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Handover meeting- minutes 29/2/16

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Handover meeting- minutes 29/2/16

Postby Emma_Salter » Tue Mar 01, 2016 4:39 pm

Present: Ben, Lewis, Dan, Rob, Kirsty, Sho, Jack, Kate, Beth, Molly, Conor, David, Will, Struan, Ted, Beth, Sam.

-Toastie team need to be sorted. Must be up early to start preparing toasties in the rugby house.
-Struan is setting up runners. Runners should make sure they are keeping the tec tent busy throughout the day.
-Any members of the safety team must talk to the captain of the safety team on arrival to NSR.
-Teams have be finalised as: Tec team, first aid, runners, toastie team.
-Everyone competing (especially beginners) should compete to try and win prizes for the club.
-Anyone planning to bring personal kit needs to be sorted by Wednesday.
-Tents need to be finalised- anyone who hasn't sorted out a tent should post on the forum/get in contact with Conor.
-Bus will be leaving from Parkinson steps at 5:30pm.
-Remember costumes and decorations (Leeds should look the best! :OhYeah: ). Wednesday's social will involve preparing decorations.
-At least 12 volunteers need to put themselves forward to stay sober on Friday evening to help with registration and ID checking when arriving at NSR.
-Must start to post about NSR to raise awareness about it on sponsorship pages.
-Drivers should get as much sleep as possible on the Sunday for the drive back to Leeds.
-Remember NSR is organised by us, so the committee and the rest of the club should help out wherever they can and pull their weight!

-Just over £1000 in the polo account
-Some of which will go towards BUCS (and Christie cup?)

-in the process of selling 4 boats
-should get an invoice in order to get a new boat quicker
-hoodies are being sorted out with Rowan and should be distributed in the next few weeks.
-Thoughts about buying rash vests for the club (around £16-£17) with initials on the side of the sleeve.

-Need to start thinking about registering more MIDAS tests as some drivers will be leaving.
-Will be worth asking around earlier rather than later about registering new drivers.
-Drivers will need to register early in the term of September.
-Remember to reply and confirm to the registering email (Ted's mistake ;) )
-Drivers should be registering independently and sort it out themselves.

-Thoughts about carrying out a safety course on white water later on in the year (possibly join up with York uni?).

Other bits

-Thinking about more canoeing during the summer months when there is not so much water on the rivers.
-Geoff from the union would like to have a meeting with the new committee next week.
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