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Committee meeting minutes 09/10

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Committee meeting minutes 09/10

Postby Chris » Wed Feb 18, 2009 1:29 pm

LUUCC committee meeting – 17th February 2009, Arc room 5

Present – Matt Haydock, Christian Merriman, Dan Waite, Ben D, Andy J, Peter H, Lucy Stuart, Nic Underhill, Martin Rogers, Niamh Stack, Patrick Chilton, Gro Slozvick.

Apologies – Sabina Delcassian, Paul Wilkinson, Tim Trew, Adam Webster, Luke Farrington.

AGM review –
• speech timings need to be equally shared and rowdiness needs to be controlled to a degree.
• Peter is writing the new constitution.

Polo –
• Matt will be getting some new balls for the club.
• Saturday sessions will cost the club £15 for goal use and £1 per head. Alternatively we could train on the canal.
• Possibly incorporate some marathon paddling into this session.
• Adam will review the polo fleet and write report on what is needed/needs repairing – helmets need ear pieces according to BCU regulations and plastic boats need fixing.
• New pool for polo – Adam will speak with white rose about Olympic pool. Also we will speak with council, lifeguards etc about possible alternatives.

Gear Checks –
• Saturday 28th Feb we will spend the day in the chapel testing and checking kit. Volunteers would be helpful.
• If BA’s not up to standard they must be destroyed.
• Tim has some helmets for us – Gro will sort that.
• Need to make sure people are wearing helmets properly on river trips.
• Swap baby G-force for pool G-force. Gro will clean it if someone volunteers to drive it to the pool.

Signing out kit –
• Possible use of a large white board to keep track of who has what.
• Alternatively an online system could be set up.
• If gear is damaged on private trip, those responsible must pay for replacement or repair.
• Inventory system should be improved with numbering system and pricing system for damage.
• Also Kit used in Scotland needs to be paid for – Sabina need to help Chris with this.

Club ID cards –
• Skyrack refuse to give discount, however Arc may be a better way to go.
• IDs must be cheap to make.
• Chris will write letter to Nevisport requesting discount for LUUCC members.

Sponsorship –
• Niamh will organise an Asda bag pack
• Talk with companies doing en-campus recruitment drives
• Deloitte, Sport England, KPMG possible options.
• Get on next years Rag naked calendar.

Patrick – Sorry you can’t be honorary member. You can however be ‘extra-ordinary’ if you so wish.

Alps –
• Late June due to snow melt.
• Need to decide on group size and trip style.

Student safety –
• If you want to come money must be paid by 27th March, however there are limited places.
• Cost £85
• With all expenses you are looking at £200 for 4 days.

Hoodies –
• Check club inbox for possible companies.
• Chris will speak to Geoff about where we could get them from
• Alpkit?

Drivers – We need more van drivers. If you can drive please put your name forward.

Talks –
• Nic and Lucy want to set up some pre social kayak talks.
Possibilities include Tom Parker, Nick Horwood, Max Bilbow, Deb Pinniger and (at a special request from Niamh) Dave Byrne.

First aid Kits – Need to be distributed.

Trips –
• Focus on river leading for next years potential leaders is going well
• Matt wants to organise a river leading weekend.

Kayaking with community –
• Niamh wants us to get involved with young children in the community.
• Could gain us grants from the council.
• Will need qualified people and CRB checks.
• Charity looked at is ‘Action’.
• Problem in that our gear is not suitably for small children.
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Postby Chris » Mon Mar 23, 2009 1:38 pm

Committee meeting minutes, 16th March 2009, Arc room 4

Present: C. Merriman, M. Haydock, B. D, N. Grady, L. Stuart, H. Clifford, D. Waite, E. Parker, S. Delcassian, N. Stack, N. Underhill, P. Chilton, P. H, A. Webster.
Apologies: A. J.

1. Alps 2009 – To be held 20th June-2nd May. Informal trip aimed at intermediate/advanced paddlers. Also possibility of pre-alps trip to Scotland or Wales. Trip will branch out to other outdoor activities, not just paddling.
2. Pricing for Gear – See Bens post for full details. Money owed for Scotland 08/09 – Christian - £1 per day, Patrick - £4 per day, Martin - £100 to replace lost paddles.
3. RAG naked calendar – Starts next semester. Niamh in charge.
4. Hoody update – Chris phoned the company thread me who will be emailing a price list. Take a look: Colour will be brown with orange writing.
5. Rodeo update and chat – See Matt and Dan for refunds if unable to attend.
6. Polo update - Ladies match 22/03/09, fixing of boats for BUCS, BUCS Polo details – If your not on the forum, or know anyone not on the forum, sort it out. Best place to find out what’s going on. BUSA - There is possibility of old boys team for white rose. Refs course will be £17.50 and at 12.00pm and 3.00pm on the Friday. Polo boats need to be fixed asap and foot rests needed before BUSA.
7. Transporting boats – People need to check straps and roof racks before journeys.
8. Chapel ceiling work - 19/3/09 - help with emptying and replacing the stores – Soft kit at Matts. Paddles behind boats.
9. Student safety accommodation and numbers – All sorted
10. Socials - bingo, summer meal etc. Register for bingo. Plan for summer party is a camping trip after exams.
11. Riley awards – Get yourselves voting. It would look great if we could get the arc award ‘friendliest club in the union’. If you believe this to be true then cast your opinion now.
12. Sports colours.
13. Arc needs new constitution and info on new committee.
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Postby Chris » Tue May 12, 2009 11:43 am

Committee Meeting Minutes, Thursday 23rd April, 7pm, Arc Room 4

Present – Chris, Andy, Adam, Dan, Paul U, Beth M, Nic U, Lucy S, Sabina, Emily, Matt, Ben, Gro, Jethro, Patrick

1. Alps 2009 – Mid- late June.
Wales alps training 9th-10th May
BoaterX – 13th June

2. Gear and Chapel – Need new coat hangers
Sell old paddles and buy new 45 feathers
Martin will buy new paddles
Enforce pay before next use rule.

3. Pool for Polo – Waiting to hear back from Fearnville, Weatherby, Airborough and Kippax

4. BUCS Polo - contenders READY?! - £20 per person
Refs course £17.50

5. Summer Meal – Wheatwood Pavilion 30th May – Theme Life on River bed

6. New website – Well on its way.

7. LUUCC Celebrate good times c'mon! – Riley awards – 1/5/09
Colours awards at Headingley Stadium

8. Hoody update – Paul is sending logos.

9. The state of our economy - buying new things? Account currently frozen
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Postby Chris » Tue Nov 03, 2009 4:10 pm

LUUCC Committee meeting minutes 19/10/09, Arc room two
Present: C. Merriman, M. Haydock, B. D, P. H, D. Waite, L. Stuart, N. Underhill, S. Wallace, A. Webster, A. J
Coaching days will be put on for coaches looking to develop their flatwater and whitewater (grade 3) leading skills. The days will focus on group safety, river locations and planning. Further to this there will be a day of theiry and a day specifically aimed at rolling technique. Video coaching may also be incorporated onto some sessions to help develop skills.

Tyne tour will cost £35 this year. We will be travelling down with four twelve seater minibuses. The social secs wil be organising the evenings entertainment at studio – discount drinks + entry etc. Food will be served both mornings as usual but it will be cooked before the event.
BCU affiliatioin must be renewed before the event and Adam requires the affiliation number.

White water racing will cost £17.50 per person per sprint. People competing must be committed to this and attend training sessions which will be organised by Andy and Patrick. People should be aware that this clashes with first aid.

There are still several people needing to pay for previously rented kit. All boats that are repaired and available for use have NSR wrist bands around the grab handles.
Footrests are needed urgently, Dan will sort this and three polo boats need new thigh braces.
The filing cabinets in the chapel should be locked and secured and Ben will hold the keys.
Medical forms need to be printed and must be filled out before attending a river trip. An emergency home contact will also be established during every river trip. The first aid kit is also in need of update.
Patrick will pay for the damaged polo boat as soon as he gets a quote. He will contact Dave Brown for repairs.
Several polo blades have been lost and one set broken (Now found).

Ladies polo has been cancelled due to lack of teams in tournament. Yorkshire polo league will be paying for the expenses of travel to the cancelled match. Adam and Sarah Wallace will contact other Uni’s about organising some friendly matches.
The cost of playing at Roundhay will be £1 per person. WE must check other clubs have insurance before setting up matches.
Polo players this year musy have full comprehensive BCU membership.

Christmas meal will be at Squares on 9th December. There will be a champagne reception followed by a three course meal and wine.
Tickets will be £11 and drinks at the bar will be at discount prices of £1.25 for spirits/pints. Theme will be night at the movies and there will be a Secret Santa. Payment will be at the help desk where you will be able to pick a veggy option should you so wish.
Dates for talks will be sorted with Andy, Luke and Sara for around halfterm.

We will be having a social to remember Paul Morton and raise money. Further to this we will be having a river trip in memory of paul and maybe send his parents a photograph.

Coaches payment on river trips in currently not defined. This will always be at the discretion of the captain. Possible that Coaches pay zero and training coaches pay half.

Peter and Andy will discuss with Dan how much to charge for whitewater racing. 1st aid will also have to be paid for.
University pool is well underway. Matt has been attending meetings about storage as it is currently too small for polo boats. Washing boats will also be an issue. The use of this pool will be dependant on cost and amount of people being sports club members. However there may be an offer where people only pay for pool member ship as opposed to full sports membership. The pool will be in high demand but we will be able to use it for two nights. It may be too deep to coach in but we will investigate this further.

Finally Giles would like to advertise his new company on the club website.
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