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AGM 2017 Agenda and Info

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AGM 2017 Agenda and Info

Postby Conor Parkes » Wed Feb 01, 2017 2:20 pm

AGM 2017 Agenda and Info

Wednesday 15th of February
Seven Spices – 7pm – Curry Buffet
Dress code – Formal
Tickets available on the Union Website

The yearly Annual General Meeting is the time the whole club comes together to discuss changes to the constitution, get a run down of the year from the Captain and the Treasurer and vote in the new committee. Drink, Food, Drink and Party!

Club Business
First port of call for the evening is the serious bit. It goes like this.
• Captain’s report – Brief run down of the events of the year
• Financial report – David gives us his best Financial Times Article on the club’s monetary state of the year
• Constitutional amendments – Any issues relating to the way the club run’s or how they run are raised and discussed here. Amendments must be suggested 5 days before the AGM on the Google Docs shared below. All members are then allowed a to vote either ‘For’, ‘Against’ or ‘Abstain’.
• Any other business


Any person wishing to stand for a position must have two people supporting them. One to Propose/nominate and one to Second that nomination. You can only propose/second one person per position, but you can be nominated for more than one position! Please check with the person who you are nominating before you nominate them.

On the night, each candidate must perform a short speech and answer some questions before a pen and paper ballot is used to elect all the positions. Last minute proposals can be made on the night at the discretion of the Captain.

Why stand on the committee?
The reason this club runs as well as it does and expands in every which way is because of the people in it. The committee is chosen for and by the club and is a tremendously fun and rewarding way to give back to a great club.

I don’t have time
It’s not a full time job, and only requires some thought so as to keep on top of your jobs. The beauty of the committee is that everyone is doing different parts of each job, so it only requires a bit of organisation.

I don’t know enough about Kayaking
This is a worry from many, particularly about the top positions, but fear not! You don’t need to be a waterfall running, class V boater to succeed, the shared knowledge from everyone will cover all aspects of any problem you come across. You only need organisation and people skills to succeed!

The positions

The key part of being Captain is interacting with people, and it is the greatest thing about the role. Your job is about running the day to day operations of the club and interacting with all aspects of the one of the greatest outdoor communities; whether that is the Union or with first rate coaches. You must also always be looking for ways to improve the club, whilst planning for the big weekends, such as Tyne Tour, and Welsh Weekend, and being the smiling, happy face of the club. The role is not about being all knowing or trying to organise everything; you are supported by a great committee who all work in their own respective areas, and it is fantastic to be able to work concurrently with other motivated people. It is a fun, rewarding and sometimes challenging role which involves everything from keeping folks up to date with information through emails, running weekly trips and pool sessions and meeting overarching aims and objectives.

David Thomas
Being treasurer involves a few weekly tasks and the occasional application form but the rewards outweigh what effort is put in. It is a great experience to work with the committee and as treasurer you'll be deeply involved with everything that goes on in the club. You'll work closely with the captain to make sure everything keeps running smoothly and that the club is advancing and you'll also be regularly messaging people chasing up payments and working out which way the money should be flowing. I'd recommend this position for someone who is a strong communicator and is committed to the club. Ultimately, it's a great position that gets you heavily involved in the club at all levels and if you want to get more involved go for treasurer! (Ps if you really want the position, write a song/rap for the AGM)

Emma Salter
As secretary, you are involved in many different areas including; finances, communication, and admin. Your job will vary from booking transport, accommodation or rooms to ordering in hoodies as well as as keeping note of meetings. Being secretary of Canoe club is a great opportunity to organise yourself and set yourself up for working life. You are part of the machine which ensures trips are organised, and are responsible for the organising of Lakes Weekend. As well as it looking fantastic on your CV, it also gets you involved with the other members of the committee, and being part of a team can mean you contribute to great changes in within the club. Nevertheless, you must be prepared to put in effort and time. This is a great opportunity to get involved with the club and really get the most out of your university experience.

Gear and Safety
As Gear and Safety secretary, you are responsible for keeping all of the club equipment, safety documents and inventories up to scratch and filling out reports for any incidents that happen, and gets you right into the heart of all the action going on at the club. You also get to learn new skills like boat welding and outfitting boats (if you didn’t know these already). You are also a key advisor to the Captain on running trips and on purchasing new kit and equipment. So if you know loads about kit already or are just keen to learn all about it and you’re happy to keep on top of a bit (it’s really not a lot) of paperwork than this role is perfect for you. Feel free to ask me and I’ll answer any questions you have.

Social Secs
Kate and Anna
The social secretary has to decide which place the club will descend upon each Wednesday night. Generally merry much of the time, it's their job to make sure everyone is having a good time. They also organise the yearly summer and Christmas meals, joint socials with other clubs and keep everyone cheerful on the river or at a freezing Tyne Tour campsite. Starting up drinking games, organising a wide range of socials that can cater for everybody (including those that abstain from the dreaded drink) and much, much more! Social secs are generally out-going, friendly and good at wangling discounts so the club can get into places cheaper! And don’t forget, if you get voted in your first social starts then. So have a think about where everyone will be going after the AGM.

Polo Secretary
Lewis Dab-mond
As Canoe Polo Secretary your main responsibilities would involve: running the Thursday night polo, organising the entries and teams for BUCs, including selection and organising suitable referees and generally an A team, B team and ladies team. Organising the teams for Christie Cup, means team and ladies team. You must also organise entries and teams for the National League, here, we tend to enter two, but this depends on the people in the club. The job can be difficult at times (mainly in the build-up of BUCS), but can also be rewarding as you see people improve and maybe even win some stuff due to the work you’ve put in.

Competition Secretary
Struan and Beth
The main task of the competition secretary’s is to organise the annual National Student Rodeo! Along with organising the club’s attendance to BUCS White-water racing and BUCS Pole dancing. The National Student Rodeo is a massive kayaking event attended by over 800 students. Its organisation involves dealing with industry sponsors as well as various companies, members of the public and volunteers making it a great way to develop reputable skills to put on a CV. To coordinate all the tasks you’ll have to commit a substantial amount of time to the role, however it’s the most fulfilling role on the committee and gains you the prestigious title of ‘Rodeo Boss’!!!! If you’re interested chat to Struan or Beth.

Web Master
Rob Ingham
The webmaster is responsible for maintaining the club's online presence, from the website, to the forum and social media. This is a busy role, with constant information that we need to supply to our members, and keeping us looking shiny and attractive to new members.

Ordinary Member
This position has no set role but to actively assist the other members of the committee in their operations within the club. While carrying no power or responsibility, this position is intended to be filled by a club member believed to have experience or skills to effectively aid the committee, and so benefit the club as a whole. 

Follow this link for the nominations thread:

Follow this one for raising any constitutional amendments:

See you all there!
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