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Committee meeting minutes 7/3/16

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Committee meeting minutes 7/3/16

Postby Emma_Salter » Tue Mar 08, 2016 5:50 pm

Present- Ben, Conor, Sho, David, Beth Preston, Kate, Ted, Lewis, Struan.

-Starting to begin selling kit and advertising on facebook.
-Aiming to replace and fix broken/worn out boats in the Chapel before thinking about buying new boats. We thought it'd be a good idea to make a list of which boats need what.
-Would also like to make the chapel more efficient and organised by having a clear out of equipment that has been lying around for a while. To do this emails will be sent round to those who the kit belongs to.

-These are awards given out to the best society (and other various awards) so we think we should put LUUCC forward.
-Nominations need to be submitted by the 16/18th March.
-Any quality footage/NSR footage should be sent to Beth Preston which will contribute to our chances of winning awards.
-The Riley awards will take place on the 29th April so this could be made into a social?

-Planning on a trip to Roho to keep up the club bond with them which could lead to discounted deals on clothing/equipment. Possibility of them becoming a potential sponsor to the club.

-Possibility that we will no longer be using Rowan for hoodies and instead find someone different due to problems with the last lot of hoodies (let me know if anyone has suggestions)
-Warm club jackets (usually £120 but reduced to £80 with Roho)
-Next years hoodies will have a club logo

-Beginning to start organising.
-Hopefully there will be coaching provided

-Next weeks social will be at Bierkeller and HiFi/warehouse.
-Advertise as much as possible on social media to get more people involved in the socials

-A GB paddler called Ross (Conor's admirer :eyeBrows: ) has contacted the club about a sport relief event where he will attempt to do 6 challenges in 6 days and would like LUUCC's advice and involvement.
-He would like a few people to get involved in one of the challenges by joining him/filming on a suggested river trip which includes a combination of canal/white water, eg- Dark Arches, River Aire.
-Conor will be in contact with him to find out more info.

-Upcoming events:
Christie Cup- 20th April
BUCS- 15 to 17th April
Tournament on 19th March TBC (Lewis will know by Friday if that will go ahead)

-White water safety course will hopefully take place end of September out of the way of exams.
-The issue with registering new drivers and MIDAS still stands
-Conor would like to ensure the beginner trips are suitable beginner trip. This weekend will be a beginner trip.
-New committee meeting with Geoff will be next Wednesday 16th at 5pm.
-We have established that 'The Ginger Nut' won the biscuit challenge, followed closely by the classic Custard Cream. Ginger nuts all round in the next committee meeting... also Struan gets pleasure out of eating raw tinned tomatoes :ThumbUp:
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Re: Committee meeting minutes 7/3/16

Postby oldwill » Wed Mar 09, 2016 4:41 pm


I can help you with hoodies/clothing... PM me for email address

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