joint socials with other clubs, keeping everyone cheerful on the river or at a freezing Tyne Tour campsite, starting up drinking games, organising a wide range of socials that can cater for everybody (including those that abstain from the dreaded drink) and much much more! Social secs are generally out-going, friendly and good at wangling discounts so the club can get into places cheaper! Socials are always the aspect people remember most, so it’s your opportunity to put your mark on people’s uni stories!
And don’t forget – it’s your job to choose the first social – straight after your speech – so have a gud’n in mind!


Where exactly we go depends on the brand new social secs, but be prepared for another epic night!

For more info on positions, get on to the person who’s doing the job at the moment.

National Student Rodeo – 2nd-4th March
I’m sure you’ve all read/heard/seen/participated about it and now know exactly what this massive weekend is all about. For anyone who’s somehow still in the dark (where have you been?!) check out our forum where all the details of this epic weekend can be easily located; ... php?t=4905
Sign up is now live! You can sign up on the union website or at the Union helpdesk.

Remember - please compete! It's really really good fun, you'll get points for fancy dress and imagination if you're a beginner, and you'll win points for LUUCC so we can hopefully bring home a brand new boat!

That’s all from me folks this week,
Charley x
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Postby Charley » Sun Feb 05, 2012 6:51 pm

Firstly, sorry to everyone that was booked onto today’s river trip, I did my best unfortunately we can’t control a freak snow storm. But keep your eyes peeled for another beginner’s river trip in 2 weeks though (Sunday 19th) where it will hopefully be less snowy and a bit warmer.

So it’s a big week for the committee, lots of last events coming up so why not pop along and help us go out in style! We’ve got Hannah and Olivia’s LAST SOCIAL on Wednesday, Paddy’s LAST POLO SESSION on Thursday and my LAST RIVER TRIP on Sunday!

On that note I hope everyone has got their taste buds warmed up for a delightful curry next Wednesday (15th) at our Annual General Meeting. For anyone that was a numpty and forgot to sing-up for the AGM please contact Olivia or Hannah ASAP and they MAY be able to sort you a last minute place. Remember, if you want to vote or run for a position you need to have a ticket and turn up to the AGM! It all kicks off at 6PM upstairs in Seven Spices Restaurant, more details here; ... php?t=4894

If you’ve already signed up for AGM then don’t forget to signup for the National Student Rodeo! It’s going to be EPIC, so grab your jungle themed costume and get ready for a MEGA Weekend. Signup is currently open at the union helpdesk or online through the canoe club page on the union website so get to it! Don’t forget to put yourself down to compete! I know it sounds daunting but it’s not all about the kayaking and it’s not really competing in a kayaking sense. The beginners win all the best prizes and get points for doing ridiculous things and being funny, and it gets Leeds points, and points mean PRIZES!!! So help us win a one-of –a-kind Tiger themed MAMBA kayak for the club!

More info about the whole weekend here; ... php?t=4905
Signup closes Friday 10th Feb!!!

But coming up this week we’ve got;

Monday 6th – Pool Session – The Edge Swimming Pool – 9pm till 10.30pm

So after the success of our GIAG session last week we’re hoping for some more enthusiasm from you guys and making any new faces feel welcome and getting them involved in the club. Want to get your friends involved, bring them along for just £1 for Edge members with their swimming gear, an old t-shirt and a towel, and get them some of the best coaching in Leeds. Most importantly, avoid the cold and snow and practice those all important skills in the warmth of the pool.

Wednesday 8th – Hannah and Olivia’s LAST SOCIAL!!! – Ice Skating – Terrace at 7PM

Hey guys, its team Doris's last social this week! So hope you can all come along for it!
We're going Ice Skating in Millennium Square from 7.30-8.30 (latest slot available) so meet at Terrace at 7 to walk down in time, it's £5.50 with a student card.
Then we'll go to Spoons in Millennium Square for some cheap drinks and Walkabout
Hope you can come, should be a really good end to our year
Any problems,
Hannah - 07815700273
Olivia - 07889183553
Lots of love, Team Doris

Thursday 9th – Canoe Polo – The Edge Swimming Pool – (9pm-10.30pm)

Polopolopolo is getting emotional this week, that's right after a year of me nagging for people to come and try 'basketball in a boat' the time has come for my last pool session...
The plan is to try and get as many games into the evening as possible, if you've never come along before and you're fed up of my nagging, I promise if you come along this week I will never nag you again!
To mark this special occasion there will be an extra extra special prize for Player of the Week, so come along ready for some silly/stupid/fantastic plays and it could be yours.
Thursday, 9pm, The Edge.
Thank you for the last year.
Paddy x

Sunday 12th – My Last River Trip – Intermediate/Advanced – Tryweryn – Meet 7.30AM

So it’s my last trip and by popular demand we’re heading over to Wales, if there’s rain then we can do a proper river, if not it’s a day on the Big T. However the Tryweryn don’t publish their release dates till about 3 days before (mega pain in the bottom yea!) so the plan may change...
However the overall logistics are to grab the vehicles the night before and then meet and load at 7.30 and be away for 7.40AM (faf free as we’re all pros at van packing), allowing us to be in Bala for 10ish. A quick greasy breakfast at the café or somewhere on the way, then a full day on the river, back for 8ish. Please arrive on time in the morning so we can get away promptly.

If you’re unsure if this trip is to your ability please ask me. Signup by TXTING RUTH/BRYN, on the forum, or at the Monday/Thursday pool session. The trip will cost £9 as we’re going all the way to Wales! Please check the forum for updates on the specifics of this trip and a definitive location closer to the weekend; ... 8264#48264

Well I suppose that’s it from me for now, see you soon.
Charley x
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