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Committee meeting minutes 08/09

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Committee meeting minutes 08/09

Postby Sabina » Sat Oct 11, 2008 6:20 pm

Minutes 6th Oct 2008

Present- A. J, S. Delcassian, P. H, T. Trew, L. Farrington, P. Wilkinson, N. Stack, M. Rogers, G. Slotsvik, C. Merriman.
Apologies- M. Haydock

Tyne Tour- 7th-9th Nov. Need to get 70 people at least. Sign up sheet is behind the desk in the arc. Andy is all over it like a rash. Will hassle people and cars.

Peter and Tim to organise testing of club BA’s.

Peter sorting out lists for minibus and van drivers. Confident drivers needed due to £1500 fine for damage!

NSR boxes in chapel and bibs in Tim’s sex room to be re-located to Luke’s garage.

Student safety weekend- Amy driving Niamh, Nick G, Martin. Niamh to post up if any other cars are willing to drive.

Pre-pay system- for the moment too complicated to sort out so sign up list for trips will just be stuck up normally.

Sabina to post up committee minutes on the forum.

Grumpy’s broken boat- sadly a bit too far gone to rescue, someone could make shelves out of it though, if they had the time, and were bothered.

Trip leaders bag; look into buying something useful (incl group shelters). Also Andy needs a first aid kit- GET ON IT (or borrow something from Gro’s scary norweigan military kit).

Basic structure for coaching sessions. Follow the old BCU 1,2 and 3* system. Niamh to investigate how much interest there is, book a suitable date etc.

General comment- Luke doesn’t mind getting a room.

Committee hoodies, everyone wants one because they are ace. Keep the old option on unikit but also add new option for hoodies- navy blue with yellow print. Name and website on the back. Paul to contact Will.

Tim has quit his course.

Socialness- the Fav has said NO! Social sexes will investigate somewhere for Max’s premier followed by a mahoosive joint social.

Student numbers to be written on personal boats. Announce at a future pool session.

Freshers fair- a MASSIVE thank you to everyone who helped out (esp non committee members) it was really appreciated and represented in the sign up numbers.
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Postby Sabina » Thu Nov 06, 2008 1:27 pm

Committee Meeting Minutes 03/11/08

Present: S. Delcassian, N. Stack, G. Slotsvik, L. Farrington, A. J, M. Haydock, P. H, P. Wilkinson, A. Webster, B. Morgan

Apologies: M. Rogers

Tyne Tour- There are three spaces left so if anybody else does want to attend (check with Andy the spaces haven’t been taken) there is room.

Food- Andy has made friends with various butchers for cheap meat! Is going to get in contact with the cheap bakers on Cardigan road.

Ceidlh- Extra tickets issue has been solved.

Need to ensure all those signed up for Tyne Tour are also members- check on Thurs before polo. If not make sure they sign up. (Sabina will check this)

Epic weather for paddling? Check the met office on the Friday we leave. We will have enough cover to deal with the consequences.

Do not crash the vans we cannot afford it! Continue anal checking of vans after use before we give them back to Stamford.

Yorkshire polo- the next boys match clashes with MOP, Matt H needs to call and ask if we can play 5 games in a row. The first ladies match is 13th Dec.

Adam and Patrick want to borrow carbon boats for White Rose practice on Wednesday evenings. Matt H needs to put their names on the chapel list in the sports centre. Charge yet to be decided, the list Tim made up needs to checked, is the folder still in the chapel?

Thursday night sessions- Sabina to give Matt H the number to Armley leisure centre so he can ring talk about time wasted by lifeguards and swimmers during our sessions.

Polo boats need some T.L.C Matt will get on it- some need thigh pads/foot rests etc. Sabina found a big box of polo stuff in her basement so will bring it along to the Thursday session.

Team sessions for the girls and boys teams to be organised for Wednesday afternoons.

We refuse to go to countdown unless Carol is there, it defeats the object otherwise. Andy is all over this.

Generic group banter against Sabina.

Jon Fuller wishes it to be stated that when Paul leaves he will be the only minibus driver left, and committing every weekend whilst he loves the canoe club is a fairly big commitment. Geoff has already stated that if we get desperate he will willingly drive the minibus for us- what a legend! Get in contact with Si Lindsell (he can drive a minibus).

Van drivers- Adam Webster can be put on the list for van drivers. With Salford anyone over 21 is ok to drive the van.

Give it a go sessions- Remind people that it is next week. Will probably run a normal pool session with some games at the end.

MOP- tickets being sold at Tyne Tour £3 adv or £3.50 on the door. Black tie! Paddling on the Sun, Upper Tees? Every Club to be responsible for their own safety and paddlers.

Niamh to talk to Geoff about alcohol in the room and to invite him.

Socials- CHOCOLATE PARTY at the Brudenell social club on Tuesday after Tyne Tour. Social secs need to post on the forum information about this asap.

More banter.

Leading at Tyne Tour- Luke, Nick, Tim etc willing to lead for one day but do want one day off, get the intermediates to lead on one day too.

Niamh has a frying pan she is willing to lend for Tyne Tour, bring when dropping off kit on Thurs before polo.

DON’T FORGET bread and oil when buying food for Tyne Tour (Andy is all over this).

Start investigating alternative Thursday polo pool sessions as Armley is closing. Check the dates that Armley will be closing and ask Dempsey what Leeds Canoe Club are planning. (Sabina will check this).

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Postby Sabina » Thu Feb 05, 2009 6:48 pm

Committee meeting 17th Nov- WEnt down in history as perhaps the most contentious meeting yet.

Hospital admissions at Tyne Tour. The current system is inadequate. The security numbers failed to answer, and should be in every river leaders phone. A laminated card should be taken on the river.

Go through the membership list, save it on the gmail account so it can be accessed at all times.

Luke and Jon are ‘Team Complain’

The Lakes limit should be set at 60 people. Any more than this and the fafftastic trip of last year will be repeated.

Palm helmets- Gro to get in contact with Tim and ask to give the helmets to Sara.

Matt H- needs to email the BCU in order that they can get in contact with the ragey lady for polo.

Recepit from Paul for £60

Matt has spoken to the large ginger lady at reception at Armley.

Peter has calculated that Tyne Tour made us £50. Hurrah!

Gear keys. We need to get the keys off Tim and Ollie.

Luke and Peter have completed their Midas theory tests. They need to do the practical at some point between the exams and Lakes, but must be before the Lakes in order for us to have enough drivers.

The club First Aid Kit needs to be updated. Put aside £5/£10. Speak to Geoff in the arc.

Inappropriate comments from Andy J.

WWR list goes out tomorrow. Adam can drive the van. Peter H is the nominated leader on the day.

MOP tickets on sale now. Get promoting what is going to be a wicked night!

Rage emanating from across the circle, mainly from Luke and Andy J who are bickering like fat kids over a pie.

Convoluted ‘debate’ over the difference between a settee and a sofa. Group consensus is that a settee is a ‘modular unit that you attach in a together fashion’ and a sofa is a ‘single unit that acts as a seating arrangement’. No-one is really sure what any of this means but we all seem to have come to a conclusion without blows so we leave it there before Luke and Andy J start circling each other.

There should be an upper tees club trip at some point in the very near future.

WWR- Luke will send Will P an email about the method we’ll be using to get the WWR down.

10/10 for Niamh’s speech.

Xmas mel- £10 at the Library. Theme is Childrens Literature.

Luke will assess people for their 3* if they ask nicely.

Luke made a joke that was generally wrong.
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Postby Sabina » Tue Feb 10, 2009 5:57 pm

Minutes 4/12/08

The worst turnout recorded for a committee meeting since 1994.

Present: S. Delcassian, L. Farrington, P. H, M. Rogers, M. Haydock, N. Underhill

Apologies: A. J, N. Stack, P. Wilkinson, G. Slotsvik.

AGM: Should be held after the Sports Ball (7th Feb) contrary to tradition because otherwise too close to the start of term. Social secs start organising this soon.

Paul Morton: There should be some sort of event organised by the committee to raise money in honor of Paul. Each committee member should come up with an idea for the next meeting.

The Lakes: Limited to 60 people max. Three minibuses and two long wheel based vans plus three cars. Sabina is organising this. Should be promoted at the next pool session. Need to start organising who can drive minibuses and vans. Matt H and Luke to be scheduled in for Midas tests ASAP.

Chapel keys: Ollie has no idea where the keys are. A set should be given to Geoff so he can cut an extra set, one copy can be given to Health and Safety.
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Postby Sabina » Tue Feb 10, 2009 6:00 pm

Minutes 17th January 2009

Present: S. Delcassian, A. J, M. Haydock, P. H, N. Stack, M. Rogers, J. Fuller, A. Simcock.

Apologies: L. Farrington, P. Wilkinson, G. Slotsvik.

Andy’s post-christmas break chat

Lakes- Food- buy in bulk, either Thurs before or Fri when van sets off.
Payment- as you get on your minibus, drivers to collect (or committee member if present)
Rivers- to be decided on the night before once river leaders have been consulted, dependent on weather conditions, two each day- one for intermediates, one for beginners.
Games- different colours for transport, balloons, cornflakes packet, sticky notes to be brought.

Activities exec- The committee has no strong views on who should be endorsed as a candidate. Both Rowena and Fikir have asked for our support.

Minibus tests- 31st Matt H, Luke to complete.

AGM- New constitution. Committee recommends a vote should be taken at the AGM as to whether we should adopt a new constitution or not.

Kit hired for New Year in Scotland- check the previous minutes from last year, check the set price agreed.
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