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Welcome Freshers to the most social club around.

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Welcome Freshers to the most social club around.

Postby martin » Mon Sep 22, 2008 6:33 pm

HI! I’m Martin and myself and Niamh make up the might social secretary paring at LUUCC.

For those who are already members welcome back, this years socials will be bigger and better than ever!

For all you Freshers and general newbys welcome to the club, although if you haven’t joined up yet listen carefully as this is a rundown of why LUUCC is more than a canoe club.

Socials run almost religiously every Wednesday, normally starting at the Terrace bar in the union where light banter and heavy drinking are common. From there we go onto loads of different nights all over Leeds with Jagerbomb, roller disco, and 90’s nights being some of the favourites. They’re a great way to get to know people, make friends and swap stories in this large, but close-knit, club when we’re not in a tiny boat submerged in icy river water.

However if consuming copious amounts of alcohol isn’t your priority do not fear, most of us don’t really like alcohol anyway and there are also regular events such as ice-skating and the fair which provides more innocent fun.

As a club we have also started to mingle with rivals at other uni’s as there’s no better way to get more contacts with people into the same stuff as us. Last year we had a joint social with Leeds Met and we expect to do more of the same with the likes of Sheffield and York.

The plan for the very first social of the year is to meet at the Terrace as per usual at 8pm for a classic session of “how was your holiday”, “you look so tanned” etc etc. We will then head down to the Fab café. For those who do not know it I can promise you you will experience a place quite like it- where else can you share the dance floor with a giant Godzilla model and a table football??? We’ll then finish off the evening down the road in Bourbon.

If you wanna know anything more I will be at both pool sessions but failing that you can ring us anytime except early morning on:

07846108055: Niamh (although she has decided to spend her Freshers week in Africa rather than Yorkshire so its probably best to ring me for now unless you want a huge phone bill)
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