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Committee and coaches meeting 21st September 2009 agenda

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Committee and coaches meeting 21st September 2009 agenda

Postby Chris » Thu Sep 17, 2009 11:42 am

This meeting is open to ALL members of LUUCC.

Committee Meeting agenda, Monday 21st September 2009, 7pm

1. Alps review

2. Sports Fair (final prep and volunteers)

3. Holt Park Pool Sessions Coaching (coaching framework)

4. Qualifications and coaching (first aid, 3/4/5 star, WWSR/FSRT/AWWSR)

5. River Trips (first few locations, Wednesdays, video coaching, river leader/WWSR training, developing freestyle Saturdays?)

6. WW Racing (booking and planned training regimes)

7. Tyne Tour (numbers, tickets ONLY)

8. Socials

9. Polo (Wetherby Pool pricing and transport)
10. Maintenance of kit (Peters week)

11. Borrowing of kit (outstanding payments and set pricing scheme)
12. Safety

13. Club notice-board jazzing

14. Guest Lectures

15. Rag naked calendar (Niamh)
16. Discussion regarding a club mascot, namely an animal.

17. Introduction of a club sweepstake. Ideas so far: how many times Chris will throw up in Terrace Bar, how many times Andy will be thrown out of bars/clubs over the year, how many weeks in it will be until Luke utters the words "go on then - PUNCH ME" on a social to a randomer.

18. Paul Morton

19. Drivers and Driving

20. Trailer (Will Patterson, ARC)

21. Club hoodies

22. First pool session, volunteers at bus stops (can be tied in with earlier Holt Park point)

23. AOB

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