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LUUCC FAQs - Fresher guide

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LUUCC FAQs - Fresher guide

Postby mattH » Fri Sep 25, 2009 7:45 pm


Where is/How do I get to the pool sessions?
Pool sessions are held at Holt Park leisure centre, every Monday starting at 9pm. The easiest way to get there is on the number 1 bus (Brown Line), which stops along the Otley Road heading out of town.
Timetable here

What do I need to bring to a pool session?
All you need is the fee for the session £1.50, some swimwear, a towel and some beer money for the pub afterwards

What is a swim test?
A swim test may sound serious, but it's pretty straight forward. For insurance and safety reasons, everyone has to swim 2 lengths of the Holt Park pool unaided. There is no time limit and you can swim whatever stroke you wish.


How do I sign up for a river trip?
To sign up for a river trip you HAVE to be a fully paid up member of the club (read more below). Then, just head to the club noticeboard in the Union (see below) when the sheet has been put up and fill in your details. River trips are dealt with on a first come, first served basis due to transport requirements, but every effort will be made for "Reserves".

What ability do I have to be to attend a river trip?
[i]River trips will be organised differently, different weeks, for differing abilities. Some weeks we shall advanced trips for paddlers who can paddle at a certain level (normally determined by "river grades") and other weeks we shall have beginner trips. The normal requirement for these is just that you have attended at least 2 pool sessions.

What do I need to bring on a river trip?
Shoes you don't mind getting wet/dirty (old trainers), socks, lots of warm clothes (tracksuit and/or thermal bottoms or wet suit), thermal top (ideally NOT cotton - can get cheap ones at Primark/TK Maxx), warm fleece jumper, hat, gloves, money, food, drink, complete change of clothes for after the river.
All specialist equipment will be provided, including PFD/Buoyancy Aid, helmet, spraydeck, cag (waterproof layer), boat, paddle.

Where do we meet and at what time?
Unless otherwise stated in an e-mail, river trips meet at the Chapel (see below) at 9am on Sundays or 1:30pm on Wednesday afternoons.


Where is the club noticeboard?
The club noticeboard is upstairs in the Union. Walk through the main entrance, turn RIGHT, head up the stairs on your right, through the double doors, turn RIGHT and the noticeboard is on your right cunningly marked "Canoe".


Where and what is the Chapel?
The Chapel is the club's on campus boathouse, where we keep all the equipment and where most of our trips depart from. It is 50m from the Sports Centre if you are heading down into the city centre on your left, next to the South Entrance of the University.
Map here

I have my own boat and/or kit, how do I get access to the Chapel?
Use of the chapel for storage is free for members. If you wish to gain access, please contact the Captain, Matt H on 07786 196 720 to get hold of the keys. Please give 24 hours notice, and for weekend trips please ring before 4pm on Friday.


What do I have to be a member for?
You have to be a member for all river trips, weekends away and polo sessions. You do NOT have to be a member to attend pool sessions

How much is membership and how do I join?
Membership is £30 for the year, and is done online. Please use this step by step guide using this link


What the chuff is it?
Canoe Polo is a cross between water polo, basketball, netball and well.....canoeing. It is a team sport where 8 or more players play against each other to score as many goals as possible with a water polo ball and 2 nets suspended at each end of the pool. Despite cheap talk, it is a recognised sport and has a referee and National Governing Body support. LUUCC is also involved in the Yorkshire region Polo league, playing matches against other local universities and teams.

Still confused? Ask a member of the club at either the Sports Fair/pool session/river trip and they will try and put your mind at rest.

Where do we go, where do we meet and at what time?
Polo is held at Wetherby Pool, which the club provides transport to/from using member's cars. We meet for the session at the Chapel (see above), normally at 8pm.

What do I need to bring
All you need is the session fee £3, swimwear, towel and beer money for the pub afterwards.

STILL GOT A QUESTION? E-mail or call 07786 196 720
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