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Committee minutes 6/2/17

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Committee minutes 6/2/17

Postby Emma_Salter » Wed Feb 08, 2017 11:12 pm

Committee minutes 6/2/17

Will be on 3rd March.
Need to encourage more freshers to buy tickets and compete as we're more likely to win prizes.
£53 for competing.
£5 for divorce boat, canoeing, squirt
On the weekly email, NSR needs to be bright and bold and near the top of the email.
The more Leeds students attending, the easier the work will be!
Continue to post on Facebook.
Transport for NSR
X1 coach
X2 vans
First aiders should get in contact with Rosie to get a £10 discount at NSR

Wednesday the 15th Feb. Tickets come off sale on Sunday 12th.
Pre drinks at Ted's!
Consider some constitutional amendments that can be discuss in the AGM.
David, Conor and Emma will be sorting the balloting on the night.
Be ready for the hand over. Book as much transport and tickets as we need.
New committee should aim to find more drivers/MIDAS tests.

First aid course
11th/12th March
Space for 12 people on the course
Could it be covered by contingency fund?
Rosie could advertise it through Sheffield if Leeds don't get enough people.

Other bits n bobs
Tom is on the mend!
Was originally intermediate trip this weekend but due to poor weather it may be a beginner trip.
Contingency fund needs to be sent off- asking for £2500
Put the cost for clothes and kits in the contingency fund.
David has worked out:
£19200- total income to the club
£11800- spent
About £8000 profit!
Boats? Paddles? Spray decks?
Fundraising league- income from afghan talk will go towards this.
Afghan talk- 27th Feb £7.00 on the door. 7:30pm start.
Finally...Anna finds cutting oranges more fun..hmm
Struan's still loves his tinned tomatoes
What a fruity match!
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