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Club Emails 2011-2012

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Club Emails 2011-2012

Postby Charley » Fri Feb 18, 2011 9:01 pm

Well hello there LUUCC,

So here we go then, first email from the new captain, now that I’ve missed 3 of my 4 lectures today and have only just about recovered from last night and am able to face solid food.

Let’s start of nice and easy then, firstly I’d need to congratulate everyone that ran for a committee position last night. I know how nerve wracking it is to be up there, dripping in sweat and still trying to talk sense. It’s always more nerve wracking to present to your peers than in any other environment, so it really does take some balls to get up there, and some of the votes were very close, so well done guys and gals.

Details from the AGM
For anyone that doesn’t know yet, or more likely just can’t remember due to pure drunkenness, here are the details from last night;

Constitutional amendment proposed by Beth Morgan was voted in and is changing from;

3.7.7 Newly elected Activity Group Committee members must assume their responsibilities within ten working days of their election.

3.7.7 After the AGM the old and newly elected Activity Group Committee members work together until the weekend of the National Student Rodeo, after which the new committee members assume sole responsibility.
3.7.8. After an EGM the newly elected committee members must assume their responsibilities within ten working days of their election.

The new committee that was voted in is as follows;

Captain: Charley Smallwood
Secretary: Ruth Coe
Treasurer: Bryn Carter
Gear and Safety: Reuben Elliott
Polo Sec: Paddy Fuller
Social Secs: Olivia Doran and Hannah Ellis
Comp Secs: Jake Ward and Beth Morgan
Ordinary Member: Harry Grace

And then the drinking began.......
I’m sure there will be many other people out there who have also decided (if they don’t already think) that Sambuca is a shit idea! 3 whole bottles of the stuff, it was never going to end well really was it........I wouldn’t be even slightly surprised if we’re now also banned from Bourbon, good effort LUUCC!
So on to the coming week if the rooms stopped spinning yet.........

Thursday - 17/02/11 – New POLO POLO POLO Sec
So tonight is the first of my pool sessions of the year.

Basically tonight just going to have a bit of a chilled out session, playing games all evening, if you haven't come to polo before please come down and see what it’s all about, I probably am going to keep nagging you to come down. It'll be a good laugh playing polo and sitting on the side trying to piece together exactly what happened last night.

If people can get to the chapel for 8.45 so that we can get all the kit over to the pool and start playing at 9 that would be really useful.
See you all tonight

Sunday River Trip - 20/02/11 – Beginner/Intermediate9AM - The Chapel

So I know the word surfing was wafted around a lot last night but after a more up-to-date inspection of the forecast it doesn’t seem appropriate this weekend.

The current plan, as there is some suspected rain for Sunday, is to take a beginners and low intermediate trip out. The specific river will be dependent on river levels and so will be decided closer to the time. Ability wise we’re focussing on and giving priority to beginners and lower intermediates (e.g. Rodolfo, Chris Gallagher, Olivia Doran, Hannah Ellis [Yes, now you’re on the committee I’ll be forcing you to actually come boating more]) but everyone else is welcome if there is space. If you’re planning on going on the intermediate student safety course over Easter this is a must attend. The trip will be around £7/8 just to cover petrol. A potential plan is looking like;

Middle/Lower Tees;

Beginners - get in after Abbey rapids and down to Whorlton Lido (around 5 Km of Grade 2)
Intermediates (and anyone else up for it) – get in above Abbey rapids and carry on down past Whorlton Lido to Winston Bridge (a further 4Km of Grade 3)
Remember guys, if you sign up and can’t make it then you have to tell me before Saturday evening so I can call a reserve. If not you will still have to pay for the trip.

A hangover is not an acceptable excuse, “MAN UP!”

Kit - By now I hope you all know the drill;
- Heaps of thermals
- Wet shoes (trainers, wet-suit boots, whatever you wear in the boat)
- Towel
- Food and snacks and a Thermos flask of anything hot is always a lovely treat when you get off the cold river
- Money – a few quid for a bacon sandwich from the Red Bus Cafe or Scotch Corner and some money for the trip

Sign-up sheet posted on the board upstairs in the union and I will bring it along to polo tonight so no excuses.

Any problems or questions call Charley (07984980745) or Ruth (07527103364)

Bye for now,
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Postby Charley » Tue Feb 22, 2011 4:38 pm

It’s Monday already! S**T! Where did last week and the weekend go and all my good intentions of doing all my reading and prep work for my seminars at the start of this week? Ohh yea, I had a flipping awesome day on the Tee’s instead!

Thanks guys for such an impressive turnout! It was amazing to see so many people out on the river on my first trip. I hope everyone enjoyed themselves, maybe even learnt something in the process and tried something a bit new or pushed themselves that little bit more than usual. It was great to see some people having their first white water roll, very well done, and others practicing a bit of leading, but especially the continued enthusiasm from everyone throughout the entire day, even though it was a bit on the cold side, I wouldn’t have expected anything less from you guys.

Building/copying Darragh's videio of the week, if you've not already seen it and if you've got a few minutes (you obviously have, you're a Uni student, cash in the attic can wait 5 more minutes), here's a quick little shout out for Silcock;

So I’m hoping by now everyone has recovered enough to get along to the pool tonight, but are still buzzed enough to practice some skills they learnt at the weekend in nice warm water.

Monday Night - Pool Session – 9pm - The Edge - £1

Everyone must know the drill by now;
- swipe your ‘Edge membership’ or pay the grumpy edge staff member behind the desk £3
- get naked (standard canoe club practice) [please put some bathing costume back on through – THIS MEANS YOU BRYN!] =)
- get in a boat and show us your moves or get a bit of coaching from one of our fantastic volunteer coaches to hone those valuable white water skills
- then splash around like your 6 years old again for the rest of the session and push the fairly tolerant life guards to their limits. (just too the limits though, not past!)
It’s the perfect venue to catch up on the gossip from the weekend and wrinkle up like a prune all at the same time. All you’ll need is towel, swimming costume and a t-shirt or rash vest.
If you want to take a club boat or your own boat in for playing purposes then come get it out the chapel at 8.45.
See you tonight. =)

Wednesday - Team Doris first social!!!!!

So excusing the strange name, this week is mine and Hannah's first social and it is the LUU Joint Outdoor social at HiFi.
The plan is to meet at Terrace for 7.30 and then head to HiFi about 8ish. The tickets are £4 on the door.

Its Robs last social before he becomes an actual grown up and gets a job so everyone has to be extra nice to him. Let’s give a social to remember (or not)
Lots of love team Doris

Any problems/questions contact either me Olivia 07889183553 or Hannah 07815700273

More of that POLO POLO POLO business - Just £1!!!

Polo this week will be similar to last week, mainly focusing on games and having a good time.
If people from the men’s and ladies’ teams, so that’s;
Adam, Patrick, Silcock, Rob B, Charley, Merriman etc
Niamh, Naomi, Lucy s, Nic, Beth, Sarah W
First game or 2 will be for you guys what with Christie Cup and Bucs polo coming up.
If you can be at the chapel for 8.45 to get stuff over and set up so that we can start playing at 9 would be great.

Next Saturday there’s a polo refereeing course at York Uni, if anyone is interested in going along please tell me at the pool session tomorrow so that I can let the Yorkies know.
See you at polo time,

Sunday River Trip – Beginner/Intermediate

So after the roaring success of yesterday’s trip I’ve decided to hold another trip of around the same difficulty level to get people’s confidence up and get their freestyle skills ready so you can show us your moves at NSR, WHICH IS NEXT FLIPPING WEEKEND! So I’d love to see more of the same people as yesterday turning up, this trip should get you a bit more prepared for NSR as we’ll be concentrating on some basic skills, such as surfing a wave, but in a nice controlled, relaxed and safe environment.

The sign-up sheet will be going up Tuesday afternoon, (don’t be afraid to put yourself down on the reserves, I will try and get everyone a space) and if anyone has any questions or queries feel free to give me a bell (07984980745).

And just in case you've been living under a rock for the past few months, next weekend 4th, 5th and 6th March is the;


If you don’t know what it is yet then you’re missing out, for updates on what everyone’s doing and for sorting out transport closer to the time get yourself on the forum;

For anyone that’s not already on it, it’s a great place to discuss anything and everything, kayaking related and non-kayaking related and see what else is going on in the club that you can get involved in, so get on it!
Charley x
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Postby Charley » Mon Feb 28, 2011 1:34 pm

Good morning everyone, and so after another shattering weekend paddling down the picturesque rivers of the North you need to get fed and rested because this coming weekend is going to be HUGE! It’s flipping NSR already!

So your comp secs Nic and Jethro have been working frantically all year to organise a weekend you’ll never forget, over 1000 kayakers from over 40 different universities, a full white water course solely rented out for our use, and a banging party with a festival sized budget. There’s been a lot of hype but here we finally are, so get those costumes finished and start getting excited!!!

But before we get down to that I’d like to congratulate everyone who paddled yesterday, I was really impressed with everyone’s enthusiasm and how well they performed on the river. I hope everyone learnt something and is already eager to get back in a boat. I was blown away by the number of beginners wanting to have a go at the tougher rapids and impressed by how well most of you guys coped. Once again thanks to all the river leaders that helped out taking a group and coaching and everyone else don’t forget to thank them yourself, they do it out of the kindness of their heart to help you guys improve quicker.

Moving on though to - photo of the week, courtesy of Martin Linford. If you look closely in the background there is a prime demonstration by myself showing everyone how NOT to throw-line. Whoops! Think I will be paying more attention in the future.....

Monday Night – Pool Session – The EDGE – 9PM

So here we go again, frolicking around in the pool, making fools of ourselves and occasionally doing some kayaking. Everyone on this email list already knows what we do and what goes down on a Monday night pool session but we need to keep encouraging new people to get along. It’s never too late to convince one of your house mates to come along to a pool session and just give it a try so let's keep pestering anyone and everyone you know and trying to get them hooked as well. It only costs a quid for EDGE members so it’s cheap as chips! See you tonight guys.

Wednesday Night - Social

This weeks social is going to be a quiet and cheap one before the mess of NSR.

So we will be going to the Brudenell social club at 8 for a few cheap drinks. Hope to see you there

Lots of love, Team Doris

So after barely making it through Thursday lectures with a pounding head and not much sleep there is only one place to go to fully recover from the Wednesday Social…
CANOE POLO – The EDGE – 8.45PM (Meet at the Chapel)
Pool sessions for the game of canoe netball are open to everyone; great practice (in the warm!!!!) for river paddling plus it’s an awesome game for playing and watching.
For some information on the upcoming competitions check out these forum threads...
Christie Cup: ... php?t=4280
BUCS Polo: ... php?t=4281
If you want to be in these competitions please put your name down!!!
Pool sessions run on Thursdays with the same timing (9pm) as Monday sessions.
With Lucy Dobs and Rob Miller being the 2 most recent Players of the Week receiving some fantastic prizes… This week could it be you?
See you on Thursday at Pol’o’ Clock

And to finish, here it is guys;



Matt G

Lucy S
Lucy D (provisional dependant on workload)

Sarah W
Martin Rogers
Sarah B

Max in their filming equipment van.

Friday - Cars

Can all cars please post a guesstimate of when they’re planning on leaving.

Anyone travelling in cars please confirm times and locations with drivers. There are NO spare spaces on the bus if you miss your car!

Carrick - 12ish


Tom C

Sabina (driving from Loughborough)

Alice K - 1.30ish
James B

Giles B
Lucy Dobson McAuley (potential)
Katherine Somerville
Thomas Oram

Party Bus (Meet Friday at 4.30pm!)

1. Amy Assadi
2. Rodolfo Barradas Simoes
3. Sam Bickerdike
4. Rachel Bickerdike
5. Alex Bogle
6. Sophia Boubal
7. Rebecca Carne
8. Bryn Carter
9. Patrick Chilton
10. Ruth Coe
11. Alison Cresswell
12. Samuel Croasdale
13. David Culwick
14. Olivia Doran
15. Hannah Ellis
16. Lee Etchels
17. Lucy Huddart
18. Nicholas Fitch
19. Patrick Fuller
20. Christopher Gallagher
21. Laura Garden
22. Harry Grace
23. Rachel Gray
24. Nicholas Greenall
25. Ruby Hawes
26. Matt Haydock
27. Alice Holland
28. Sarah Holmes
29. Rob Jackson
30. Rebecca Jancis
31. Sean Jefferson
32. Isaac Jones
33. Elly Jones
34. Kathryn Knight
35. Stephanie Leahey
36. Ross MacLeod
37. Rebecca McEwen
38. Arthur Mercer
39. Christian Merriman
40. Robert Miller
41. Daniel Neale
42. Alex Olney
43. Hannah Page
44. Jack Raffan
45. Carl Rusling
46. Rosie Shaw
47. Rebecca Sherriff
48. Niamh Stack
49. Panagiota Tsolakidou
50. Charles VerySmallwood
51. Daniel Waite
52. Jonathan Wells

Making own way there: Bill Anderson, Paul Wilkinson, Luke Farrington

The Rules =(

If you’ve been put on the coach you need need need to be meeting at the Parkinson steps for 4.30! We’re using an outside coach hire and the driver will be very unsympathetic if you’re running late and will just leave you behind. The coach will be the last vehicle to leave Leeds, so if you miss it, no NSR for you, and £36 down the drain, so it’s worth making the effort and being on time!!!
Another big one that the coach driver wanted me to tell you was NO ALCOHOL ON THE BUS. So if you want to have a tipple on the way down decant it into something else and be discrete, however, you kind of need to be pretty sober to put up a tent in the dark and help out with registration.

If you know you’re going to be late please contact me WELL in advance!
If you’ve been put in someone’s car it’s not very polite to keep them waiting so please be prompt otherwise they might leave you as well.


All luggage, boating gear, booze, costumes will be going in the coach hold but please don’t go overboard as we do have to fit 52 people worth of gear in. One biggish bag each please.

Any ridiculous tents (tentzila) or large boating gear (paddles etc) need to be dropped off in the chapel at the start of the week (Monday pool session) and noted down to be taken (there will be a sheet put up tonight next to the safety regulations) and will be put in the van leaving on Thursday.

If you’re in a car and pushed for space putting tents etc in the van is also sensible idea but remember you need to get it done sharpish if you want it to actually get there!


If you can’t make the transport that you’ve been put in tell me sharpish, or if you change the way you’re getting down tell me as we don’t want to be waiting for you!

If you’re travelling in a car it is vital you go in that car, there are NO spare spaces on the coach, so if you miss our car you’re done for!

Any problems either post below or better, call me (0798four9807four5)

So that’s it guys for another week. See you tonight at the pool, and tell me if there are any problems with anything, especially the NSR transport.
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Postby Charley » Mon Mar 07, 2011 4:23 pm

Well hello there again fantastic members of LUUCC!

What a weekend! Utter carnage! Just what I like to see! The few of you I’ve talked to seem to already be suffering from a solid case of Trent belly (well I think most of them are just delayed hangovers disguised as Trent belly), enjoy, we’ve all been there but it’s the price you pay for a FANTASIC weekend! But get better soon and we’ll hopefully see you back on it in no time!

Firstly I feel some congratulations are in order. I’ll start with saying thank you to every member of LUUCC that helped us, in any way shape or form, to come 3rd in the National Student Rodeo, the world’s largest student freestyle kayaking event, and win a brand spanking new Big Dog Kaos playboat!
Well done Leeds!

Congratulations also need to go to;

Katy Somerville – 2nd Women’s Novice Freestyle

Alison Cresswell – 3rd Women’s Novice Freestyle

Ruth Coe – 5th Women’s Novice Freestyle

As well as Aisling Wall, Sophia Boubal and Olivia Doran who also got into the Women’s Novice Final.

Beth Morgan – 4th Women’s Advanced Freestyle

Patrick Chilton who got into the Men’s Intermediate Final

But also well done to everyone that competed and got involved, every single person that got on the water, no matter for how long or how many swims you took, you helped us secure a beautiful new boat for the club and a place on the podium.

Next we need to do some MASSIVE THANK YOU'S. Firstly to Nic and Jethro without which we wouldn’t have even had a rodeo! They’ve been working for over a year to create such an impressive event that soooooo many people enjoyed and had a good time at. If you had a good time, which it seems like everyone did, then buying them a drink or even just a quick thank you I’m sure would be much appreciated.

Also in need of some humungous thanks Sarah Wallace (Rodeo Treasurer) who had to handle over £36,000 of competitor’s money and answer thousands of stupid questions (the price you pay for a yellow rodeo jacket), Peter H who worked tirelessly behind the scenes organising anything he could get his hands on, and the official rodeo bitches James Silcock and Lucy Stuart. These guys are some of the unsung heroes behind it all that maybe don’t quite get all the recognition they deserve so well done guys and thanks very much for all your hard work.

Thanks are also required to;
- The Tech team (Jonathan Dempsey, Tom Clowes) who were locked away in a hut, putting all the scores in during the weekend. However they didn’t manage to fix it so we won so they could have maybe worked a little harder ;-).
- Extreme Care and anyone else who got involved helping out Dave on the safety front, we couldn’t hold such an event without them. They fished out pretty much everyone at some point so if you see Dave Hepworth at the pool on Monday’s say a massive thanks to him and his guys.
- The Toasty making crew (lorded over by Team Lash) who tirelessly churned out cheesy molten lava in bread and lovely hot drinks all weekend keeping everyone, especially the safety team, moving.
- First Aiders, no major issues over the weekend, luckily Darragh was the only one silly enough to smack his face into a divorce boat but that’s probably his own fault :-) but they were always there in case required
- Judges, spending all day not moving in the freezing cold sucks but you still supplied some lovely banter to keep spirits up – “Show us your moves or show us your boobs” was my favourite from Sue’s Canoe Rich.
- Runners, more unsung heroes of the day legging it round with hot drinks, score sheets and general notes and advice
But mainly everyone who attended needs a good thanking as without the help of Leeds Uni Canoe Club members no one else could enjoy such a fantastic event, so thanks guys, you showed everyone how fantastic a club we are!

One last note on NSR, there was minimal lost property from Leeds but anything left has been brought back and put in the large supermarket cage on wheels in the middle of the chapel. ... php?t=4327 (forum link to lost and found)

I’ve hopefully covered everything so moving on to even bigger and brighter things.

Monday Evening Pool Session – The Edge – 9PM – 10.30PM

So if you’ve just about recovered from the weekend binge drinking bonanza then why not come along and frolic about in the pool, no obligation to even get in a boat but the perfect place to join us and discuss/fill in memories from the weekend.
It’s just a quid to get in for Edge members but £3 to reception and a quid to the club if not. So come on down and show us all your moves you learnt this weekend =)
N.B. I would love some help grabbing boats from the chapel at 8.45 pretty please!

[size=24]Wednesday Social – Terrace - 8PM[/size]

Hi guys,
I hope everyone enjoyed NSR, and that you’re ready for this week’s social!!!!

The plan is to have a sophisticated social (yeah right) after the mud and mess of NSR, and go to Fav in your glad rags. That means heels, dresses, nice shirts the works.

Meet at Terrace at 8 and then move on to Fav. Hope to see you there and that you’re not suffering from Trent belly.

Lots of love team Doris
Any problems ring me on 07889183553 or Hannah on 07815700273

Thursday Evening – Canoe POLO - The Edge – 8.45PM – 10.30PM

So with Christie Cup fast approaching and BUCS in the near future we need to get ‘on it like a car bonnet’. Regardless of whether you’re an absolute pro or have no idea what the hell it is, if you like messing around in a boat or just complete banter then get down on Thursday’s and see what’s going on and get involved. Canoe Polo is the ideal place to sharpen up your skills quickly. The fast pace of the game (well sometimes it is) encourages you to move faster and increases your precision paddling (whatever that is) and will have you with massive guns in no time.

Same deal as with the pool sessions; £1 for Edge members or £3 to reception and £1 to the club if not.

For more info on the fast moving canoe polo news, Christie Cup and BUCS team lists get on the forum; ... php?t=4280 (Christie Cup) ... php?t=4281 (BUCS)

Sunday River Trip – Intermediate/Advanced

After a very long weekend and with poor weather forecasts and surf forecasts, plans for this weekend have yet to be finalised. More accurate plans will be decided upon mid week so keep your eyes on the forum and club notice board as a decision and sign-up sheets will be going up Wednesday afternoon. I’d like to run a trip surfing and that’s looking like the most feasible option at the moment but we shall see.....

Thanks for reading, and thanks to all you lovely LUUCCers for help this weekend,
Charley, x
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Postby Charley » Mon Mar 14, 2011 12:35 pm

So as the work begins to pile up and those exams get gradually closer (sorry for mentioning them), why not take a well deserved break from reality and come kayaking? We’ve got absolutely loads going on so get involved.

Yesterday’s trip was a roaring success with some fantastic intermediates learning and putting into practice some leading skills on the Lune, and acing the Kent in the afternoon. Well done guys, really impressed by how well they did yesterday, THIS COULD BE YOU NEXT TIME!

Video of the week, main feature being our very own Katy Somerville (2nd Women’s Novice NSR 2011) shaking her bootay!

So on that note let’s get down to a jam packed week of activities;

Monday Evening – Committee Meeting - 7PM – The ARC, Meeting Room 4
This is not just for the committee, any member can attend and see how the running of the club goes and have their say on this meeting’s agenda involving issues such as Alps training, the budget and our forecast and BUCS polo.

Monday Evening Pool Session – 9PM – The EDGE
The perfect place to wind-down from a hard Monday (it sucks that Monday’s are always there to ruin your weekend but Monday evening pool sessions are the cure). Also the perfect place to come and try OUR BRAND NEW BIG DOG KAOS! After coming 3rd at the National Student Rodeo (well done again guys and girls) we won a brand spanking new Big Dog play-boat so why not come along to the pool and test it out, anyone can have a go in it, regardless of ability, so come and show us your moves. £1 for Edge members, otherwise £3 to the Edge and £1 to the club.
N.B. Some help getting boats out the chapel at 8.45 would be nice please.

Wednesday Social – Bowling! – 8PM Terrace
Hey Guys, this week we will be doing another more relaxed social so that hopefully people with dissertations or running out of money near the end of term can come

Soooo we will be going bowling, and for drinks at Wetherspoons afterwards (maybe not telling them we're LUUCC haha!)

The plan is to meet at the Terrace at 8, and then head down to the bowling alley (behind Morrisons). Please could you let us know if you want to come so we can book places ASAP. Thank you

Any questions / problems, let us know

lots of love,
Team Doris

Thursday Evening Canoe Polo Session – 8.45PM – The EDGE

Bored with your usual Thursday nights? Looking for some extra pool time to try and improve those river skills? Then CANOE POLO is the place for YOU!!!!
Spend the evening remembering everything from the Wednesday night social and playing a bit of canoe basketball at the same time. On a Thursday night where else would you want to be than in the warm (bills free!!), with mates?
Thursday, at The Edge, 8.45-10.30pm. Same prices as Monday night pool sessions.
For more POLO related news check out the forum: ... php?t=4280 (Christie Cup) ... php?t=4201 (BUCS Polo)

See you on Thursday

Sunday 20th River Trip – Beginner/Intermediate

So after some of the fantastic intermediates showed us all how it was done yesterday why not get involved? This Sunday will have a slightly cut back sign-up sheet to the usual epic 30 person trips of late due to very restrictive timetables of our river leaders. There will be a lot of room for reserves to sign-up though and places on the trip will be confirmed as the river leaders confirm throughout the week so get your name and number up on the sheet and I’ll keep you informed.
Sign-up sheet going up Tuesday afternoon.

Now get on with some work and stop slacking
Charley x
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Postby Charley » Mon Mar 21, 2011 4:46 pm

How is it Monday again! Well best just get on with it then, work can wait.

So after a very intense trip yesterday where a lucky little group of beginners got some intensive one-to-one coaching, and did absolutely fantastic may I add, on the Burrs it’s time for another jam packed week of activities.

LUUCC Advertising Poster Competition
LUUCC needs a promotional poster for putting up in the windows of the pool during Monday evening pool sessions and Thursday evening polo sessions and for sticking around campus during fresher’s week. We have a lot of people staring through the windows of the pool on Monday and Thursday evenings and we want to advertise what we’re doing and try and convince more people to come along and get involved.

The prize for the winning poster is not only getting to see you design all over the place but also;


For more info and to get involved see; ... php?t=4386

Monday Evening Pool Session – The Edge 9PM

Here we go again with a lovely relaxed evening in the pool, if you’re looking to get some coaching or just generally working on some skills, this is the place to be. Pop down for the outrageously cheap price of only £1 and show us you’re moves.

After a request from the women’s canoe polo team, for tonight only there will be a goal set up at one end of the pool for people to practice a bit of shooting in prep for us to smash our competition into the ground at Christie Cup on Wednesday. However, please be aware it’s not a polo session, there will still be lots of coaching and playboating going on, this is just an opportunity for a quick little practice session.

Wednesday – Christie Cup – Meet at the Chapel 12, Midday

Please check the latest team sheets and details on the forum thread; ... 0&start=30

Wednesday Social – Meet Terrace at 8

Ok we are keeping up with the chilled theme at the mo, although don't fear a Christie Cup fruity social is coming up next week, which should hopefully be a nice goodbye before everyone leaves for Easter. If people want to be prepared and get their tickets then you can get them from here ... Cup-Fruity

This week we will be meeting at Terrace at 8 and then heading down to dry dock for some drinks and an open mic night

Hope to see you guys there and any probs then don't hesitate to call me or Hannah,
Love team Doris

Thursday Evening Canoe Polo Session – The Edge 8.45PM
So this week is when the POLOPOLOPOLO fun really begins, with Christie Cup on Wednesday kicking off an action packed few weeks. So let’s get ready for action!
Keeping it simple in the pool on Thursday, starting at 9 same as the Monday sessions, trying to get the BUCS teams some games together.
And in other news polo now has its own page on the forum, check it out: ... um.php?f=8
See you Thursday

Saturday – Div 2 Polo Tournament – Meet at the Chapel at 3

Please check the team sheets and details on the forum thread; ... php?t=4372

Sunday River Trip – All abilities welcome

The plan at the moment will either be;

Surfing at Saltburn if the Sunday forecast picks up, in which case we’ll be taking anyone that wants to come. Even if you’re a beginner we’ll get you surfing the soup on the nice little waves further in or if you’re a hardened veteran you can get out in the 30ft breakers. It’s the perfect environment to perfect your roll in a nice safe place and the perfect opportunity to practice your surfing skills and try something new, cowabunga dude!

If the surf looks pants and the weather looks nice we’ll have a day out to Linton Locks. This is a nice little place just outside York with a little rapid called fish ladder that you can have a little play on (some fresher’s from the start of the year may remember myself, Beth and James Silcock took a group there who loved it). The plan would be to take a picnic, chill by the water, maybe wave a little play behind the broken weir and a touch of boating, a nice relaxing break for all abilities.

Sign-up sheet will go up Tuesday or I may even have it at the pool tonight!

One last note, if you're thinking of joining some of us in the Alps this summer then please get on the forum and get talking to people. ... php?t=4287

Until next time, your fearless leader signing off.

Charley x
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Postby Charley » Mon Mar 28, 2011 5:55 pm

Well hello there LUUCC. I am well and truly shattered after a flipping fantastic day surfing yesterday and I hope you are too! It was so impressive to see sooo many keen people out on the surf catching some fantastic breaks. I was especially impressed with the beginners who had never been before; you guys took to it like a duck to water. An awesome day, accompanied by some fantastic weather and beautiful surf, a perfect last trip of the term!

If you’re now hooked on surfing or are looking to get boating a bit more then keep your eyes on the forum for some mates trips as there will be no more official club trips until September now! =(

A new idea that will be going into effect as of this weekend is having a paddler of the day award (stolen from the polo player of the week award). Sunday’s ‘King of the Surf’ was Mr Jonathan Wells as he did outstandingly well. He sussed out the whole surfing thing in about 5 seconds and then was out back with the big boys catching some fantastic breaks and throwing some big shapes. Well done Mr Wells!
So firstly;

Monday Evening – Fundraising Meeting – 7.30PM Old Bar
We need your help! Grimmy will be holding a meeting in Old Bar to discuss how we’re going to raise some cash to pay for the polo boat repairs. Even if you’re not a hardened polo veteran come along and help us with some ideas. If you enjoy polo and want to carry on playing it then please come and help out and allow the club to carry on running the sessions.

Monday Evening Pool Session – 9PM The EDGE
Here we go again! Pop along to the pool and discuss how amazing yesterday was and start making your plans for big Wednesday! You could even get in a boat if the mood strikes you and get some coaching from one of our fantastic volunteers.
£1 for edge members.

Wednesday Evening Social – 6.45PM Meet at Terrace
Ok, so last social of the term, so let’s make it a big one. Firstly and most importantly it is Mr Laurent's Birthday, so we must make sure to celebrate it in true LUUCC style.

The evening will start with the LUU Dance Show, doors open at 7, and tickets available from this link; ... Dance-Show
We will be in Terrace from 6.45 if you want to meet us there first.

We will then be heading to the Christie Cup Fruity which has been put on the Wednesday (before you accuse me of getting the day wrong) and tickets for that are available from this link ... Cup-Fruity

Obviously we would understand if you can't come to both, so you can just turn up to one of the things if you want, just text me or Hannah, if you can't find us.
Looking forward to seeing you there lot of love team Doris xxxxx

Thursday Evening Canoe Polo – 8.45PM The EDGE

So this week is our training for BUCS, and the last polo session before the Easter Hols. Get on down to enjoy some floating basketball, have a laugh and try and piece together the celebrations of both Mr Laurent’s birthday and our epic win in Christie Cup at Christie Cup Fruity.
There may even be a special Easter related prize for player of the week!!! 9pm at the Edge, fight through that hangover and get on it!

Alps Training – 6th – 8th May

Final details of who will be coming is currently being finalised and will be up on the forum by Tuesday so keep your eyes on that please guys!

Enough from me then, back to bed.
Charley x
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Postby Charley » Sun Sep 25, 2011 3:59 pm

The warmest of warm welcomes to a brand new year with LUUCC – one of the most active clubs at the University of Leeds and one of the biggest canoe clubs in the UK! If you’re new to Leeds this year, cheers if you came to check us out at the Sports Fair this week and I hope you’re keen to come and see what we’re all about this week. So, without further waffle, here’s what’s happening this week! Our events start the first teaching week of university and it’s a jam packed week;

Monday 26th AND Thursday 29th – Taster Pool Sessions – the Edge Swimming Pool (9PM – 10.30PM)
So you’re interested in what the hell this whole kayaking thing is? Why not pop along, give it a go and get some tips and some high quality coaching from some of the finest kayakers and coaches in Leeds? Open to everyone, absolutely no experience required, only £1 entry for any Edge membership holders. No club membership required for pool sessions. General swimwear required, shorts and t-shirt are recommended. After the sessions we’ll be heading along to Old Bar for a drink or two and a chance to get to know the club, ask any questions and sign up for the first few river trips.

Wednesday 28th – Beginners River Trip – Meet at Jerusalem Chapel (Opposite the Edge) (12PM – 7PM)
The first Wednesday afternoon trip of the year and your first chance to get out on some open water and give it a go. A relaxed trip for complete beginners where we’ll be playing loads of games and having a gentle afternoon paddle down a calm section of canal just outside Leeds. Sign-up at the Monday pool session. Club membership required for insurance. All kayaking kit and transport provided but you will get wet so bring a change of warm clothes and a towel. Only £6! After the trip we’ll be heading for some quick food and then give you enough time to run home and get ready for THE FIRST SOCIAL OF THE YEAR!

Wednesday 28th – FIRST SOCIAL, MOOK & HiFi! – Meet at the Terrace 8PM
Hey guys, it's the first social of the year and we're going to Mook and HiFi club! We'll have lots of challenges and exciting things to get to know all you lovely freshers and hopefully show you why LUUCC is the best society EVER! Meet at the Terrace at 8pm where we'll start with some cheeky pre-drinks and then we'll all head down to Mook for 2 for 1 cocktails and then over to HiFi to dance the night away to some banging mo-town tuuuuunes.
See you all there!
Any problems, text Hannah 07815700273 or Olivia 07889183553
Lots of love, Team Doris xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Sunday 2nd – Beginners River Trip – Meet at Jerusalem Chapel (Opposite the Edge) (9AM – 6PM)
Another trip centred round complete beginners. We’ll be heading to a lovely section of canal where you can start to get to grips with this whole kayaking malarkey. There will be loads of games and fun things to do and YOU WILL GET WET so brings loads of warm clothes (thermals or a wetsuit if you’ve got anything like that), a towel and some old trainers. Meet at Jerusalem chapel opposite the Edge at 9am. After the section of canal we’ll be going to a local pub for a slap-up meal and maybe a cheeky afternoon pint. You must be a member to come on a club trip. The cost of the trip will be £7 to cover petrol and van hire, an absolute bargain for a full day out! Sign up at either the Monday of Thursday pool sessions.

To join LUUCC simply buy our annual membership online at the LUU website for only £35 for the year; ... oor/canoe/
For more information come check out our website and join our forum;
And any questions feel free to email;

That’s it for this week, I look forward to meeting you all soon.
Charley x
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Postby Charley » Mon Oct 03, 2011 4:57 pm

Well hello again and what an absolutely action packed week we’ve had! Our first few pool sessions, our first social (Ohh dear!) and our first few river trips! And I know you think it just can’t get any better..... But it can! We’ve got another chock-a-block week lined up for you, jam-packed with kayaking related debauchery and starting this week is CANOE POLO! But before we get onto all of that I’d first like to say a big thanks to everyone who’s come along so far and given it a go, especially the keen people who have already joined us on a trip, and I hope you enjoyed it (how could you not?!) and hope to see you again soon!

Monday 3rd – Taster Pool Sessions – the Edge Swimming Pool (9PM – 10.30PM)

Why not pop along, give it a go and get some tips and some high quality coaching from some of the finest kayakers and coaches in Leeds? Open to everyone, absolutely no experience required, only £1 entry for any Edge membership holders. No club membership required for pool sessions. General swimwear required, shorts and t-shirt are recommended. After the sessions we’ll be heading along to Old Bar for a drink or two and a chance to get to know the club, ask any questions and sign up for the Wednesday and Sunday river trips.

Wednesday 5th – Beginners River Trip – Meet at Jerusalem Chapel (Opposite the Edge) (1PM – 7PM)

Last week this trip was a roaring success and is the perfect outing for all you newcomers to this fantastic sport, one not to be missed and your best opportunity to get out on some open water and give it a go. A relaxed trip for complete beginners where we’ll be playing loads of games and having a gentle afternoon paddle down a calm section of canal just outside Leeds. Sign-up at the Monday pool session or txt/email me. Club membership required for insurance. All kayaking kit and transport provided but you will get wet so bring a change of warm clothes and a towel. Only £6! After the trip we’ll be heading for some quick food and then give you enough time to run home and get ready for the social.

Wednesday 5th – Bowling Social! – Meet at the Terrace 7.45PM

After the messiness of cocktails and HiFi, the next social will be a bit more 'chilled', although I'm sure it will turn into a messy one.
We are planning on going bowling at 8.30 so meet at the terrace for 7.45/8.00 for a few drinks and we'll head down to 1st bowl near the Merrion centre. After prevailing not to hit any of the pins we’ll be heading to Spoons (super cheap drinks) and then Fab cafe (The only place in Leeds where you can order a pack of Space Raiders and a Dib-Dab with your pint) to see where the night takes us.
Hope to see you there
Any problems call Olivia 07889183553 or Hannah 07815700273

Thursday 6th – CANOE POLO – the Edge Swimming Pool (9PM – 10.30PM)

So you might have played it a little bit on last week’s trips or you might have heard about it in a pool session. Now the weird and wacky ‘sport’ that is CANOE POLO is back.
For those that were (un)fortunate enough to not have me tell you about this game over the past weeks it is, in essence, basketball in a kayak. We play in teams of 5 and over the weeks play games and do training exercises focussing on various aspects of the game.
Just to make it easier to understand the game there will be a rule of the week in the club emails this year, this is also something we’ll be looking at a little bit in the pool session.
This week’s rule of the week: Possession:
A player is in possession if they have the ball in their hand or are able to reach it. The player can remain in possession of the ball for 5 seconds.
Now you may be thinking what do I do when I’m not playing? Well you can watch the general LUUCCness that happens during the games or chat about/remember what happened at the social the night before.
As with every Polo session there will be a prize for the player of the week, whether they are the best, the funniest, the loudest or the most confused, if you do something better than everyone else you could get a prize!
Feel the polo love: 9pm, The Edge, every Thursday.

Sunday 9th – Beginners River Trip – Meet at Jerusalem Chapel (Opposite the Edge) (9AM – 6PM)

INTRODUCTION TO MOVING WATER. Another trip centred round complete beginners. We’ll be heading to an especially useful section of river less than an hour out of Leeds. You can warm up and test your skills on a gentle section of canal then test your nerve on a nice gentle section of moving water with a couple of introductory waves. This is the perfect trip for someone who’s had a go at a pool session but wants a bit more!

YOU WILL GET WET so brings loads of warm clothes (thermals or a wetsuit if you’ve got anything like that), a towel and some old trainers or spare shoes you don’t mind getting wet/muddy. Meet at Jerusalem chapel opposite the Edge at 9am. After the section of river we’ll be going to a local pub for a slap-up meal and maybe a cheeky afternoon pint. You must be a member to come on a club trip. The cost of the trip will be £7 to contribute towards petrol and van hire, an absolute bargain for a full day out! Sign up at either the Monday of Thursday pool/polo sessions or txt/email me.

Some pictures from last year’s trip can be found HERE


One last push, keep your eyes and ears open for news about Tyne Tour, our first big weekend trip of the year at the start of November. LUUCC will be taking around 70 people away for the weekend for some light hearted paddling, some heavy partying and some of the best fireworks in the country. More details coming soon..... A DEFINITE MUST!

To join LUUCC simply buy our annual membership online at the LUU website for only £35 for the year; ... oor/canoe/

For more information come check out our website and join our forum;

And any questions feel free to email; or Txt me on 07984980745

Hope to see you at one of our upcoming events soon!

Charley x
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Postby Charley » Mon Oct 10, 2011 6:39 pm

It’s raining, it’s pouring and kayakers are definitely not snoring as the rivers slowly swell to exciting new levels! So while everyone else runs around Uni with their brolies turning inside out in the wind, and girls scream as their hair gets wet, why not take advantage of this and come kayaking!

25 of you guys have already experienced what a bit of rain can do to a what is normally a calm river only yesterday but I’m hoping even more of you are chomping at the bit to get out there! Firstly, well done to everyone that came on the trip yesterday, I hope you enjoyed it, you where all amazing! A couple of pictures taken from yesterday can be found here if you want to show your friends or parents (I wouldn’t advise the later) how awesome you are (not 100% sure how accessible they are but it’s worth a try); ... 337&type=1

But on with the show I hear you calling, another action packed fun-fest to come;

Monday 10th – Pool Sessions – the Edge Swimming Pool (9PM – 10.30PM)

You should all know the drill by now but for those that haven’t yet joined us there’s still time. Open to everyone, absolutely no experience required, only £1 entry for any Edge membership holders. No club membership required for pool sessions. General swimwear required, shorts and t-shirt are recommended. After the sessions we’ll be heading along to Old Bar for a drink or two and a chance to get to know the club, ask any questions and sign up for the Wednesday and Sunday river trips.

Wednesday 12th – Beginners River Trip – Meet at Jerusalem Chapel (Opposite the Edge) (1PM – 7PM)

Another introduction to moving water. A further step up from the canal’s of recent time and a great opportunity to get out there and start doing a bit of proper kayaking on moving water. A quick afternoon jaunt over to a section of moving water on the river Aire and an ideal next step for you budding boaters. Much better than sitting in Wednesday afternoon complaining about it raining! Club membership required for insurance. All kayaking kit and transport provided but you will get wet so bring a change of warm clothes and a towel. Only £6! After the trip we’ll be heading for some fish and chips and then give you enough time to run home and get ready for the social! Sign up at the Monday pool session or txt Bryn 07584375879.

Wednesday 12th – Faversham Social – Meet at the Terrace 8PM

Hey hey!
After successfully not being chucked out of the bowling alley let’s move our sights to Faversham. Meet at Terrace at 8 and we'll move on to A-bomb at the Faversham, with loads of cheap drink deals and guest list entry for £3
This can be a bit more of a dressy social, so dress to impress
Hope to see loads of you there especially the newbies who haven't ventured onto a social yet.
Lots of love

Team Doris
Any probs ring me 07889183553 or Hannah 07815700273

Thursday 13th – Canoe Polo – the Edge Swimming Pool (9PM – 10.30PM)

Like basketball? Like kayaking? Jumble up the fun this Thursday at the 2nd canoe polo (polo polo polo) session. It was great to see so many new faces there last week, congratulations to Ed for winning Polo Player of the Week (and thanks from everyone else for sharing your prise with us, choccy biscuits YUM!)

As usual I will be making a visit to the shops to pick out this week’s unique prize for the most enthusiastic/good/confused/noisy player, who knows what it could be...

Carrying on from last week’s focus on possession this week we'll be having a look at passing and good movement as a team.

Thursday, The Edge, 9pm (pol'o'clock)

Sunday 16th – Intermediate/Advanced River Trip – Meet at the Chapel 9AM

So it’s time we gave you guys a chance to get out and tear it up. We’re thinking a multi-river day in the lakes, something like Leven and Kent. Obviously exact rivers will be dependent on levels which we won’t know until the day but this is just a vague plan. The trip will cost only £7 (a bargain price as we’ve got the minibus) so grab a super cheap trip out to the Lakes.

This trip will involve some serious white water and is for people who have already done a substantial amount of kayaking and have paddled grade 3 on regular occasions and are looking to push to grade 4.

If you’re unsure whether this trip is for you please talk to a committee member or coach.

And to close, if you haven’t already heard about it our first big weekend away with the club is rapidly approaching! The Tyne Tour 4th-6th November is almost here! All details and sign-up to be released this weekend so keep your eyes peeled! LUUCC will be taking over 70 people away for the weekend for some light hearted paddling, some heavy duty partying and some of the best fireworks in the country. More details coming soon..... A DEFINITE MUST!

Well that’s enough from me this week, until next time.

Charley x
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Postby Charley » Thu Nov 10, 2011 7:00 pm

Cowabunga dudes, I’m getting super excited as the Tyne Tour is drawing ever closer, if you’ve not got your ticket yet you need to get a move on as sign up closes THIS FRIDAY!!! Get yourself down to the Union helpdesk and get on it!

But before I bully you into signing up for the best weekend of your life lets get down to what’s still to come;

Firstly, well done to all the guys and gals from yesterday’s trip to the middle Tee’s, I hope you all got a true taste of this white water business and are completely hooked. Especially well done to Milly, who this week has won white water kayaker of the week for her constant enthusiasm and excitement throughout the day. Well done Milly!

But on with the show;

Monday 24th – Pool Session – The Edge Swimming Pool (9PM – 10.30PM)

Wanna show us your moves? Wanna just learn some moves? Then head down to the Uni pool on a Monday night to receive some top quality coaching from some of Leeds’ finest. No experience required so this is the ideal place for you to come and start your kayaking career. General swimwear with t-shirt and shorts recommended. Only £1 for Edge membership holders.

Wednesday 26th – Beginners River Trip – Meet at the Chapel at 1PM

So you’ve still not been on a river yet? Well here’s your perfect opportunity, a quiet Wednesday afternoon out, nice and relaxed in a small group, focusing on some one-to-one coaching and giving you a chance to get out on some moving water.

Sign-up at the Monday pool session or txt/email me. Club membership and lots of warm clothing/thermals and spare shoes required. A bargain at only £6!

Wednesday 26th – OK Karaoke Social - Meet at Terrace in the Union at 8PM

This weeks social is kinda special as our very own ex-socail sec and one half of team lash, Dobs is coming back to Leeds to join us this week. The plan is to go to OK-Karaoke for some embarrassing drunken renditions of bohemian rhapsody and Britney. We have a booth booked for 9.30 with a round of free shots and £1shooters.

The plan is to meet at Terrace at 8, go down to OK-Karaoke and then head to Bourbon after.
Hope to see you guys there.
Lots of Love Team Doris,
Any problems call me 07889183553 or Hannah 07815700273

Thursday 27th – Canoe Polo – The Edge Swimming Pool (9PM – 10.30PM)

The ridiculously simple "sport" of canoe polo is hitting the Edge again this Thursday, a good chance to practice all your boating skills, in the warm, and get to know your fellow LUUCCers in a situation you'll definitely remember.

This week session will start off with another training session for the team for the tournament this Saturday.

Well done to Aiden, last week’s player of the week, hope you enjoyed your chocolate.
Who knows what this week’s prize is and who it will go to?
Thursday, The Edge, 9pm.

Sunday 30th – Beginner River Trip – 9AM at the Chapel

This will be your last chance to get out on some proper white water before Tyne Tour and I’m trying to beg, borrow and steal as much transport and kit as I can to get all of you guys out and prepped for a wicked weekend away. We’re carrying on stepping it up a little bit from the canal trips at the start of the year and we’ll hopefully be tackling some more white water in Yorkshire or maybe even the Lake District. Even if you still haven’t been on a river yet, this will still be an ideal trip for you but also very useful for those who have already been on a few trips, as we’ll be looking at some more advanced skills as well.

The trip will be a bargain basement price of only £7 and we’ll be heading for some lovely fish and chips after the river to regain our strength for the week ahead. Club membership, extra warm clothing/thermals and spare shoes required. The rest of the kit we loan you as we’re that nice.

So back to Tyne Tour…… You still don’t even know what it is yet? Where have you been? It the canoe clubs first big weekend away, we’ll be taking around 70 people, so get yourself over to the forum to find out all you need to know on this amazing event; ... php?t=4725

Need a tent to stay in for the weekend? Then you need the tent sharing topic; ... php?t=4722

What’s this I hear about a T-shirt?

Well a big weekend away with all your mates wouldn’t be complete without some smashing matching club t-shirts! As the competition is drawing (see what I did there?) to a close, the final design for the Tyne Tour T-Shirt is looking pretty clear. You can buy your own t-shirt either when you sign up for Tyne Tour or if you’ve already done that and missed the t-shirt txt/email me. Final designs here; ... 8&start=60

And now you’ve been thoroughly convinced you need to sign up. You can do this at the union helpdesk (right through the main doors of the union), or in this new technological age, online; ... 6034/3890/

Sign up closes on Friday at 5PM! You must be a member of the club to sign up for Tyne Tour.

Once you’ve signed up all transport information and essentials for the weekend will be posted on our forum so keep your eyes peeled!

One last note, If you haven’t already been convinced into it by our competition secretaries Jake and Beth, White Water Racing is drawing very close, sign-up closes on 31st October (That’s next Monday!). This is a British Universities Competition and so you’ll be against similar people from all over the country of all abilities so don’t be worried that you’re not good enough yet. All info can be found here; ... php?t=4728

Anyway I must leave as we’ve just entered the Lake District and I need to make the most of my day of and get some boating done. See you soon!

Charley x
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Postby Charley » Thu Nov 10, 2011 7:01 pm

Well it’s been an absolutely hectic last few days with all the run up for Tyne Tour but it’s all coming together so START GETTING EXCITED! That’s right, it’s this flipping weekend! So get your granny costumes at the ready, your shiny spandex for the German sparkle party and your crazy dancing ready for the Ceilidh!

Just a quick one about this weeks Tyne Tour warm up antics as everyone needs to be fed and rested for a big weekend away;

Wednesday 2nd – A quiet social - LUU Dance Band – Meet in Terrace at 8PM

This week’s social is going to be a bit more of a chilled affair with Tyne Tour coming up and the messiness of the last couple of weeks. There is LUU Dance Band performing at Terrace, which is a free event and should be really good.
We'll be at Terrace at 8 and the band starts at 8.30.
Hope to see you there
Any probs just call me 07889183553 or Hannah 0779280896

Thursday 3rd – Canoe Polo – The Edge Swimming Pool – (9PM – 10.30PM)

So it’s your last chance to hop in a boat before Tyne Tour, why not pop along and give this light hearted “sport” a quick little try? It’s basically netball in a kayak but it’s also a lovely opportunity to discuss your banging costumes for the next day and ask any last minute questions about the weekend. Come show us your skills with some wet balls. =)

Tyne Tour!!!

Sorry for the slight delay in this week’s email but had to just finalise the transport list and so without further a do here is the transport list;

Please pay very close attention to when your vehicle is departing, note down your driver’s phone number in case of any slight delays and most importantly start getting your costume ready for the journey there! Here at LUUCC we take fancy dress very seriously so no coping out, make an effort so we can have some spectacular photo’s to show off to the other rubbish uni’s! All vehicles will depart from the chapel at the designated times so please arrive 10minutes early to show off your costume.

3PM - MPV - Tom - German Sparkle Party (if you don’t know what this is, youtube it)
Tom Oram 07858373156
Sean Carley
Fiona Simkins
Max Desservettaz
Vanessa Yolen
Becky Herrick
Olivia Doran
Camilla Varney
Danielle Curry
Dan Waite
Emyr Williams
Robert Ingham

5PM - MPV - Darragh - Cheerleaders
Darragh McCambridge 07933830759
Alex Olney
Alice Holland
Hannah Ellis
Sarah Whitehurst
Sorcha Didier
Katy McKay
Oliver Excell
Nick Greenhall

3PM - MPV - Beth - Grannies Reunited
Beth Morgan 07912440511
Ruth Coe
Katy Somerville
Sarah Baaaaaa Baaa
Elly Jones
Patrick Fuller
Max Jouve
Jessica Lamb
Jamie Greenhalgh

10AM - Luton Box - Charley - 80's Trackstars
Charley Smallwood 07984980745
Chris Merriman - needs to pay!

10AM - 4m Van - Harry Grace - Garden Gnomes
Harry Grace 07825917194
Nichola Underhill
Lucy Stuart

5PM - Car - Maria Senso - Maria needs to decide a theme and inform the otheres
Maria Senso 07796077995
Shonagh Lowerson-Head
Aiden Radford
Andy Cunliffe

5PM - Car - Giles - Cowboys and Indians
Giles B 07817222050
Rodolfo Badass
Lee Etchels
Alison Balcombe

5PM - Car - Jake - Cross dressers
Jake Ward 07881627755
Suzie Hall
Eleanor Jones
James Bowkett
Becky McEwen

2PM Car - Max - Millionaires
Max "Priceless" Bilbow + Dog - need to pay
Adam "Board and accommodation" Dumolo - need to pay

5/6PM - Car - Jonathan Dempsey - Theme?
Jonathan Dempsey +open boat - need to pay
Jethro House - need to pay
Martin Rodgers - need to pay
Ruby Hawes

3PM - Car - Tom - The Kidnapping
Tom Clowes 07794739704 - needs to pay
Bryn Carter
Jack Raffan
Isaac Jones
Arthur Mercer (way back only)

Making their own way there but sorted tickets for;
Lucy Dobson (train) - needs to pay and pay for last Sunday's river trip!
Ash Wall (train) - needs to pay
Joe Myers (driving himself)
Rob Brown

If there are any transport issues (have lectures during departure time) or any changes required please inform me and we'll sort it.

The next bit is very important so pay close attention;

Kit drop off will be Thursday evening, before polo, in the chapel, 7.30PM till 9PM.
You need to drop off all your camping and paddling kit including tents, sleeping bags, roll mats so they can be packed in the vans Friday morning and will be ready for you to collect when you get there. DON’T FORGET LOADS AND LOADS OF WARM CLOTHES, WATERPROOFS AND WELLIES AS IT WILL BE COLD! There will be very little space on the minibuses/cars for personal kit so drop as much as you can off on the Thursday night! For those of you sensible to purchase a t-shirt, you can also collect it here.

If your still looking for a last minute tent space then hop over to the forum and check out the tent sharing topic; ... php?t=4722

Any issues or questions about this weekend or anything else please email me or txt me 07984980745.

See you on Friday in all of your best fancy dress! Start getting pumped for a mind blowing weekend

Charley x
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Postby Charley » Thu Nov 10, 2011 7:01 pm

Well goodness gracious me, what a weekend! It’s Wednesday and I’ve still not even recovered yet! So let’s start from the top;

A super, huge, massive well done to everyone that kayaked this weekend, you where amazing! And on top of all that a further massive thank you to everyone that helped me this weekend, this includes drivers (without which none of us would have even got there), river leaders (for keeping you safe on the treacherousness of Warden Gorge), Ruby for an outstanding T-shirt design and everyone else who helped pack the vans and just generally helped out. I had a great weekend and I hope you guys did too.

Even more thanks need to be sent out to everyone that helped out at Monday evenings Give It A Go session and to those who dragged along friends and housemates and forced them into trying our wonderful sport. We had a good turnout with around 20 brand spanking new faces and there was definitely some interest from new people wanting to join the club, so thanks for that guys, a successful session.

But on with the show: This week is certainly going to be a much more relaxed affair after the ABSOLUTE CHAOS of Tyne Tour so with that in mind lets push on to a nice, quiet evening in at Hyde Park Social Club for a little pub quiz;

Wednesday 9th – Pub Quiz – Hyde Park Social Club – MEET THERE AT 8PM

Hey guys, hope you all enjoyed Tyne Tour and are recovering! This week we will be having a pub quiz! This will be at Hyde Park Social Club at 8pm - MEET THERE. We've booked a room to do the quiz, which is always a laugh, and will include a few questions based on the photos from Tyne Tour / recent socials
We will be charging £2, and all the money will be going straight to the club to help buy lots of lovely kit for everyone, so it's a really good cause, please all come along There will be a prize for the winning team

Any problems:
Hannah - 07815700273, or Olivia - 07889183553

Lots of Love, Team Doris

Thursday 10th – Canoe Polo – The Edge Swimming Pool – 9PM till 10.30PM

WOW, so Tyne Tour was pretty damn epic! If, just like me, you’re really feeling the love for LUUCC right now then come along on Thursday for some more of those polopolopolo times with the club. It’s a good way to practice those all important river skills in warm water, and it’s great value at only £1! This week we’ll be playing games most of the evening and having a bit of a look at attacking and defending.
*For all the haters out there, I am aware that polo is not a real sport, it's why I love it.

Also if you could add 10th December and 18th February as tournament dates into the calendar please.

Sunday 13th – Intermediate/Advanced River Trip – The Chapel 9AM

So there’s not a massive amount of rain on the way but there’s certainly a few drizzles on the horizon so we’ll have to see where that takes us closer to the time. Potentials at the moment are looking like Upper Tees or over to the Lakes but we’re certainly carrying on with the theme of a nice relaxed trip out with some mates so get signed up for a nice relaxed Sunday our boating (txt or email me).

The Lost and found thread for Tyne Tour can be found here; ... php?t=4779

Please post anything you’ve accidentally picked up and search on here for anything you’ve misplaced. There is also a fair amount of kit floating around the chapel at the moment, mainly all in the large cage next to the NSR corner.

Well I’ve got an enormous amount of work to catch up on after having far too much fun with the club so I will have to sign off but see you this evening to see just how good my general ignorance is at the quiz. =)

Charley x
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Postby Charley » Mon Nov 21, 2011 5:42 pm

Well you can certainly tell that we’re deep into the term and it’s becoming winter as the heads of people around uni droop as it gets dark at 4 in the afternoon, and the winter coats go on, but us cheery lot at LUUCC are just getting excited and doing our rain dances, waiting for it all to kick off. There is heavy rain forecast on the horizon in the Lakes and Dales so get your brollies out and your boating kit packed and at the ready for some epic boating times to come! =)

But before we get too carried away with the coming weeks we’ve still got this week’s activities to get on with and after your week off after Tyne Tour I hope you’re ready for another messy one as its LUUCC’s Otley Run! Wowzas!

Monday 14th evening Pool Session – The Edge Swimming Pool – 9PM

We’re still open to anyone to come along, only £1 if you’ve got an edge membership (even the cheap £72 one and the one you get with halls) so why not run along and hop in a boat and grab yourself some coaching from some of Leeds finest. All you’ll need is your general swimming kit, towel and a tshirt! No experience required. Too easy if anything!

Wednesday 16th Social – Sports themed OTLEY RUN – Meet Woddies Ale House 4.30PM

Hey! This week’s social is going to be the famous LUUCC Otley run. The theme this year is Sports, so get inventive and try and gets as many obscure sports as you can. It will start about 4.30/5 at Woodies, and we will be splitting you guys up into groups and you will have a list of challenges, so please try and be prompt. Bring cameras to take pictures of you completing your challenges, and we will give prizes to the group who have completed the most.
For anyone that’s still not done an Otley run yet, here’s your chance! And for anyone that’s not even heard of one yet (where have you been???) it’s a massive pub crawl starting in Headingly (almost at Bod) and trailing all the way into Leeds centre, what’s not to like?!
So do not miss out!
Lots of love Team Doris

Olivia 07889183553 Hannah 07815700273
P.S. Paddy, canoe polo is not a real sport, so no polo costume!

Sunday 20th River Trip – Beginner – Meet at the chapel at 9AM

So you’ve done Tyne Tour and you’re biting at the bit to get back on it and conquer some more hard core white water around England. Even if you were foolish enough to miss Tyne Tour get on this, it won’t be as good (obviously) but we’ll still get you doing some narly stuff! =)
You all know the drill by now, you need to be a club member to come on trip and you’ll need to bring an entire set of spare clothes (INCLUDING SPARE FOORWEAR) for kayaking in, and trust me, it’s getting COLD so get your wetsuits and thermals out and wrap up warm! For a touch of advice on thermals, and what you’re missing out on and could really do with, check out our thread of useful info on the forum; ... php?t=4726
They’re cheap and you’ll benefit from every penny you spend! A warm drink in a thermos definitely won’t go a miss either.

A couple more quick useful/interesting links;

Tyne Tour Lost and Found - ... php?t=4779

Olaf Obsommer - SuperProKayaker is premiering his new film at Sheffield uni shortly and a group of us are heading over to see it, all welcome - ... php?t=4772

Trailer for the latest Scottish boating video, a few of you oldies will hopefully recognise some of the tamer bits in here, some great shits of the Etive -

Well not much more for me to say this week so I guess I’ll have to get back to thinking up the most amazing sports themed Otley run costume ever!
Charley x
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Postby Charley » Mon Nov 21, 2011 5:44 pm

Well this is just starting to get ridiculous now, we’re in England, the north of England in fact, the place world renowned for it being forever raining, only beaten by Scotland and Wales, but whenever you actually want just a bit of rain to fill up those rivers, there’s naff all! I’m becoming a very grumpy kayaker but I think if we all make a very special effort it could all turn up good. So on that note, each morning when you wake up I’d like each of you to practice this very nice rain dance demonstrated by some random youtuber so we can all get out and get some proper kayaking done;
Maybe Team Wetsuit could do a performance at this week’s social?
Anyway, on a less random and hopefully more useful note, what’s going on this week;

Monday 21st - Pool Session – The Edge Swimming Pool – 9PM till 10.30

Still open to anyone that fancies popping along and giving it a try, so grab your housemates, peer pressure them into it and we’ll get them hooked. Remind them to bring some swimwear, towel and an old t-shirt and a measly £1 (best value night out in Leeds!). See you guys there.

Wednesday 23rd – Lazer Quest Social – Meet at Leeds Train Station 6.45PM

Hey guys! After the slightly crazy Otley Run last week, this week we are going to laser quest which is always really fun. It's in Castleford so we're getting the train there, meet at the station at 6.45 to buy tickets and get the 7.05. The trains only run once an hour so do not be late!!
There's a Wetherspoons next to the Laser Quest place, so we'll be going for drinks there afterwards (and maybe before)

Any problems, give one of us a ring: Hannah - 07815700273 or Olivia - 07889183553. Hope you can make it!

Lots of love, Team Doris

Thursday 24th – Canoe Polo – Meet at the Chapel at 8.45PM – Session in the Edge Pool

So you’re hooked and want to spend more time in one of these fabulous kayak things but the prospect of getting up at 8am on a Sunday in November isn’t attracting you to the club trips. Well don’t feel you have to miss out, come along to canoe polo on a Thursday evening for a quick splash about. Absolutely no experience required and it’s only £1 so it’s got to be worth a try! See you there.

Friday 25th – Olaf Obsommer Presentation and new film

A group of us will be heading over to Sheffield uni for the evening to go see Olaf’s new film and listen to a presentation from him on his latest expeditions. He’s an absolutely WORLD CLASS KAYAKER, and kind of a big deal, but he’s only doing a handful of dates in the UK so don’t miss out. More info here; ... php?t=4772

Saturday 26th – White Water Racing

Hopefully everyone doing this knows what the deal is but keep your eyes peeled for transport lists and start times on the forum thread; ... c&start=15

Men's K1

Women's K1

Open Team 1

Open Team 2

Mixed Team 1

Mixed Team 2

1 more...

Safety Boaters

Sunday 27th – Advanced/Intermediate River Trip – 8AM the Chapel

Sorry for the early start but with it getting dark just after 4 and us not being able to get to a river much before midday, we need to leave early if we want to get something good done or maybe even two rivers! I’m hoping the pathetic forecast for the week will pick up and we’ll be able to do something with some water in but I will update people on the potential rivers etc on the forum so keep your eyes out. If you’re unsure if this trip is for you or not then come have a chat with me or another committee member. Sign up at the Monday/Thursday sessions or txt/email me.

So you thought Tyne Tour was wicked ehh? Well just a quick heads up about our next big weekend away; next weeks email will contain all the details for our up and coming Lakes Weekend which is at the end of exams in January. Sign-up will go up next Monday so keep your eyes peeled and watch this space!

Enough from me this week, back to procrastination from job applications I guess.
Charley x
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