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Club Electronic-mails 2010/2011

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Club Electronic-mails 2010/2011

Postby Dárragh » Tue Feb 16, 2010 4:47 pm

"What...Ze email... what,what... ze email!"
Alright, lads and lassies?!
Personally and on the behalf of the new and old committee, I'd like to thank everyone who made their way to the AGM last week, it's proof that LUUCC is the best club I've ever managed to be a part of! If only Political elections could be as eventful as our own, we'd have one sweet ass country!

Also Last weeks short notice Valentines Trip to Yorkshire's lovely Wharfe was a beautiful affair, complete with Roses, a bit of boat dancing and birds did suddenly appear... in front of the minibus! *SLAM*
Cheers to all who came out for the trip! and to Peter H for driving the minibus against his will...
Now down to brass tax people;

A New Day for Socials? Nope, this is MASSIVE social for every club club of LUU (hikers, mountaineers, sailors, gliders, DofE, Scout and Guide, SubAqua and many more);
'The first social for the new committee will be at HIFI! It is the outdoor social which is set to be truly awesome and is our chance to show all the other outdoor societies that no one party's better than LUUCC!! Jenny Lines, the Union outdoors rep has arranged exclusive use of HiFi 8pm-11pm, free entry into HiFi's own club night from 11 onwards, together with the man, the legend, the enigma - Disco Dave Hazell of NSR disco fame, providing the choons!

So get down to the help desk asap and get yourself a ticket! They are £5 and include exclusive entry to HIFI! Will be a great chance to meet lots of great people and a great way to start the new committee's year!
DRESS CODE = TYNE TOUR T-shirts and optional boardshorts!
So get on it and I will see you all there!!

Lots of LUUCC love
- If you can't get down sign up before tonight at the helpdesk then give give LASH a call;
Ash: 07746127823
Lucy: 07933805942

WEDNESDAY 17 FEBRUARY General Committee Meeting - 7pm Meeting Room 4 @ ARC - SHARP!
Specifically for the handover of info from old committee to the new committee, this is an extremely important meeting for the club that everyone on the old/new committees attend.
As always all members are welcome to join in, members have as much rights as the committee to discuss/voice anything they feel needs to be sorted out within the club, and without that the club cannot keep progressing the way it has been during the past years. I'd advise that all those wanting to discuss a matter with the club, have specific, pre-prepared points to easily work through these issues.

So @ 7pm in Meeting room 4 of the ARC (upstairs in the Union building) you shall be there!

If you get lost or simply like the sound of our voices contact;
Darragh; 07933830759
or Ross; 07837180615

THURSDAY 18th FEBRUARY Canoe Polo - 8pm at the Chapel.
Polo Polo!
Last weeks Polo session was brilliant, a big turnout for Matty G's first session as the new Polo Sec, with plenty of polo beginners proving their skills in action... well done STEPHANIE MANSELL for player of the week, and well done Matt for running an awesome night!
This Thursday we have Polo lined up again, and with BUCS Polo competition arriving soon we need everyone to come to these sessions.
Meet at the Chapel at 8pm, all you need is swimwear, preferably a rash vest, a towel and the session fee (£3.50 includes transport etc...). We'll be heading on to the pool in Wetherby from the Chapel.

SUNDAY 21st FEBRUARY - BEGINNER boating trip - 9am at the Chapel.
This Sunday 21st Feb, we're hitting the infamour Burr's river (Irwell) for a beginner skills orientated trip. The focus will be on advancing/learning river skills such as ferry gliding, breaking in and out, reading rivers, roll practice, river rescues and getting in a little wave surfing practice in time for NSR!

The trip sign up sheet will be put up on Wednesday night, and I encourage all beginners who have been to a few pool sessions but not enough rivers to get on this! Cost £6-8

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Postby Dárragh » Thu Feb 25, 2010 9:47 am

“Nature has no mercy at all. Nature says, "I'm going to snow. If you have on a bikini and no snowshoes, that's tough. I am going to snow anyway.""
Maya Angelou

Well indeed the weather forecast has been slightly strange for the past while, and unfortunately for those who don't know we had to cancel the river trip last Sunday due to the snowy roads. Fortunately Lucy and Ash were on hand with their impromptu snow-cial to make the most of the day, proof that LUUCC are much more than a canoe club! Cheers everybody!

WEDNESDAY 24th FEBRUARY - SOCIAL - 8pm meet up at Terrace Bar.
After Polo Adam's raving beach party last night I'm sure you're hungry for more LUUCC partying!
The plan is: 8pm Meet up at the terrace for a few jars, and then on to the funky Carpe Diem - just below Millennium Square. For some tunes, 4 drinks for a £5, Drinks from £1.25 plus Free entry all night!
Mighty Craic!
Anyone finding themselves lost (by all manner of reasons) use a telecommunications device;
Ash: 07746127823
Lucy: 07933805942

THURSDAY 25th FEBRUARY Canoe Polo - 8pm at the Chapel.
First of all can I say thanks to all those who turned up last week as it really proved how popular polo has become. I hope to see many of the beginners back because we have real potential this year. On the Saturday 27th there is a polo tournament at York so this Thursdays session will be slightly different.

The idea is to have a full game so the main team get used to working together. They will be on the water for a little longer than normal. However others will get a chance to play and take part. I aim to make the session inclusive but be much more focussed on the rules of the game as we have some other big competitions coming soon! It would be great to get some other people to come along on Saturday at York to support our team and to see some real matches. I will post further details on the forum.

There is a lot to look forward to in polo for example the Christie cup, more tournaments and of course BUSA so keep up the enthusiasm!
Matt G

SUNDAY 28th FEBRUARY - BEGINNER boating trip - 9am at the Chapel.
This Sunday we shall be meeting at 9am for a repeat of the Burr's trip that never was! So everyone get your pens ready as I'll be putting up the sign up sheet tonight, It would be good to see everyone who signed up for last week signed up again, plus more!

This trip will be a must for all going to NSR as the focus will be on advancing/learning river skills such as ferry gliding, breaking in and out, reading rivers, roll practice, river rescues and getting in a little wave surfing practice. Cost: £7-8
Darragh: 07933830759
for any questions about the trip/club

TRANSPORT FOR NSR, 5th March - 4.30pm Parkinson steps
Has been sorted!
Everyone is to meet next week at 4.30pm SHARP at the Parkinson steps, so we can get checked onto the coach and bags packed in for departure at 5pm on the button! Then it's officially PARTY TIME!
Note: drinking is 'not' offcially allowed on the bus, So use your common sense and stay civil/clothed whilst en-route... afterward it's your call!
There will be others driving from Leeds after this departure time so If anyone is unable to make a 5pm departure on Friday 5th March - please let myself or Matt H know by emailing;

or replying to this thread; ... php?t=3505

No need if you don't already have one, if you need a space or have a cosy few spaces to fill in your luxurious boudoir then get signed up on the LUUCC forum and claim a spot! ... php?t=3509

Love your Trent-bellied Captain,
Darragh xo

P.s. if anyone is up for it quite a few of us (Girls and Guys!) are getting Chlamydia tested with the aim to possibly win £150 for the club! It seems like a small amount, but that would practically pay for some of the much needed repairs to some of our boats!
As Nicola Underhill puts it "In this club, if one person has it everyone will! x"... what a rude lady she is.

Next session is Fri 26/2/10 9-12pm@ LUU reception
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Postby Dárragh » Wed Mar 10, 2010 10:50 am

A Hello to you all,
I hope we're all feeling merry this week? The sun is starting to pop out a little more, and as the snow across the UK melts, Spring is slowly creeping in... I feel I'm forgetting something? is there one other thing to be happy about?
Hmmmm.... I wonder if it could be?
YES, OHHH YES... IT"S NSR BAYYBEEE! WOOO!! It's on! ohh.... it's on!
I hope we've all got our Spears/Swords/Chariots/Axes/Gods and Goddess's ready for our Ancient Worlds theme this year? It's going to be AWESOME!

"NSR MMX is thee most profoundly amazing event you will see this year" - Daily Mail

"Brilliant! The dictionary gave me that word" - The Guardian

"Not enough nudity last year! What's a kayak?" - The Sun

- But before I say anymore about that;
WEDNESDAY 3rd MARCH - SOCIAL - 8pm meeting at the Terrace.

The plan is to meet at Terrace at 8pm. Then we have booked a meal at the wonderful 'Barakas' which is a Moroccan restaurant in Hyde park (opposite royal park pub) from 8.30. Buffet food which is cheap as chips at only £5, plus £2 for corkage so you can bring your own alcohol and get nice and merry!!! Will be a nice way to ease us in to the chaos of the weekend at NSR.

Hope to see you all there
Lots of luucc love
Team Lash

If you're looking for a good time;
Ash: 07746127823
Lucy: 07933805942

THURSDAY 4th MARCH Canoe Polo - 8pm at the Chapel.

There is more polo, polo fun at Wetherby this Thursday!!
This week we will be running through the basic rules and tactics so its a great opportunity to come along if you have never given it a go. Next week heralds the mighty Christie Cup on the 10th so there will be team listings and more details soon.
8pm at the Chapel on Thursday at a price of £3.50 for non stop polo fun all evening.

Hope to see you there!
Matt Grimmy-shaw xx

Contact the Polo phone;
Matt G: 07708208366

MONDAY 8TH MARCH - POOL SESSION - 9pm Holt Park Leisure Centre

The Pool session next week will still be on where we can all have a wee chat about the NSR Weekend, as usual at Holt Park Leisure Centre, kicking off at 9pm.
Afterwards we'll hit the Skyrack pub to drown our 'Post NSR Blues', or nurse our impending trent bellies!

To get up to Holt Park, simply catch the number 1 bus (Brown Line), which picks up at Parkinson steps and all stops on the Otley Road heading out of town. Bring your swimwear, a towel and £1.50 for the session fee!

See you all there


FRIDAY 5th MARCH - NSR!- 4.30pm at Parkinson Steps - SHARP!

Everyone booked on the Venga...*ahem* Party Bus for NSR are to meet this friday at 4.30pm SHARP at the Parkinson steps, so we can get checked onto the coach and bags packed in for departure at 5pm on the button! Make sure you get on the right bus, as you definitely don't want to be going to Exeter with a bunch of Rugby folk!

- Serious Note: Drinking is NOT allowed on the bus, Do not get caught! So keep it discreet and stay civil/clothed whilst en-route... afterward it's your call!

Transport list for the bus is as follows;
Company Coaches
Contact: Darragh McLovin - 07933830759
1. Sarah Barber
2. Tom Britt
3. Giles B
4. Bryn Carter
5. Ruth Coe
6. Alison Cresswell
7. Lucy Dobson-McAuley
8. Olivia Doran
9. Benedict D
10. Nick Greenwood
11. Tom Hostler
12. Rob Jackson
13. Alice Lyford
14. Emily Macleod
15. Ross Macleod
16. Joe Marsh
17. James Marshall
18. Darragh McCambridge
19. Chris Merriman
20. Dave Miller
21. Hannah Morley
22. Thomas Oram
23. Hannah Page
24. Emily Parker
25. Joe Poole
26. Carl Rusling
27. Katy Somerville
28. Niamh Stack
29. Ben Straughan
30. Matt Grimshaw
31. Jenny Tuppen
32. Paul Underwood
33. Tom Unsworth
34. Aisling Wall
35. Jake Ward
36. Adam Webster
37. Beth Morgan
38. Sabina Delcassian
39. Patrick Chilton
40. Dan Waite
41. Charley Smallwood
42. Space
43. Space
44. Space
45. Space
46. Space
47. Space
48. Space
49. Space
50. Space
51. Space
52. Space
53. Space

You should have all received an email already from Matt H about bringing baggage and detailing the arrangments for boat transport, if not then reply to this email!

No need if you don't already have one, if you need a space or have a cosy few spaces to fill in your luxurious boudoir then get signed up on the LUUCC forum and claim a spot! ... php?t=3509

Check out the list of jobs you can help with over the course of the weekend, and sign up your volunteering urge on the forum;
Runners ... php?t=3501
Registration ... php?t=3507
NSR Gold Cohort – Tea and Toastie ... 4251#34251
Team Apothecary – First Aid ... php?t=3472

Forever and always with love,
Darragh xo
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Postby Dárragh » Wed Mar 10, 2010 10:57 am

Hey everyone!

What an AMAZING weekend for LUUCC - Overall Winners of the National Student Rodeo, rocking it out both on the water and at the Party! Thanks to everyone for competing, safety'ing, toasties/tea'ing, Registrat'ing, judging, fancy dressing, drinking, partying, supporting, running, aids firsting!!!... Your help ensured the even ran as smoothly as it did, and continues to be the biggest student freestyle event in the world!

Peter and Andy have been working tirelessly over the past 12 months as Competition Secs to organise the biggest and most successful NSR yet. I think it's fair to say all of us owe them big love for carrying the NSR torch, going above and beyond the call of duty.
Good luck to Nic and Jethro who have big plans for next years NSR already and who will need our help again in 12 months time, Now we all know what the fuss is about get spreading the word to make next year mega! Woohoo!

But all doesn't stop for the LUUCC;


- Christie Cup Polo Tournament - Meeting at 12 - Chapel

The Chrisite cup is upon us with the mighty Leeds, Manchester and Liverpool clashing in a range of sports to compete for the best university. The polo is being held at Liverpool docks and the teams are as follows:
Mens: Adam, Patrick, Chris, James, Charlie and David.
Womens: Niamh, Sabina, Lucy S, Nic, Naomi, Sarah and Emily.

We will be meeting at the Chapel at 12 on Wednesday and Charley, Emily and Sarah are driving. I do not know an arrival time as we may grab a bite to eat afterwards.

Muchos loves,

- Wednesday Night Social - The Terrace at 8pm

To all you beautiful people,
We are both quite aware of the state NSR has left most of us in, with the trent belly and in throwing up all night (i know me and ash have!) we have decided to go to spoons in millenium square and then if anyone is up for it Hifi. Both are quite chilled and cheap.

See you all at terrace at 8pm and then onto spooooons! (CHEAP CHEAP CHEAP!)

Love Lash
Feeling blue and left out, contact;
Ash: 07746127813
Lucy: 07933805942

THURSDAY 11th MARCH Canoe Polo - 8pm at the Chapel.

Thursday is polo at Wetherby as usual, it would be great to see another excellent turn out as i hope trent belly will have passed through everyones ends by then!
As there's only a few sessions left before the end of the year, get stuck into Thurs nights so that next year you too can compete at Christie cup, Yorkshire League and the up and coming BUSA polo

Meet the Polo mobile - 8pm at the Chapel - bring £3.50 + Towel and Swimwear
Matt Grimmy;

SUNDAY 14th MARCH - ADVANCED trip - 9am at the Chapel.

This Sunday's trip will be reserved for the more experienced paddlers in the club who can roll confidently.
Unfortunately as a stinky ditch in Nottingham is closed for BCU freestyle selections and due to the lack of water predicted for the rivers, we'll be hitting the Surf somewhere along the North East Coast (depending on where the waves are!)
As Surfing can have something for everyone I encourage people in the club who feel up to it to contact me if in doubt about suitability.

Darragh: 07933830759
for any questions about the trip/club

On a side note;
With less than a few more weeks before the start of Easter and therefore the end of official club trips and socials for the year, I encourage anyone who hasn't got onto the LUUCC forum and using it regularly to get on it. It's an invaluable system that extends our procrastination much further than the pub and rivers.... exactly what we need for these boring revision weeks!

Details of a committee meeting are TBC and will be sent through email by the end of this week, due to changes in the room booking system I can't be certain when and where but just that it will happen before the end of next week!

Love your walletless Captain,
Darragh xo
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Postby Dárragh » Mon Mar 15, 2010 5:20 pm

And now, the end is near,
And so I face the final pool session.
My friends, I'll say it clear;
I'll practice rolls of which I'm certain.

I've lived a year that's full -
I've paddled each and every Sunday.
And more, much more than this,
I did it LUUCC's way!!!!

Hi Everybody!

So here it is... this time of year approaching the eggs of easter celebrating when we* get several weeks off Uni to celebrate how Jesus went to all that trouble to make the first Easter. He sure liked chocolate! Bit of St. Paddy's action, and officially the last session until September for everything club related this week, so let's tear it up!
*If you're a fellow nursing student then forget that previous statement as we don't get off for another month?!

MONDAY 15th March - Last Pool Session - 9pm Holt Park Leisure Centre
So just a quick update that the last pool session is TONIGHT! This could also quite possibly be the last pool session held at Holt Park, so pile on down to the pool session to polish off your rolls, crank out a bit O' freestlyin', annoy the lifeguards for one last time with various, mess about shenanigans that LUUCC prove to excel at!
Then afterwards we can hit the skyrack altogether for liver preparation for Wednesday!

Catch the number 1 bus (Brown Line) from anywhere along the Otley Road, speedos are still not welcome, "Don't forget to bring a Towel"
Session is £1.50.

TUESDAY 16th March - Committee Meeting - 5pm Meeting Room 6
EVERYBODY is welcome to the committee meeting this Tuesday to get a say in how the club is being run, what's happening over easter/the exam period and the summer? Emphasis will be on finalising the club colours awards, Alps training and Chapel/Pool plans, other business will have some allocated time.
Meeting room 6 is downstairs in the Union, go to the lounge area which is just past the union shop and you'll see us there at 5pm!
Contact myself or Ross if need be.

Darragh: 07933830759
Ross: 07837180615

WEDNESDAY 17th March - SOCIAL - 7pm Meet at Terrace
St. Paddy's day! The day England celebrates how they banished the Irish from the British Isles, and the drinking that ensued! LASH have it sorted for the most nationally important party of the year... Can LUUCC help me break the curse of getting too hammered to leave the house?

- So we are planning to kick off the evening watching the dance show at the Riley smith hall supporting our very own Lucy Stuart in some superb Irish dancing to put us in the Irish mood!! Show starts at 7.30pm so plan is to meet in terrace at 7 for a drink beforehand.
Tickets are £4.50 for students £5 for non-students from the Riley smith box office.
If anyone cant make it to the uni to buy tickets post on here and team lash will pick them up for you.

After the show we will be heading to old bar for lots more drinks and then on to the free night at the union which is set to be awesome with cheap drinks and lots of Irish fun.
Dress code is lots and lots and lots of green and anything Irish!!!*
I will be bringing green face paint for anyone who tries to avoid dressing up!!!
*Be aware of who you might offend! Dodgy accents are prohibited!

Last but not least we will be making lots of green coloured cakes and selling them in the union in the evening to raise money for the club so dig in and treat yourself to one!!!
Hope to see you all there for a very messy evening and our last before easter break!!!!

Lots of love
Team Lash

Lucy: 07933805942
Ash: 07746127813

THURSDAY 17th March - Last Canoe Polo Session - 8pm, Meet at the Chapel
This week's last session will a great mix of getting to know Canoe polo for the last time before September, and good hard practice for the ever important BUCS polo tournament just after Easter! So if you're itching at your Polo rash, and want to get in on some soild Ball related fun then;

Bring £3.50 for the session fee, Speedo's are encouraged I believe but "Don't forget to bring a Towel"
Meet the Polo wagon at the Chapel - 8pm

Matt G: 07708208366

SUNDAY 21st March - Final Club Trip (Advanced)- 9am at the Chapel
This Coming Sunday I realise many people will be away home for the Easter break, but I've decided to try and run an 'advanced' trip anyway for paddlers confident on grade 3-4.
Details will be put up on the forum soon, as the rains are predicted to fall which possibly means some possible high grade action.
Sign up will also be through the forum, interest/availability of drivers by this Friday will determine whether van's + Minibus will be hired.

Loves and hugses!
Darragh : 07933830759

Forum Badgery;
Everyone I gather has signed up to the LUUCC forum, if you haven't already or don't check it regularly you should start!
Since officially LUUCC has to stop all training and official trips and socials after Easter.
The forum is an invaluable tool for organising little unofficial trips, finding paddling/partying buddies over easter and the summer, or simply keeping in touch with the banter if your too far away in the South of England of somewhere silly...
I will of course send out a few club emails over the coming months, especially coming up to the Alps training weekend in Wales amongst other shenanigans!
Forum Link -

Riley Awards;
For those of you that don't know the Riley Awards will be held on Friday 30th April 2010 and will mark the successes of the LUU Clubs and Societies as well as acknowledging the tremendous effort and dedication made by individuals. This is a really important showcasing for LUUCC as we undoubtedly have the best, most active club in the Union, running what happens to be the largest freestyle event in the world!
So get nominating by Thursday 18th March

The NSR as the Best Show or Event: to recognise any group that put on a show or event that really stood out during this year!

LUUCC as The Riley Award for the Best Club or Society: Some would say, this is the big one. This will be for, quite simply, the best Club or Society in LUU at the moment. This will be for a group that stand out above all others. It may be because they’ve done the best in BUCS, put on the best shows, run the best campaigns, put on the best set of social events or many other things – whatever it is, it will be something that makes the Club or Society stand out.

Check out this link for help :- ... php?t=3552

As a final note for this wee email, I'd like to thank EVERYONE in LUUCC for making this year absolutely fantastic! A big special thanks goes to the members of the 2009/2010 committee who organised the club so well, with every tiny detail! Hopefully we can give them and everyone else leaving studentism at Leeds a good send off at our Summer Meal at the end of exams!

Matt Haydock - Captain 2009/10
Christian Merriman - Secretary 2009/10
Daniel Waite - Treasurer 2009/10
Benedict D - Gear and Safety Secretary 2009/10
Lucy Stuart and,
Nicola Underhill - Social Secretaries 2009/10
Adam Webster - Polo Secretary 2009/10
Andy J and,
Peter H - Competition Secretaries 2009/10
Patrick Chilton - Ordinary member 2009/10
Cheers guys and gals, for those of you finishing your years at Leeds, we will miss you all! Everything you've done for the club has made LUUCC what it is today!

Talk to you all soon,
Looking forward to the official Craic this week!!

Darragh McC
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Postby Dárragh » Mon Apr 12, 2010 2:27 pm

Hey Everyone,

For those of you who don't know already, tragically on the 6th April whilst paddling the river Coe in Scotland our good friend Emily Parker got into difficulties. Despite the best efforts of her companions that day, we were unable to save her.
We are all very grateful to the Glen Coe Mountain Rescue Team, the local police, ambulance service, the RAF and the coastguard for their tireless efforts throughout the day.
Emily was a great friend and core club member, and will be sorely missed by all at LUUCC who met/knew/loved her.

At the moment plans for Emily's funeral are to be held in Campsall (North of Doncaster), at 10.30am on Monday 19th April. Public transport is not particularly great around the area so we have started a thread on the forum to gather people from the club who are looking to pay their respects and determine whether or not we need to book a minibus.
More details will be posted on the forum soon, but for now if those who wish to attend the funeral can post on the forum thread here; ... php?t=3627

If anyone has some good quality (No facebook links) photos and/or videos of Emily at socials or kayaking in general it would be great if they could be sent to Martin Linford or Giles B so that they can be put together for a memorial video, and provisionally there are plans for a small book for Emily's family. Details again are on the forum here; ... php?t=3625

It is also well worth mentioning that Emily's family are taking a lot of strength from the amount of memories and support people are sending through the 'Emily Parker' thread on the forum. So keep them coming. ... php?t=3621

Keep your eyes on the forum (theres an underlying message here) over the coming while as we'll undoubtedly be doing something paddling/partying/club-wise in memory Emily soon. So a bit of manning-up and board short wearing regardless of the weather will be mandatory-ish, but no forgetting those beeming, cheek to cheek smiles!

If anyone in the club feels they need some help in relation to Emily's death the Leeds University Union provide an excellent counselling service and Chaplaincy for free. So don't feel you have to suffer in silence as they have been in contact with me personally to let me know that they know about the situation and are there for all of us.

The Counselling Centre has not got a drop in service during this Easter break, but give them a call to arrange a meeting, it's easy to do and could help a lot! After the Easter break the Centre will return to normal services.

19, Clarendon Place
Mon-Fri 8.30am-5.00pm
0113 343 4107

0113 343 5071
Emergency: 07780613862

Alternatively we're all here to support eachother and share the wonderful memories of Emily's life, shed a tear or just listen. So give any of us in the club a call if you need a pick me up.

Lots of Love and Support,
Darragh McC
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Postby Dárragh » Mon Sep 27, 2010 7:46 pm

WELCOME ALL! a brand new year with LUUCC; one of the most active clubs at the University of Leeds and one of the biggest canoe clubs in the UK! Awarded 'Best Society in Leeds 2010' by Leeds University Union, we hope you're keen to get on board and develop some skills! So, what's happening this week?

MONDAY 27th - POOL SESSION 9pm - 'The Edge' University Pool

Pool sessions are a weekly staple for LUUCC, so for the rest of the year, each and every Monday evening at 9pm we hit the pool for some boat related shenanigans. These pool sessions are perfect for 'What's a canoe?' beginners and experienced 'King of the Wave' kayakers alike, as we provide coaching, equipment, and more importantly have a bit of banter by the pool side and in the pub afterwards!
You DON'T have to be a member of the club to try out our pool sessions, and If you're a proud owner of a gym membership or sports club user pass (i.e. all you freshers in halls!) we only ask £1 each session.
The Edge charge £3 standard pool entry without a pass/membership
So don't hang about, get down to the pool at 9pm tonight;
Bring your swimwear, towel and loose change for the pub afterwards!


River Trip - 1.30pm at the Chapel (beside the University Pool);
On Wednesday we'll be having the first of many introductory river trips, focusing on the basics of white water kayaking in a predominantly flat water environment on the River Wharfe near Wetherby. So, if you're new to the sport and itching to get out to see what really goes down, then this is this perfect opportunity.
Meeting at the Chapel (50m from the Sports Centre) at 1:30pm. Transport will be via cars. The cost of the trip shall only be £4-5 each to cover fuel.
To sign up for this trip, for insurance reasons you HAVE to be a fully paid joined-up member of the club, which costs £30 for the year. For information about how to do this, please follow the link to a step by step guide at the bottom of this mail.

Once you've joined the club, just pop your name and details down on the Wednesday river trip sign up list on the canoe club noticeboard (upstairs in the Union) which will be posted up from Tuesday morning onwards. The sign up system has a first come-first served basis and places will be limited, so get on it!
For more information about what to bring, where the Chapel is, where the canoe club noticeboard is etc. etc., please visit the FAQ on our website

LUUCC is much much more that just a canoe club... and as the sun sets every Wednesday our very own Social Secs Ash and Lucy conspire to lead us all into temptation, having planned a guaranteed awesome night into town for us all to get to know each other, to get up to some alcohol fuelled mischief and get to know each other better.
Even if you don' drink, fear not, we're not into these silly rumoured initiations and anything you heard about us at the School Disco was all lies (unless of course you liked them...)
The night kicks off in the Terrace Bar in the Union at 8pm, before moving on to bigger and better things and surprises!
If you get a bit lost or want more info, feel free to drop Ash or Lucy a call on the following numbers:
Ash; 07746 127 813
Lucy; 07933 805 942

THURSDAY 30th ; POOL SESSION 9pm - 'The Edge' University Pool

This Thursday we have another pool session lined up, time again to step up those skills hopefully with hangovers dispersed and plenty of gossip to spread from the hazy and wonderous night before. Same as Monday night sessions but as it's the start of the year we're running a Thursday pool session for this week only!
£1 for the session (add £3 without edge membership/passes)

Starting from next Thursday 7th Oct onwards we'll be using Thurs nights for the classic and banterous sport of Canoe Polo. More info on that to come in next Monday's email!

SUNDAY 3rd; CLUB TRIP 9am Meet at the Chapel (Beside the Uni Pool)
(Sorry, NOT 10am as previously advertised!)

This Sunday we shall be having our first full, big trip out and about! This week we're having a beginner trip for all those completely new to the sport on flat..ish water on the Leeds-Liverpool canal near Blackburn in rural Lancashire. This trip aims to look at the basics of canoeing, learning a few skills and strokes whilst having some fun playing a few games. The ethos of the day will be to have a good laugh without too much of a fear factor, perfect for the newcomer!
We shall be meeting at 9am at the Chapel, all specialist equipment will be provided.
Although you will need to wear some warm thermal layers(NO cotton) and/or wetsuit on the river (see 'what do I bring' below).
The trip will cost between £5-8

For insurance reasons you HAVE to be a fully paid. joined-up member of the club for any off campus river trip, which costs a bargain £30 for the whole year. For information about how to do this, please follow the link to a step by step guide below.
Once you've joined the club, just pop your name and details down on the Sunday club trip sign up list on the canoe club noticeboard (upstairs in the Union) which will be posted up from Tuesday afternoon onwards. The sign up system has a first come-first served basis and places will be limited.

For a step by step guide to joining the club, please visit this link written by our previous, awesome Captain Matt Haydock! ... php?t=3156

Warm clothes you don't mind getting wet - NO COTTON. (Primark sell good thermals)
Ideally, old tracksuit bottoms, thermals, woollen jumpers, etc.
An old pair of trainers/wetsuit boots to protect your feet
A towel
A warm drink and some food (including a little bit of chocolate for the river).
Money to buy beer/food (if available).
We can provide canoeing gear such as cag/helmet/buoyancy aid etc.


We have a very active internet forum/message board service, which has allsorts from random bits of info, important club information, stuff about un-official boating trips and much much more. I’d definitely recommend checking it out and registering as the whole club past and present can help you all out usually much quicker than an email!

If you still need some answers to any other club questions don't hesistate at all to email:

Hope to see you all tonight at the Pool session!

Darragh McC(Captain 10/11)
and all at LUUCC xx
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Congratulations on choosing the best club at Leeds!

At Leeds University Union Canoe club, we pride ourselves on our member base of paddlers who specialise in all disciplines of canoe sport at all abilities. Whether you're a complete beginner, a world champion*, a playboater, a river paddler, a creeker, a polo player, or a prolifically hard-core waterfall kayaker, we're sure you'll fit right in. Come along and get involved!

Register and introduce yourself here on the forum or visit our website for more details.

* Yes, we have one. But don't inflate his ego any more...