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Committee minutes 9/11/16

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Committee minutes 9/11/16

Postby Emma_Salter » Wed Nov 09, 2016 5:18 pm

Present: Kate, Struan, Lewis, Ted, Conor, David

Thinking about buying new paddles.
Rubber washes also need to be bought for boats
Fix red line boat
Sort out good decks and bad decks
Buoyancy aids need to be test at some point.

Tyne tour was a success- yay :)
Incident report needs to be made regarding the incident with the fish ladder.
David needs to collect money from people who owe for Tyne tour tshirts

Conor is taking 'f******' ages to sort out the smocks (his words)
Hopefully should be ready before NSR
They will be sent off to the union first and then sent off to get printed.
Hoodies- should be getting committee positions embroided. Need to advertise sweaters more.

Lakes weekend
Transport will be sorted soon- box van, Luton van and mpvs.
Potential new drivers- Catlin Fox, John Doherty, Rosie Broadbent?
Village hall has been booked for the weekend.

Chapel needs to be checked over, non members- they have 3 months before we start using their boats and paddles so they need to be aware of this.

Need to make at least £500 for the fundraising league.
Could do a bake sell? Pub quiz? Kayak talk? Anyone who knows of any kayakers willing to come in and do a talk let us know!

Other bits and bobs
Christmas meal at the picture house 7th December.
19th Nov, van needed for BUCS
Struan has never heard of 'FUEL!??'
Thoughts about a club book and all the antics involved? Eg Tyne tour romances....
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