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Borrowing Club Equipment

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Borrowing Club Equipment

Postby ben » Wed Mar 18, 2009 5:44 pm

The infomation below refers to the borrowing of club kit for private trips. There will still be no charge for the use of kit on club trips.

After discussion at the committee meeting it has been decided that at the moment the amount charged for borrow kit on private trips isn't enough to cover the wear and tear to the equipment borrowed. As such it isnecessarry to put the prices up slightly. The increase in price has been kept to a minimum - full weeks kit hire will only cost just over £20 more than before and a days hire will cost little more than a pint more than before. These prices will be in effect from Monday 23 March 2009.

The new pricing scheme for borrowing club kit is as follows:

£4 - Boat
£2 - Paddle
£1 - Everything else (per item)

All prices are per day. There is a price cap at £7 per day (So you can borrow full set of kit for £7). Kit can be borrowed for half a day, at half the full day rate. For Training Sessions there is going to be a flat rate of £1 per session. If you wish you may pay £25 at the start of term (£12 for the summer term) which will allow you the use of club kit at as many training sessions as you wish, during that term.

By petition to the committee, there will be the possibility of reduced rates for kit hired for something that will benefit the club (for instance the student safety weekend). This will be decided on an individual basis, and should not be assumed.

The hire of any kit must be approved by a member of the committee. This is a formality and will not be refused, without good reason. It simply allows the committee to keep track of where all the kit is.

The system will run as an honesty system. There is a book in the chapel, when borrowing kit please fill in all of the columns (including the column saying which committee member has given approval). All payments should be made to the treasurer (Dan) who will then mark you as paid in the book.

Terms and Conditions
1. Kit hire must be agreed by a committee member.
2. Kit hire is for paddling days only (i.e. when kit is actually used on the water as opposed to days the kit is out of the chapel.
3. If kit is damaged in transit however, it must be repaired or replaced at cost to you.
4. LUUCC is not insured for, and cannot be held responsible for, loss of or damage to equipment outside of club sessions.
5. LUUCC is not insured for, and cannot be held responsible for, third party damage caused by club equipment or members' use of club equipment outside of club sessions.
6. LUUCC is not insured for, and cannot be held responsible for, personal injury or death as a result of the use of club equipment outside of club sessions.
7. Members borrowing club equipment for private use are responsible for repair / replacement of lost or damaged equipment.

N.B. With condition 7 it is important that any damage is reported to the Gear Sec (Ben). Unreported damage will be considered grounds for refusal of hire in the future. Any kit that is irreparably damaged or lost will have to be replaced. Kit that can be repaired, at little (or no) cost won't be charged - we'd rather know that you've lost a drain bung and replace it, than watch someone sink the next time the boat is used.

If you have any questions/queries please get in touch.

Ben (Gear Sec) - 07910 127 229.
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Postby mattH » Tue Mar 31, 2009 2:52 pm


Charges on unofficial trips will be made based on "paddling days" - i.e. days you actually use borrowed kit on the water, as opposed to days the kit is out of the chapel.

If kit is damaged in transit however, it must be reapired/replaced at cost to you the borrower.
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