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Postby Conor Parkes » Mon Oct 31, 2016 4:27 pm

Broom Broom....

Who's in which vehicle? What am I wearing? When am I leaving? Answers below...

THIS IS NOT SET IN STONE - We can happily accommodate changes, so if you can't leave when suggested (or you don't like Ted's Driving) we can move timings/vehicles around. Just comment below!

Rob’s MPV
Theme – Cheesy 80’s and 90’s TV/Film
Leaving 6pm
1. Aaron Caton
2. Max Atherton
3. Catherine Duffy
4. Amy Nicholas
5. Daniel Hibbit
6. Sam Watson
7. Robyn Gilmore

Anna’s MPV
Theme – Toy Story
Leaving 6pm
1. Emily Bache
2. Katie Brighton
3. Liam Draycott
4. Aaron Mannion
5. Molly Patterson
6. Jack Williams

Ted’s MPV
Theme – Nativity
Leaving 6pm
1. Nabil Basharat
2. Benjamin Kerton-Johnson
3. Amy Shute
4. Thomas Wharton
5. Katie Handford
6. Alice Mcloughlin

Struan’s Box Van
Theme – Big Bad Wolf(ves)
Leaving 11am
1. Conor Parkes

Kate’s Van
Theme – Three (Two?) Little Pigs
Leaving from midday
1. John Docherty
2. Kirsty?
Conor Parkes
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