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Committee meeting minutes - 21st September

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Committee meeting minutes - 21st September

Postby Chris » Fri Sep 25, 2009 1:04 pm

Committee Meeting Minutes, Monday 21st September 2009, 7pm

Present: C. Merriman, M. Haydock, D. Waite, B. D, P. H, N. Underhill, A. J, N. Norton, K. Somerville, L. Stuart, R. Jackson, B. Morgan, S. Bikerdike, L. Farrington, N. Horwood, S. Delcassian, L. Huddart, N. Stack, H. Walker, S. Walker, A. Webster

1. Alps review
Next years trip could possibly be a bigger trip catering for all levels but this is dependant on river leaders and people willing to devote time and effort to organising the trip. An effort will have to be made on all parties to make the trip a success. Locations other than France, such as Slovenia, are a possibility and river trips could be run on a beginners – mornings, advanced – afternoons basis.

2. Sports Fair (final prep and volunteers)
Volunteers to be meet at the chapel at 9am to help organise notice boards, and set up the stall. Need volunteers to dress up in kit and promote the club throughout the university grounds. We will be having laptops for people to sign up to the email list and a tv screen set up to play films such as NSR 08 and MOP.
It has been established that we are able to flyer around university so we will need several hundred copies making up. Huge thanks to Amy Simcock who designed the flyers and posters as well as making a short film all about LUUCC.

3. Holt Park Pool Sessions Coaching (coaching framework)
First things first, all participants must be informed by coaches that canoeing is a risk sport. The captain will read out the participation statement before the pool session and coaches are reminded to discuss this with their group before allowing people into boats.
The coaching framework will involve discussion of parts of the boats, a capsize drill with full submersion, how to hold a paddle, forward paddling and turning. All participants must undergo a two length swim test before getting into a boat. Groups will be divided by ability and there will be an extra pool session on Tuesday beginning at 9.30pm

4. Qualifications and coaching (first aid, 3/4/5 star, WWSR/FSRT/AWWSR)
5. River Trips (first few locations, Wednesdays, video coaching, river leader/WWSR training, developing freestyle Saturdays?)
Coaching for coaches will be introduced to improve river reading and leading skills. Video coaching will be incorporated into some trips in order to improve skills with freestyle, boofing, racing, Pole dancing and all manner of paddling technique – video coaching can be based around what YOU want to practice. Furthermore we will be looking into organisation of training and assessment for BCU star awards.
16 hour first aid is to take place on 28th/29th November at a cost of £67 each – speak to Ben D for full details.

6. WW Racing (booking and planned training regimes)
Patrick is very keen to get some training sessions on for this to keep eyes on the forum. The weekend takes place on 28th/29th November (members are reminded that this weekend is the same weekend as the first aid course).

7. Tyne Tour (numbers, tickets ONLY)
50 tickets are currently being held for LUUCC, there is a possibility that we could get more as we expect up to 70 members.

8. Socials
Christmas meal to take place on 9th December. Ideas for pre social speeches include those from Max, Sara, Luke and Andy

9. Polo (Wetherby Pool pricing and transport)
White rose have offered us free use of their roundhay training lake and also the possibility of extra coaching. As the pools sessions are now at weatherby the cost is likely to increase after the 1st week. Ladies polo match will be 8-9th October.
10. Maintenance of kit (Peters week)
Peter and Ben will be fixing boats and testing BA’s during freshers week. Some BA’s may need to be replaced and there are several items such as footrests to be bought in order to repair boats. A topic is to be posted on UK rivers guide book to try and get second hand footrest gear.

11. Borrowing of kit (outstanding payments and set pricing scheme)
Any outstanding payments for kit borrowing need to be paid, especially those debts owed for rental during the alps trip.
12. Safety
Ben and Matt have spent the last few days drawing up a very efficient safety document. A copy will be available both online and in the chapel and all members especially river leaders and advised to read it. New features of the document now include a home contact whom will be able to divulge personal information stored on the clubs google mail account. Members will have to fill out a medical form as membership is now organised online. Any questions about the document can be directed towards Ben or Matt.

13. Club notice-board jazzing
See item 2
14. Guest Lectures
See item 8

15. Rag naked calendar (Niamh)
Niamh will organise this, watch this space.
16. Discussion regarding a club mascot, namely an animal.
No discussion.

17. Introduction of a club sweepstake. Ideas so far: how many times Chris will throw up in Terrace Bar, how many times Andy will be thrown out of bars/clubs over the year, how many weeks in it will be until Luke utters the words "go on then - PUNCH ME" on a social to a randomer.
No discussion

18. Paul Morton
For those who did not know, Paul was a member for LUUCC during the 07/08 year. Unfortunatly Paul died last November of a Brain Tumour. At the memorial service several of us met with Pauls father who expressed a great interest in the canoe club and Pauls antics with us. If anyone has any ideas on what we could do for Paul or his parents please let us know.

19. Drivers and Driving
Every year the club is in need of drivers for the vans and minibuses. This is vital for the clubs survival. So far we have several people booked for a MIdest test but the club is always on the look out for more volunteers. Please contact the captain if you wish to add your name to the drivers list.

20. Trailer (Will Patterson, ARC)
No discussion

21. Club hoodies
Club hoodies are £16 and can be bought from a link has been posted on the announcements page of the forum. Hoodies can be personalised and are great for wearing a large canoeing events such as tyne tour and NSR

22. First pool session, volunteers at bus stops (can be tied in with earlier Holt Park point)
Please give either Matt or Christian a call/email regarding volunteering to wait at bus stops for freshers on Monday and Tuesday.

23. AOB
The Key for the chapel is currently held at the sports centre where registered people may use the key. If the key is not at the sports centre it will be stored at security services. At Christmas we will be changing kit stores, negotiations are currently taking place with the university and union on where the new venue will be.
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