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Postby mattH » Tue Sep 16, 2008 8:34 pm

Well Hello!

I’m Matt H – the PoloSec for 2008/9 and here’s a (I would say quick, but it really isn’t) guide to Polo at LUUCC.

As Andy already mentioned, LUUCC hold Canoe Polo sessions every Thursday during term time at a local pool in a lovely part of Leeds called Armley (just roll up your windows and don’t make eye contact with locals when passing through.) We meet for these tip top events at the Chapel at 8:45pm sharp and travel by car to Armley. We also grab a quick pint or two after the session at The Fenton near uni.

The session only costs £2.50 and that includes your transport to Armley, pool entrance, changing room use, shower use, car park use, boat use, paddle use, helmet use, BA use, ball use, net use. All you need to bring is swimwear, towel, session fee and beer money.


Firstly, what the chuff is Canoe Polo?

Canoe Polo is a cross between water polo, basketball, netball and well.....canoeing. It is a team sport where 8 or more players play against each other to score as many goals as possible with a water polo ball and 2 nets suspended at each end of the pool. Despite cheap talk, it is a recognised sport and has a referee and National Governing Body support. LUUCC is also involved in the Yorkshire region Polo league, playing matches against other local universities and teams.

Still confused? Ask a member of the club at either the Sports Fair/pool session/river trip and they will try and put your mind at rest.

But I’ve never really sat in a kayak before – surely canoe polo isn’t for me, right?


Admittedly, the explanation does all sound a bit serious, but games held on Thursdays cater for everyone from the super-competitive and god-like to the complete beginner. Basically, if you are an alright ball sports player and an alright canoeist – you will be an amasing canoe polo player. Beginners wont be pushed underwater or shouted at for doing something wrong – so don’t fret, just enjoy the buzz of a new activity. It is also a great way to meet new members of the club and get better at kayaking faster.

I am already a kayaker but never really wanted to play canoe polo – why bother?

Canoe Polo is a great way to improve your kayaking skills and gain practice using essential strokes such as high brace and bow rudder when it counts. This will make you a far better kayaker on the river and make you look that much slicker. It’s also one of many ways to add a competitive element to something you already enjoy.

Aside from sculpting my guns, Polo is all I really think about – is LUUCC right for me though?

It would be silly not to go wouldn’t it! The club is always looking for vibrant polo demi-gods not just to improve the team but to help nurture beginners (and PoloSecs!). You never know – you might even meet your match.

But I’m a girl – am I allowed to play?

Good question! But of course! LUUCC enter not only the Yorkshire region ladies league, but also play all girl’s matches on Thursdays regularly. We are definitely looking for more girls to join this year, so don’t get the wrong impression that this is a sausage fest of a sport. Some of the best polo players at Leeds Uni in previous years have been girls and you could be one of them.

And if you didn’t get a good enough look of the “hunks” of LUUCC at the pool session, get down to polo to check out these fine specimens again – then kick their asses at their own game.


I’ve been a member of LUUCC for years, but never been to Polo once – why start now?

What?....I mean, just....WHAT?! Never mind, I forgive you. As I’ve mentioned above polo really does improve your river skills. Also, LUUCC needs help from people like you to support this important part of the club – particularly Ladies. So give it a whirl before you go to the big wide world, become a wage slave and it’s too late.

I’ve got a car and would be willing to use it – how can I help?

Oh you legend – may I buy you dinner? Polo on Thursday needs cars and drivers to operate – so if you already drive on Thursdays thanks a bunch! Drivers also do not have to pay for the session to compensate your services.

Please PM me your contact details and I shall be in touch.

I’ve played polo but never really been appreciated – is this changing?

YES – 2008/9 sees the start of the Polo Player of the Week award – prizes being involved from myself. The prize is given to not necessarily the person who scores the most goals and bins the most players, but the people who’ve improved or helped out the most.


PM or ring me – oh778six196seven20
Ask any member of the committee or an older club member.


Polo – 8:45pm Thursdays – meeting at the Chapel - £2.50
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Always remember to drive like Welsh Cheese - CAERPHILLY!
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Postby Paul » Tue Sep 16, 2008 8:49 pm

Great work Matt.
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Postby Lukeeeee » Tue Sep 16, 2008 10:40 pm

Well played polo sec!
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Postby andy j » Sat Oct 04, 2008 11:30 pm

Nice one Polo Sec.
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Postby mattH » Fri Sep 25, 2009 7:38 pm

Always remember to drive like Welsh Cheese - CAERPHILLY!
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