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AGM- Constitutional amendments Feb 2017

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AGM- Constitutional amendments Feb 2017

Postby Emma_Salter » Fri Feb 17, 2017 1:00 pm

As Conor already pointed out at the AGM on Wednesday, this year has been a great success and thanks to everyone who made it enjoyable!
Congratulations to the polo A and B team at BUCS this year with the A team going home with gold.
Thanks to everyone who made the weekends away a success- Lakes weekend, Welsh weekend, Tyne tour and not forgetting NSR which is yet to come.

£6500 from the footsteps fund
Reduced membership fees from £45 to £30
£1400 from fundraising (thanks to the Momtane smocks)


CAPTAIN: Katie Brighton

SECRETARY: Chloe Saunders

TREASURER: Katie Handford

GEAR AND SAFETY: Annate (Anna Buchanan and Kate Loveday)

NSR COMP SECS: John Docherty and Aimee Shute

POLO SEC: Sam Watson and Catlin Fox

SOCIAL SEC: Jack Williams, Emily Bache and Kate Marriott


Well done guys!!

Contitutional amendments

Should white rose polo players be charged for kit hire or not?

£7.00 per session to borrow kit (£2 per soft kit, £3 per boat) or
£35 for the whole year
White rose charges polo sessions £5.50 so overall the polo team will be paying £12.50 each week.

Should be charged:
Yes because some say it's seen as a 'mates trip rather than a club trip'
The people who went to the Alps had to pay for kit hire.
Funding is not reflected by how well we do in BUCS?
Playing polo at white rose can increase the damage to the boats over time (wear and tear) therefore the club cannot keep paying for this damage.
The club doesn't even have to offer kit for white rose and could turn around and refuse to offer it however this is not the case- is £35 really too much? Compared to other societies this isn't too much and will benefit the club as a whole as it will help to keep boats running.
Although polo people say it is a club trip and open to everyone, never has this been advertised- it should be on the weekly email, LUUCC chat etc. It doesn't welcome other people along and seems like it's only available exclusively to certain members of the club.

However, could be said that it isn't a 'mates trip' because it is a session for developing skill- this allowed the polo team to win BUCS therefore benefiting LUUCC as a whole (this got them 3 new boats). Without these new boats, it would be difficult to carry out a polo sessions on a Thursday.
White rose polo sessions are open to anyone within the club so anyone can go along therefore it should be seen as a club trip.
Never has a boat been lost at a polo session nor has the kit been lost or badly damaged. This happens more frequently on a river trip therefore polo players shouldn't be charged.
Club polo is seen as a beginner trip, white rose is seen as an intimidate trip- this is where their skill develops. This means they know how to look after the boats better and will not damage them as much where as on a river trip beginners don't necessarily know how to look after the boats and kit.

The main discussion is whether White rose polo is seen as a club trip or not?
Polo players will be charged for kit hire however price will be negotiated and may be lowered.

Other bits-

Hand over meetings should be carried out ASAP- good luck to the new committee!

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