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Welsh Weekend

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Welsh Weekend

Postby Conor Parkes » Tue Apr 19, 2016 4:51 pm

Back again!!

I'm not even going to try and trace who this originally came from, but I'm going to borrow it as well! Thanks to whoever originally wrote it!

A weekend dedicated to paddling on some cracking rivers, with the aim of improvement and advancing of skills, but mainly fun!

29th April - 1st May

The main aims of the trip will be:
• Honing the leadership skills of our advanced paddlers, training them to be safe and successful river-leaders in the future.

• Give vital lessons in safely paddling white water, helping paddlers to become more self-sufficient on the river, preparing them well for any personal boating trips they wish to make in the future.

• To get out for a fantastic and (hopefully) sunny break in North Wales.

Unlike many other weekends in our calendar, such as Tyne Tour, Lakes and BUCS, drinking heavily will be seriously discouraged. Having a couple of beers in the evening is not a problem, but if people are hung over in the morning it completely negates the purpose of the trip. It is also disrespectful to those who are giving up their time to come and help us!

Who is the weekend for?
This weekend is aimed to cater for two groups:

- Higher ability and advanced paddlers who are confidently rolling on white water, have done a fair bit of grade 4 (Lune, Leven, Kent, Greta, Upper Tees) and are looking to take their paddling further afield outside the club this summer, and learning to lead on rivers.

- Intermediate paddlers to help build on their skills and confidence on separate sections of water.

The timings?
- 29th April - 1st May (Friday afternoon to Sunday evening)
- We will leave on Friday late afternoon in time to get to the Campsite for a leisurely evening by the fire.

- Camping in Bala on the Friday and Saturday night @ ( – Nice and cheap.

- Everyone will have to pay for;
-2 nights of campsite fee’s (around £6 pppn)
- At least some petrol for the vehicles
- Whatever food stuff we decide to have on Friday/Saturday night
- Breakfast (only continental, sadly) on Saturday and Sunday morning
The overall cost is still TBC

What you’ll need?
- Tent and camping gear
- Boating gear for both days (gear can be borrowed from the club like a usual club trip)
- Warm, dry clothing, it gets cold at night over there
- Waterproofs – we’re camping and so are at the mercy of the weather and mother nature and for all we know it could piss it down all weekend.
- Food – we’ll be in the middle of nowhere so bring on the grub, potentially BBQ’s in the evening (WEATHER DEPENDANT) but sort yourself out for the rest of the time and you need to bring meat (or veggie option) to cook on the BBQ.

What are we doing?
(sorry for lack of details but will be updated soon)
The potential plan;

- Friday night
Pitch the tent and then have a nice relaxed evening before an early night for a big weekends boating

- The Saturday;
All details to be released soon I can just assure you it will educational and awesome for your paddling ability and you will come away having paddled quality water and getting some great coaching.

- Saturday night will be time for everybody to chill and prepare for the next day. Like last year we will also be having a barbeque unless it really rains then we may just have to go to the pub. But make sure you bring loads of high energy foods to fill you up on this night as you will need it for the next day’s boating.

- The Sunday;
Will be equally slick if not more slick than the Saturday

Rivers will depend on levels/releases but will most likely be the Dee or the Tryweryn.

Some skills we’ll be aiming to work on (Most nicked from Matt H’s post three years ago by Charley two years ago and then Jamie last year, and Kirsty last year, and now again);

- Tight break-outs
- Ferry gliding and crosses
- Using river features (stoppers, waves etc.) to your advantage

- Suitable Eddies
- Flow Lines
- Dangers of trees and rocks
- Surf/Deep stoppers

LEADERSHIP/GROUP SKILLS - Eddy hopping down a river and maintaining line of sight
- River signals
- Position of most usefulness
- Inspection of drops, lines and hazards

- Kit and equipment
- Staying out of trouble
- Problem solving
- Rescue of kit and people

The limit to the number we can take on this trip will be around 15-20 people. This is mainly due to the short supply of advanced river leaders and coaches that are required for this sort of trip as well as available drivers. Priority will be given to paddlers that we hope will be taking a large role in the club in the future.

I have a lot of names together, but we could squeeze a few more in, but get in touch quickly!

I'll start up a tent topic in a few days so everyone can get cozy soon enough.

If you have any other questions please get in touch!

Conor Parkes
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Re: Welsh Weekend

Postby joshfarrell » Thu Apr 21, 2016 5:13 pm

I've sorted my shit out and can attend.

I'll drive down Friday afternoon, but sadly I have to leave Saturday evening.

Will stay in my van and bring my own food and cooking shiz.

Frisbee will also be making an appearance.

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Re: Welsh Weekend

Postby Conor Parkes » Mon Apr 25, 2016 3:31 pm


- The weather is the controlling factor in the evening catering options. Be prepared to provide your own food for Friday night, if it so happens that the weather is fantastic, we'll pop into the local shop and sort some stuff out.
- Likewise with Saturday, if it's nice we'll pick some stuff up on the day, if not - Pub!

- Drop off will be from 5pm to 7pm on Wednesday - Drop your kit off and outfit your boat to make Friday Afternoon easier
- It helps to have gas stoves etc for hot drinks when you want them, the more the merrier!
- Bring utensils, such as plates and cutlery

See the tent topic if you are currently alone:

We'll be leaving between 5pm and 6pm, but watch the LUUCC Chat page on FB and this post to find out final details

Otherwise hit me up with any questions!! Keep an eye on the LUUCC Chat page on FB and here as well
Conor Parkes
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