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LUUCC AGM - February 10th

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LUUCC AGM - February 10th

Postby andy j » Mon Dec 15, 2008 7:57 pm

EDIT - Moved forward to the Tuesday.

With Christmas on our doorsteps and at the tops of our Chimneys it won’t be long (believe me) until the 2009 LUUCC AGM…

What is the AMG?
The Annual General Meeting is a HUGE social held this year on Tuesday 10th Feb. The most important part is that this is when a new committee is elected and take charge form the current one. (Large decisions on how the club runs can be taken via a club vote at the AGM too I think– but I’m not too sure on that one, ha.).

It sounds obvious but the club runs for its members by its members. Being on the committee is a great way to put back into the club, you get loads out of it, an awesome way to meet new people and looks great on your CV.

Below’s small bit on the roles available and a small description on what they involve:
(Can this years committee fill in the headings for their role and I’ll update this post.)

Currently Andy J
Head of the ship, king of the hill. Captain is an awesome role as you can’t fail to meet new people and get out loads on the water. The key to it is organisation (you will need to invest in a calendar) however, it most definitely isn’t about knowing anything about kayaking. Many times in the past we’ve had captains who aren’t river leaders etc. and there are enough willing people in the club for this to be the case next year. It is a great role for anyone with a creative imagination who is up for a laugh as you get to have a say on how all the club events run. I’ve loved this year and got tonnes out of it.

Currently Sabina Delcassian
That’s a good point, what does Sabina actually do?
Apparently: *inaccurate section removed*generally being quite organised and a myriad of other details which you will need to take charge of. No prior knowledge of how the club is run is needed, just a willingness to learn and some form of diary so you know when things are happening!

Treasurer (thinks they actually run the club, but don't)
Currently Peter H
De Niro matters.

Comp Sec
Currently Luke Farrington & Paul Wilkinson

Polo Sec
Currently Matt Haydock
"What's the biggest drawback to a circus - The Elephant's foreskin." This was the literally award winning joke.

Polo Sec is all about organising the club's canoe polo sessions every Thursday evening, keeping it interesting for all abilities and giving as many beginners a taste as possible. Along with this, you will need to organise a mens and ladies team for the regional Yorkshire Polo league, the Christie Cup and of course the BUCS annual competition in April. Along with the Gear Sec you wil also need to keep all the Polo kit in good working order.The role is far from being one of the best Polo players in the club, when I started I knew jack all about Polo. Like most roles its about organising and making sure things run smoothly, and critically introducing as many freshers and beginners as possible. If you feel you can do just that, the role is for you! It doesnt stop with Polo either, you will still have an important say and input into all the other goings on in the club.

Gear Sec
Currently Tim Trew
The gear sec is in charge of monitoring the coming and going of the club kit. You will be expected to organise with the help of others checks on the gear that we have to ensure it is OK with tasks such as making itineraries typical. You will also have a big say on what new gear we bring into the club with spare dollar. Less demanding on your time compared to other roles. Note that sadly this year the Gear Sec role does not come with a job offer from Palm Equipment.

Social Sec
Currently Niamh Stack and Martin Rogers
Prerequisites: Being a sociable person.

Ordinary Member
Currently Gro : ]
The ordinary member position is given to someone who hasn’t got a role on the committee but they show promise in being a worthwhile member to have on the committee. You can’t apply to be ordinary member it is something that is sometimes offered to members who have applied for positions at the AGM and not got them, a subsequent vote is made for this.

If you have even slightly thought about going for a role then have a chat with the current person on the committee face to face about it. I don’t know anyone who has ever regretted being a committee member so go for it!

Normal queries:
I’m a first year…

So was:
So that isn’t any reason to not to run for a position. Being first year is ace as it is the time when you will have the least work on.

I don’t have the time to do it…
The LUUCC committee has been running for decades with every person working towards a degree. It is unlikely you don’t have the time, more likely is that you simply need to organise yourself more so that you do. If this is something you need to do generally then getting a role on the committee may be the kick up the arse you need!

I don’t know enough about kayaking…
This is often something that people worry about the most when going for a role. The only thing that requires prior knowledge is river leading or coaching – neither of these are committee positions. Being on the committee is mostly about organising people rather than specifically organising kayaking.

I have a disgraceful music taste though…
It depends what you define as a bad music taste however maybe social sec isn’t the role for you.

The venue for the AGM is yet to be announced but I can guarantee that it’s going to be an awesome night, finishing in a club to throw some shapes down afterwards.

You know all of us on the committee are a friendly bunch – come have a chat!

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