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Committee Meeting Minutes: 17th February 2010

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Committee Meeting Minutes: 17th February 2010

Postby Ross MacLeod » Thu Feb 18, 2010 2:23 pm

1. NSR Logistics. Transport, Camping, Costumes (club theme?)
- As mentioned on the forum, there will be a 53 sweater coach and several cars driving to the event. The coach will depart at 5pm on Friday, returning at the same time on Sunday from the campsite.
- Camping will be sorted out on arrival. The general opinion is that LUUCC members will tend to camp near each other naturally as we're all lovely people.
- There is no official club theme (other than the general one of ancient worlds!). It has been suggested that people discuss among themselves whether they wish to adopt a group theme e.g. Braveheart/Noah's ark etc

2. White-water safety in Scotland
- The limiting factor on how many people can attend will be spaces in cars. Matt Grimshaw has kindly volunteered to determine who is going and in which cars.
- The old safety sec (Ben) raised the question of whether some of the less experienced members who have expressed an interest in attending the course would gain any valuable information from it. Central to this was whether, given their experience of WW, whether they would get good value for money. They will be consulted individually and any uncertainties can be resolved by contacting the course organiser. This is by no means a personal gripe and several group members expressed the opinion that everyone could benefit from the training.

3. Pool Sessions: How can lifeguards identify the coaches?
- This issue was raised by one of the female lifeguards at Holt Park. She suggested the coaches wear a certain colour t-shirt of swimming hat. Holt Park already has a copy of coaches' qualifications. Apparently this sort of thing happens every year and our tactics should be to conform with the lifeguards requests politely. The official line is that only coaches are allowed in the water and anyone not in a boat stands on the side of the pool. Obviously the two male life guards are fairly relaxed when it comes to enforcing this, but if asked, please get out of the pool.

4. Licensed Drivers: Can we compile a rota?
- It would be very useful if everyone old enough to take their minibus test does so before September, when the next year's trips start. Beth and Nic will look into test dates and the possibility of booking a separate test date which the club could fill.
- In order to ensure we had someone available to hire the minibus each week, I suggested we compile some kind of sign-up rota. The more experienced members of the group thought this was probably not appropriate and it should be kept informal and on a weekly basis.

5. Money for repairing kit/boats
- Beth, Darragh and I are all booked to take their cash induction next week. After this we will be in a better position to judge what the club can and can't afford. We will also pester the union about getting more well deserved and needed funds.
- As much attention was paid to the white-water gear last year and several of the polo boats require repair, it has been suggested that more emphasis be placed on that department this year. Several of the carbon-Kevlar boats require patches etc and it was deemed unsuitable for members to attempt DIY, so we will have to hire someone to fix them. Patrick has a quote for/ (estimates?) this will cost £40 per boat.
- As the inventory list has been lost, Jake and Ben will discuss making a new one, and inspect all BA's/decks/cags/helmets. It is anticipated several BA's will need replacing. We could do with some new helmets as well, as this limits numbers on beginner trips. Once the treasurer/captain/secretary has had their cash induction, we will probably have to call another committee meeting to discuss what we can afford.
- It has been suggested Team LASH throw some sort of fundraising event/bankjob to raise money for the club.

6. Alps Discussion
- Talks got underway as to how we are going to organise the summer trip to the Alps. The general opinion was that this cannot be an official club trip as we do not have the resources to accommodate it in a club our size.
- Questions concerned: - How big a group can we accommodate? Are there enough dedicated river leaders to allow beginners to come? Who is held accountable in the event of a serious accident?
- As with the WW safety course, the major limiting factor affecting participation will be transport. The club does not have sufficient funds to hire a minibus for the week as the cost would be huge. Therefore transport will be by privately owned cars only.
- Clearly as a club we aim to be as inclusive as possible to members of all abilities. The Alps is a brilliant (and warm) way for people to develop their paddling skills. However there are certain factors which underlie participation, most importantly safety. For the trip to run safely there must be a minimum ratio if 1:4 river leaders: beginners.
- This is clearly a very emotive issue and will be discussed in greater detail at the next committee meeting. However, it will be useful to start asking more experienced members whether they are prepared to river lead while in the Alps.

7. AOB
-Kit Hire. Beth and Jake need to discuss whether we keep last year's system for kit hire or not. It has been proposed (by me) that money owed for borrowed kit be collected on a weekly basis at the pool sessions. This will also be an opportunity to confirm the kit has been returned.
- It has been suggested that the club run an Alps training weekend sometime before summer. This usually occurs on the Tryweryn in North Wales and preference is given to those going to the Alps.
- A committee training weekend has also been proposed and this could also occur in North Wales. All of these points shall be raised again at the next committee meeting.
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