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Club E-mails 2009/10

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Postby mattH » Tue Nov 17, 2009 5:48 pm

Greetings Team!

It’s time once again for the best part of your week and mine: a nice sit down with a blanket, a hot beverage and of course some tissues at the ready for the raw emotion that is the LUUCC weekly e-mail!

Here’s what’s coming up in the spleandour that is the canoe club district!

WEDNESDAY 18th November – Let’s get flipping twisted! – OTLEY RUN 2009!
We’ve held onto our inhibitions for long enough now (I think), so it’s time for the classic experince which every Leeds Uni student must embrace with both arms – the infamous Otley Run!

The plan is to meet at the start of the run – Woodies Ale House on the Otley Road at 6pm sharp. If you wish to play catch-up, just get in touch with Luce (07920554580) or Nic (07837356241)

Of course though, an Otley Run without a theme is a lot like Andy J without non-sensical midlands jabbering, and this year Lucy and Nic have put together a cracker! This year’s theme shall be Criminals/Robbers/Convicts/Cat Burglars – so an appropriate dress along those lines is an absolute must! Much more than that, as a band of unsavouries, we have to carry out a list of naughty (but I must stress, legal) “crimes” in a cell of 4 or 5 gang members.

The list of “crimes” to complete along with a few dislaimers can be viewed here:

A paper list of these will be handed out as you arrive together with a few pencils so you can tick off your completed crimes as you go. Photographic evidence posted on Facebook by 5pm on Friday 20th November will also be required if you’re entering, so a team camera will also prove useful!

And remember, if you are sensible enough and have more will power than me (not hard) that you choose to steer clear of the old alcomohol, then this is still a social for you! The list of crimes alone should be awesome fun with or without a pint in hand, and don’t panic we shall not be those clubs who make people drink milk in every pub or something daft like that!

See you at Woodies!

THURSDAY 19th November – Polo Polo Polo! – 8pm at the Chapel
Time for another awesome polo session. If you’re looking to improve you’re overall boating, polo is an excellent way to polish those all important strokes in a competetive environment. Even if you’re new to the sport though, we have plenty of chilled out games for beginners. Coming alond to see me feeling like death after the previous club event of the week and laughing heartily is reason enough!
Catch you at 8pm at the Chapel with some swimwear, a towel and the session fee (£3.50).

SUNDAY 22nd November - Beginners River Trip – 9am at the Chapel
It’s time once again for another opportunity to have the white stuff splashing in your face, it’s time to get to grips with how fun kayaking really can be. This week we’re having a trip suitable for all abilites, so even if you’ve never come out on a river trip with us yet, but have come along to a few pool sessions, then this is YOUR week. All you have to be is a club member, details of how to join are given below. Also, if you’re a more experienced paddler and what to get to grips with some river leading and coaching skills, this is again a perfect opportunity.

The provisional plan is to head to the River Ure near Ripon, an excellent stretch of Grade 2/3 white water – but of course this is dependent on water levels.

To sign up for the trip, just head up to the club noticeboard before Friday 5pm and add your name to the sign up list.


CHRISTMAS MEAL – Wednesday 9th November, 8pm

As this wonderful year is drawing, ever so quickly, to a close; we would like to announce the last (and possibly biggest) social of 2009:

The LUUCC Christmas Meal!

For full details about everything and anything to do with the Christmas meal - visit this topic on the forum:


For a step by step guide to joining the club, please visit this link ... php?t=3156

If you’re confused about anything in the e-mail, such as locations or what to bring – please visit this FAQ page on our internet forum: ... php?t=3157

If you’re still unclear on anything, just drop an e-mail to

Our website is now functional again thanks to the hard work of our good friend Giles B - please check it out at We also have a very active internet forum/message board service, which has allsorts on it from random bits of news, important club information, stuff about un-official boating trips and much much more. I’d definitely encourage you to check it out and register –

Stay classy,
Matt x
Always remember to drive like Welsh Cheese - CAERPHILLY!
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Laurent Vales
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Postby mattH » Tue Nov 24, 2009 4:20 pm

G’day mates,

Those nights may be drawing in, those deadlines may be looming ever closer, that cold may be getting snottier, but don’t forget LUUCC is here to take those winter, end-of-semester blues away with some Grade A boating and socialising.

Here’s what’s coming up this week...

WEDNESDAY 25th November
I hope you're all recovered from last week’s naughty and naked jaunts on the Otley Run! I for one had an awesome time, and the challenges turned a great night into one of the best nights of the year. Huge thanks to Lucy and Nic for organising a super event!

This week it’s time for you all to get your indie/electro/hip-hop dancing shoes on as we're off to the Faversham! Yes yes, LUUCC is finally hitting one of the most popular student nights in Leeds - to get down and dirty with the cool people, and show them how it’s done!

Meet at The Terrace (not Old Bar) at 8pm for a fun-filled escapade!

THURSDAY 26th Novmeber
Polo will once again be winging it’s way to you for a wet and fun filled Thursday night. Beginner’s are of course always welcome along with the normal polo studs and studettes, so don’t be afraid to try something new if you’re at a loose end this jeudi.
See you at 8pm at the Chapel for a lift up to Wetherby pool. Session is £3.50 and normal swimwear is all you’ll need.

SATURDAY 27th-SUNDAY 28th November – LUUCC Wales Weekender
Unfortunately, due to an administrative error, we won’t be heading along to White Water Racing this year, much to everyone’s dismay. But instead, Comp Sec Andy J and myself are lining up a much better event – no, not watching paint dry – but heading to the mighty North Wales for some Grade 3/4 boating with a difference.
This weekend will have a definite coaching feel to it but will cover whatever you want it to cover – be that developing a better white water roll, learning how to boof, learning white water safety and rescue techniques, reading and positioning on white water – the sky really is the limit.
The weekend is open to all intermediate/advanced paddlers who want to push their boating and make the leap to making their own decisions on the water. The precise itinerary will be dependent on water levels, but there are countless sections in the Aladdin’s cave that is North Wales, and reliable white water whatever the weather.
Accommodation will more than likely be camping close to the town of Bala, and transport/numbers totally dependent on the number of cars/drivers available. So, if you are a driver and do fancy it, then please get in touch.

The precise details are still being ironed out, but if this is the event for you, check out this forum topic for the latest up to date information:

CHRISTMAS MEAL 2009 – 9th December
Just a quick reminder, that the LAST LAST LAST DAY to pay for the Christmas meal is TOMORROW at the Helpdesk (main Union reception) in order for the venue to know numbers and to order the food. The event costs £12, and is set to be an awesome night with an uber-creative opportunity with the “Night at the Movies” theme, a selection of menu choices, champagne reception, secret santa and much much more.

For all the latest details, visit this forum topic:

Remember – Pay now, procrastinate later!

Riverside Mother Hucker!
Matt x
Always remember to drive like Welsh Cheese - CAERPHILLY!
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Laurent Vales
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Postby mattH » Thu Feb 04, 2010 3:43 pm

Buenos Tardes,

Well the canoe club year is beginning to wind down, but it aint over yet. First of all it would appear many are nursing some very sizeable hangovers (and apparently some very over-worked tongues!) today after an epic social at the Faversham. Although I wasn't there (what a wettie!), there have been non-stop glorious reports of the night and massive big-ups for the outgoing social-secs Lucy and Nic. I'd like to take this opportunity after their last event to express my thanks for all their hard work over the past 12 months, not just with socials but in all aspects of the club. Socials this year have been nothing short of immense week in, week out; and as I think back on the many hazy memories - Otley Run, Christmas Meal, Summer Meal, HiFi to name but a few - I can honestly say it's been a fantastic year. Cheers Nucy!

Now on to what's coming up for the rest of the week, and the big event next week - the club's ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING (AGM).

THURSDAY 4th FEBRUARY 2010 - Canoe Polo, meet at 8pm at the Chapel

Canoe Polo is back, with a slightly different Adam Webster at the helm ;-) Canoe Polo continues to go from strength to strength in the club, and there's always opportunity to hone your skills or try something totally new at the classic Thursday evening session. Meet at the Chapel at 8pm - all you need is some swimwear, preferably a rash vest and £3.50 (the session fee).

SUNDAY 7th FEBRUARY 2010 - Matt's last trip as Captain - Meet at the Chapel at 9am

Not really sure what I'm gonna do on Sundays after this! My last trip as club Captain and we're heading for an intermediate/advanced trip, provisionally to the Upper Tees for some class 4 boating. With some heavy rain forecast in the coming days and warmer temperatures making snow melt likely - anything could be on the cards including some tip top high water paddling. Yum.

Sign up sheet is on the club noticeboard now. Meet at 9am at the Chapel on Sunday.

MONDAY 8th FEBRUARY 2010 - Matt's last pool session - 9pm at Holt Park

Expect games, tears, moistness, and kegging by the lifeguards!

9pm at Holt Park. Standard.


CANOE CLUB AGM - Wednesday 10th February

One of the biggest nights on the social calendar and the night where we (amongst other things) elect the new committee for next year 2010/2011, this night is definitely unmissable. As always afterwards we'll head into town for a massive night out at the mercy of the new social secs. This is YOUR chance to get YOUR say in the future of YOUR club - miss it, miss out! If you're a paid up member, it's massively important you head down to have your say.

For full information about the event, visit this link:

The AGM this year will be held at 7Spices Curry House in Woodhouse, map here

The night will kick off at 6pm prompt - it's mega important everyone gets there on time, myself included ;-)

REMEMBER that 7spices is non-licensed, so bring enough booze to last the night.

The most important thing however is that everyone gets a ticket for the AGM, by 4pm on Monday 8th Feb.

Tickets are available from the HELPDESK (main Union reception) at the bargain price of £6.50. If anyone can't get down to the Helpdesk (decent excuse required), then contact Nic, Lucy or myself.

Have no fear about forgetting, I'll be badgering everyone about this in the coming days :-)

See you soon!

Matt x
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Postby mattH » Tue Feb 09, 2010 8:54 pm

The moment is here, the waiting is soon over - THE biggest event of the year for every student paddler in the country will soon be upon us!

So grab your togas, shields and alert the cavalry - it's time for the (Ancient Worlds themed) NATIONAL STUDENT RODEO MMX!

What is the National Student Rodeo?

NSR is a huge event for all the student paddlers of the UK, where by day a freestyle kayaking competition catering for all abilities and disciplines happens, and by night we have a massive party for nearly 1000 people in a huge marquee (which is really just a nightclub) with a bar, DJ, lights show and evening entertainment. The party is one of the highlights of pretty much everyone's canoe club year!

The kayaking event involves you as a competitor (this isn't as daunting as it sounds) competing in an "extreme Pole dancing" (paddle down a section of the course with moves/tasks to complete on route) which will put you in a novice, intermediate or expert category. From there you will compete in a freestyle heat with a chance to go through to the finals. Although the experts are judged by who can go the highest with the most rotations, the novice categories are judged on enthusiasm and spontaneity. Past top finishers have been there because of: surfing inflatable crocodiles, 5 minute side surfs, and for throwing cake at the judges.

There is going to be 800 student kayakers that come to our event from hundereds of miles away and despite this, last year Leeds won the event. This is why we need as many Leeds people to come along again this year and get well and truly stuck in.

This is quite simply the biggest event of the year - bigger than Tyne Tour and Lakes put together - to miss it, is just... there are no words!

Who organises the event?

The event is organised by the 2 comp secs of LUUCC, Andy and Peter, together with all of YOU. The event simply can't happen without all your help with things like scoring, first aid, tea and toastie makng, white water safety, tech-ing and so much more! But this is in now way a chour at all - it just makes the event so much more fun as you get to have a great laugh with all the people of the club you know and love intimately.

When is it and how do we get there?

It's 5th-7th March, we'll be getting a coach there on Friday evening and coming back on Sunday night. There is also likely to be a selection of cars heading down over Thursday and Friday. More news on transport will be released when final numbers are confirmed.

How do I find out more info?

Shimplez! Just ask anyone who's been to the rodeo before - they will be able to tell you just how awesome it is and why you need to get involved!

WEBSITE: Also take a look at NSR MMX's very own website:

Download the magnificince of the NSR 2008 Movie by our very own Max Bilbow:
NSR 2007 Video:
NSR 2008 Video by Amy Simcock:

Paul Wilkinson's 2009 photos:
Paul Wilkinson's 2008 photos:


The sign up sheet for the biggest event since the completion of the Pyramids is now at the Helpdesk for you to get intimate with. Signing up to NSR MMX will be the best decision since Russell Crowe said "Yeah, I guess this Gladiator script doesn't look too bad, and I'm not up to much else, what the hell!"

The sign up sheet is mildly complex compared to others in the past, but all you have to do is look, listen and take heed of these points (which are also attached to the sheet itself).

Name, Student ID, Mobile number.
Fill in as normal

What type of ticket do I want - Option 1 or Option 2?
Option 1 is a FULL TICKET + COMPETING: i.e. Transport to/from, party, camping, Sat eve meal, club kit use AND entry into the event in the K1 (normal kayak) category.
This should be the option you should go for. Competing is not taken seriously and you should be entering even as a complete beginner, providing you’ve sat in a kayak before. Leeds won the event last year and got a lovely new boat, purely because practically everyone competed.
Option 2 is just the FULL TICKET with no competing – but this is only the option for wetties. Leeds (the organisers) needs a massive turnout on the water, so don’t choose this soft option!
Option 1 costs £36, Option 2 costs £29

Which discipline? – either K1, C1, divorce boat, or Squirt:
If you’re competing (Option 1), then just tick K1 – this is the normal kayak discipline we all know and love, and the event everyone from Leeds should be entering.
If you want to enter an additional discipline as well, this will cost an extra £3 per discipline. If you’re not sure what the rest of the disciplines are, probably best not to enter them!

Everyone from Leeds will be getting a free special T-shirt (design and colour yet to be determined) – but if you want to you can also purchase a hoody and a standard event t-shirt (different colour to the Leeds one). All designs will appear on the website (and probably this forum) soon.
Hoodies are an awesome momento of the event, and keep you nice and toasty over the weekend. Hoodies are priced £19, event t-shirts £10. Give your preferred size in the box

Add up your total and pay:
Add up the total of everything you’ve ticked to have and write it on the sheet. Then pay the lovely Helpdesk staff.


The take home message is that this is THE event of the year, organised and run by LUUCC. We need YOUR help to ensure its success and smooth running, but most of all need YOU to show all the other Unis of the UK we party harder than a bull who's just seen something red.

Sign up by 4pm, Wednesday 17th February

I know you'll be there,
Matt x
Always remember to drive like Welsh Cheese - CAERPHILLY!
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Postby mattH » Wed Feb 10, 2010 10:29 am

Well, plenty of far too wordy e-mails later, it's come to this - the last waltz, the swan song, the messy climax!

With the Canoe Club AGM tomorrow night (have you signed up by the way?!), it only leaves for me to say it's been a terrific canoe club year - and it's been an awesome experience being at the helm of the ship. With one of the biggest Tyne Tour's of recent years, a banter-filled Lakes weekend with some quality boating thrown in, atruly mental Otley Run , a chocolate smothered Xmas Meal, a crackin' Alps trip, a bouncy Summer Meal, tonnes of awards and achievements for the club - Riley Award for Best Event, X-Sport Magazine's award of Club of the Month, Sports Colours recognition for club members and so so much more!

One of the main reason it's been such a great year for me as Captain has been because of the efforts of the people on the LUUCC committee. The support of the committee in every aspect of the club has made my life so much easier, from organising tip top socials, making sure we don't spend all our money, river leading on trips, driving, loading vans, offering me advice, making what will undoubtedly be an amazing rodeo, putting together a superb Lakes weekend - the list goes on. As a result, I can't say thanks enough to every member of the committee over the past 12 months.

Being Captain was one of the greatest experiences of my time at Uni that I certainly won't be forgetting it in a hurry. It's been a pleasure to make sure everyone has had the best experience at and takes away great memories from every Canoe club event, and I've been lucky enough to be at the head of a club filled with tonnes of amazing people. Every single person is the reason LUUCC continues to be one of the biggest and best student kayaking clubs in the UK!

Stay tuned for all the news of what's happening later on this week from the brand new Captain - a river trip on Sunday and a newly led polo session this Thursday are all on the way. Until then, I'll catch you at the AGM.

It's been amazing LUUCC, thanks for having me...

Matt x
Always remember to drive like Welsh Cheese - CAERPHILLY!
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