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Important NSR Info!

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Important NSR Info!

Postby KirstyS » Fri Feb 27, 2015 4:21 pm


Hi guys!

Hope you are all mega excited as it's only 1 week till NSR!!! So here is a bit of information about what is happening and what you will need:

We will be camping so you will need a tent or space in a tent. There is a separate post on the forum about this so if you have a tent with space or need a space in a tent get posting on there. Here is a list of items you might like to consider packing:

• Sleeping bag,
• Sleeping mat, pillows, blankets etc
• Toiletries
• Hand sanitizer (with lot's of dirty students and the lovely Trent water it's recommended!)
• Clothes, pyjamas etc
• Towel
• Kayaking kit - lots of warm clothes and layers (see this post for more details if you are unsure)
• ID with proof of age (such as driving licence) AND Student ID
• Cash (there will be nowhere to get cash on site)
Food for Friday night if you have not already bought it on the Union website (you need to bring this with you as there will be no option of stopping on the way)
• Breakfasts and food to last you throughout the days - Saturday evening meal is included in your ticket

Kit drop off: Wednesday
All your kit, i.e paddling things, camping things, clothes etc needs to be dropped off on Wednesday night at the Chapel between 6-8pm! (Can someone please pick up Faffy Sam on their way!) There will be limited space on the coach on the Friday so you need to bring pretty much everything on Wednesday.

If you want take personal kayaking kit with you please let Simon or Sarah know as it will need to be packed into the vans!

After you have dropped your kit off it would be great if you could all go to Baines Wing Room 1.14 to help with cutting up tokens, making decorations and making costumes! MousTASH/Tash2 will be heading up the team and we really need everyone to help! The theme this year is Carnival so hopefully you have been thinking of some awesome costumes. So bring along glitter, feathers, masks etc.

Set up: Thursday
Some people are going down on Thursday evening to help set things up. If you think you might be able to go down on Thursday please contact Simon or Sarah for more information.

Coach Pick up: Friday
The coaches will be picking us up on Friday at 6pm from Parkinson steps. Do not be late, we will not be waiting for you! There is no staggered or alternative transport so you need to be there on time! (Once again can someone pick up Faffy Sam!)

Once you arrive on the site it would be great if you could help with registration. If you are going to help, please don't get drunk as it's a really important job and needs to be done properly. It is a legal requirement, so it is vital that both forms of ID are checked thoroughly!

During the weekend
It's really important that everyone helps out during the weekend as there is loads to do and Leeds are an integral part of the organisation! We will need;
- Scribes and runners, whose job involves collecting the judges scores and taking them back to the tech team
- Toasty team, which involves preparing and delivering toasties to the safety team

Helping out at NSR is hugely fun and rewarding so it would be great if you could help out! Additionally you will be rewarded with some lovely drinks vouchers for the bar! You don't have to do the same job all day, just make sure you are being useful!

You will be told when you need to be on the water, so please make sure you are there and ready on time, with properly fitted kit. We also need to make sure we are brining boats back up to the top of the course.

It’s going to be an amazing weekend! Here are some videos from previous NSRs to get you super excited:

If you have any questions feel free to ask! :)
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Re: Important NSR Info!

Postby willewbank » Fri Feb 27, 2015 6:03 pm

Cash money is the most important
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Re: Important NSR Info!

Postby Jan » Sat Feb 28, 2015 9:43 am

willewbank wrote:Cash money is the most important

Who needs a sleeping bag, towels and warm dry clothes, if u can bribe people with cash?

Should we get the food on Wednesday already?
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Re: Important NSR Info!

Postby Canavan » Sat Feb 28, 2015 3:04 pm

Jan wrote:
willewbank wrote:Cash money is the most important

Who needs a sleeping bag, towels and warm dry clothes, if u can bribe people with cash?

Should we get the food on Wednesday already?

Jan if you are asking should you bring your food ready to go on the Wednesday night. My suggestion would be no, there will probably be enough room you to bring a small rucksack with you on the coach, providing you are not bringing a banquet of food with you.

This saves anything getting crushed or broken in the vans, as they get packed to the brim. Especially valid if you are bringing bottles of alcohol with you, as you dont want to arrive on friday and find your that your drinks supply has been absorbed by some one else's sleeping bag.
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