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Emily Parker

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Postby katys » Fri Apr 09, 2010 7:55 pm

em, so many memories and most of them are weird and wonderful! the princess car was definitely something special, going into macdonalds for milkshakes and muffins wearing tiaras and bright pink...
you holding me up ice skating and stopping me falling over (phew), walking me home after the outdoor social (step on the cracks!), in fact walking to the outdoor social with beth and a bottle of wine (we are classy ladies), singing along to s club 7 in the van scoffing jaffa cakes (much to matt's horror), gay chicken, strongbow on my bed in the messiest room in the world, failing at going down the weir in tandem on valentines day, could go on forever!
you were so enthusiastic about so much and always made me feel like a part of everything from the moment i met you, you were so easy to be with and to talk to and such a laugh. i still can't believe what has happened but everyone's messages are a reflection of how amazing a person you were and how many people's lives you touched. thank you for being such a great friend. i love you and will miss you. xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
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Postby Tom Oram » Fri Apr 09, 2010 9:28 pm

Not really sure what to say, I did not know you that well but from what I did you were always up for anything, from talking me into trying a roll for the first time in a few years in a freezing river to just having the most fun on a river possible it you will be sorely missed.

See you on the river! xxx
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Postby Seth Townley » Fri Apr 09, 2010 11:14 pm

Chris Weston and I were hanging around Glen Etive looking for people to paddle with last week when Emily arrived with Nic and Martin and Patrick and the others and you were all so instantly friendly and welcoming to us both from the point of stepping out of the car. When I got off the river with an old injury that prevented me from paddling for the rest of the week you took Chris along with you and made him part of the group.

Just from standing on the bank watching you all run right angle that day, and the stories Chris has from his short time paddling with you over last week, Emily’s unwavering enthusiasm, bravery and determination to always be bettering herself (by running things repeatedly until she gets the line she’s happy with) were clear.

It seems that everyone who knew Emily has lost an irreplaceable friend, and the world has lost a great paddler.

Our thoughts are with all of you,

UEA Kayak.
Seth Townley
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Postby Carl » Sat Apr 10, 2010 4:02 am

Em i cant believe im writing this, im still hoping this is some sort of nightmare.

The first river trip i ever went on you and chris were there pulling tricks and showing me how much fun kayacking could really be, there was constantly a smile on your face and you were my inspiration to work hard to improve my skills as soon as i joined the club! Not only that but did you take the time to help people who were really struggling with getting to grips with the sport.

From trips like the lakes and socials throughout the year i dont think i ever saw you without that cheeky grin which defined you, and there weren't many times where i didnt hear you teaching the majority of the guys in the club how to truly man up.

I never thought i could imagine a situation where i would be writing a message like this, you seemed truly indestructable on the river and in life in general. I think i speak for everyone when i say we would love to be as brave as you.

As nic said earlier.. its probably the tiniest solace to everyone that you went out doing what you loved but nobody should have to say that to their friend who tragically died so young, everybody who was touched by your presence will definately miss you as such an amazing radiant person! See you in the surf emily you'll be forever missed xxx
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Postby box2k2 » Sat Apr 10, 2010 8:52 am

Emily's Family wrote:Em's family would be honoured to welcome those of you who are able to join us in celebrating her life and saying goodbye. Final details have yet to be confirmed, but the date will be 19th April.
In memory, Emily Parker:
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Postby Luce » Sat Apr 10, 2010 9:17 am

Reading this thread, was one of the most amazing but hardest experiences of my life. Emily, you are amazing and its evident you touched so many people. Iv got so many memories, I don't know where to start. Thank you for cheering me up in Scotland, Im so grateful that I could share that week with you, doing what you loved. Thank you for being an inspiration on and off the river. Thank you for telling me to man-up. And Thank you for smiling, giggling, laughing at every opportunity possible. LUUCC will not be the same without you. You'll always be in our memories. Love. xx
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Postby Dárragh » Sat Apr 10, 2010 3:05 pm

A wee email from Nottingham Uni Canoe Club...

Hi guys,

Just wanted to send a message to say we're thinking of you all at what must be a horrendous time. None of us knew Emily personally but she was a well recognised smiley face at a stinky ditch in Nottingham. From reading all the tributes about her it sounds like she was an amazing person, and I can't imagine what you guys must be going through at the moment. Our thoughts are with you and her family,

Best wishes

From everyone at Nottingham Uni Canoe Club
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Postby nia » Sun Apr 11, 2010 11:15 am

I probably only got to spend a few days with Emily, but every time I saw her she was smiling. She had such a vibrant character and I can't imagine much would get in the way of what she wanted.
It's a horrible tragedy when someone so young with such a big heart loses their life. It's surreal to think we won't get to see her "just do it" attitude around the club, she'll be incredibly missed.
My condolences to all her close friends and family.

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Postby Charley » Sun Apr 11, 2010 11:37 am

Em, to the very end your infectious laugh and smile made you always worth being around and your brilliant sense of humour always made everything fun. You were always the queen of banter and I don’t think a day went by in your company where I didn’t get at least a little abuse for being a posh git, but a free lunch totally made it worth it! Your constant enthusiasm has already pushed loads of people to improve their paddling and it definitely has for me to, and I’m sure it will continue to for years to come. It doesn’t seem real that something that seemed so casual when it was being organised the night before could turn into such a horrible outcome. I’ve already seen how it has affected a small portion of the club first hand and this thread has made it perfectly clear how much you have affected everyone’s lives. It goes without saying that you will be massively missed off the river and on. You were as vivacious, lively and bubbly off the river as you were on and always ready for a party and a laugh. The only comfort that I can take from this is that you died doing what you loved. I hope wherever you are now you’re carrying on paddling and enjoying every second of it. xxx
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Postby Paul U » Sun Apr 11, 2010 4:32 pm

I'll always remember my Alps drive winglady of 2009; how we survived each other on the 12hr drive I will never know but it was worth every moment once the stress (and lack of air-con) was gone and the rivers ours to take on. And for me to swim in. And then, following your lead, take on again, and again, and again, and again... Even when the French Agency de Highways threatened to demolish a cliff onto us mid-shuttle :P

I agree that the sole consolation in all of this is that she exited stage right in true Emily style; bombing a river with her mates and an infectious smile, though this will only ever take the edge off a hurt which, thinking about it, I don't actually want to lose altogether, and is making me value what I do have in my life that little bit more.

You are a true individual Emily, and if everyone lived their lives with half as much drive and passion for what they cared about then we'd be in a much better world. Albeit one with a big, blonde, grin shaped hole in it. See you on the river, you nutter :) xx
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Postby Jake » Sun Apr 11, 2010 7:31 pm

Emily, first of all I've got to say sorry for taking so long to say anything but then when were you ever on time for anything? I have to admit now that nothing I write here will ever be good enough for you as words cannot describe how amazing you were, how much you meant to me and how much we are all going to miss you.

You always found a way to smile and from the moment I met you by the side of a river slicing half your thumb off to the morning after that amazing day on the Meig you were always laughing. You were everything a paddler should be; you were kind, loving, fun and you never cared about being the best, you just wanted everyone to have a good time. You represented everything that is great about LUUCC, you did so much for the club and for the whole sport with your enthusiasm, your commitment and your ability to bring laughter and joy to any situation.

You were so much more than just a paddler though, you were a true friend... one of the best friends any of us have ever had and you touched the lives of hundreds of people. Anyone who spent any time with you will never forget it.

To me, you were so much more than just a friend and though I would have never admitted it to you, you were an inspiration to me. It's no secret that I love you Emily and I always will.

Like most people who knew you, I take some comfort in the knowledge that you died doing what you loved most. I'll never forget seeing you lying there in the Coe and looking down into your eyes. You didn't look scared or in pain, you just looked so peaceful and although it was the single most painful experience of my life, I can't think of a better way to go.

I won't pretend that it will always be easy to be on the water now but I know that you would want us all to keep paddling and I for one am determined to go bigger and better than ever. After all we're going to have to man the fuck up and paddle for one more of us now. And just so you know I'm going to go back to the Coe and I'm going to kick its arse and fucking style it for you.

I know I have missed things, and this just isn't good enough but I tried my best and realistically no amount of words will do you justice. You were Emily Parker. There is no greater compliment than that and it was an honour to know you. No-one will ever forget you. See you on the Swale fishtard xxx
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Postby mattH » Sun Apr 11, 2010 7:36 pm

Nice one Jake.
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Postby Rob » Sun Apr 11, 2010 7:42 pm

Well said jake.
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Postby box2k2 » Mon Apr 12, 2010 1:45 am

I first met Emily on the 2nd November 2008 on the River Irwell, and it was that infectious smile that drew me in as it has everyone else.

Over time I discovered that amazing determination, enthusiasm, lust for life, and passion for kayaking that everyone holds in such high regard. She was always a genuine pleasure to be around and brightened every moment.

The fact that one person can achieve so much and affect so many people in such a short space of time, is an inspiration to us all. I feel truly lucky to have known her, and honoured to have called her my friend.

That last week in Scotland IS one of the best paddling trips of my life. So much was done and so much fun had. Our epic 6 hour, 1 mile trip on the Meig was a once in a life time experience, made so special by the team we had with us. The videos and photos are deeply treasured, by me and many others.

The Coe should have been the crowning jewel. We had been eyeing it all week, hoping against hope that it might come into condition, which it so rarely does. Inspecting the gorge Emily was on usual form. While Patrick and I were wearing outdoor clothing and a drysuit between us, Emily made that walk in the pouring rain wearing two hoodies, jeans and flip flops. She returned to the car bare foot.

Having talked it all through including that there was no need to get on, Emily turned back to me with that famous smile and said her last words to me - "Hell yeah, let's do it".

Jake excelled himself that day. The leader of Glencoe Mountain Rescue was in no doubt that in the face of a tragic accident, Jake's actions were above and beyond, endangering his own life in a desperate effort in vain to save Emily. He held his nerve at the critical moments, and should be highly commended for his actions. I look forward to paddling with him again.

It appears that the Coe will have to join the list of those that escaped Emily. I join Jake in commiting myself to conquering it along with the Swale, Ubaye and Randolphs Leap amongst others.



I'm so sorry our time together was short, there was so much still do.

You were totally unique, and leave a void that can simply never be filled.

The car will always go "brumm", and be guided by Stupid Kate I'm afraid.

I will keep paddling. I wouldn't imagine for a second you'd let me stop. You were an inspiration to myself and to many others, and will continue to be so. I'm sure your "Man Up" legacy will live forever.

I hope that wherever you are the rivers are always in condition and you are styling every line.

All my love,

In memory, Emily Parker:
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Postby Alison » Mon Apr 12, 2010 10:38 am

I'm not sure I can follow what's been said before, as I haven't really seen Emily for a year or so.

I remember giving her a lift to Thursday polo when she was a fresher. She stood out - modest about her abilities, but we chatted more she seemed quite experienced - and she has clearly built on this over the last few years! And always smiling!

I've not ever been to look at the Coe, but talking to people I'vew heard them describe it as an awesoem run - a little corner of the Alps in Scotland. I'd been vaguely following the trip's progress through facebook updates. I can't believe that what should have been such an exhilirating day has ended in such tragedy.

LUUCC are one of the most vibrant and respected clubs in the country - I can't believe you've suffered such a loss. I hope you can support each other, keep paddlign and keep partying. I may be stuck in the flatlands, but my thoughts are with you all.

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