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Committee Meeting 15/2/16 Minutes

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Committee Meeting 15/2/16 Minutes

Postby TheLittleJackL » Thu Feb 18, 2016 1:38 pm

Present: Kirsty Stark, Jack Lamey, Dan Hibbit, David Thomas, Shoaib Shah, Tasha Isaacs, Katie Holloway, Beth Shenton, Kate Loveday, Ted Mariner, Conor Parkes, Lewis Hammond, Rob Ingham, Simon North, Will Ewbank

This meeting included non-committee members at the time

- CLub looking to get hold of new ones still, just waiting on decision on which ones would be best.
- We have enough money for 1x Large boat and 1x Smaller boat.
- Current committee brought up idea that the club would benefit from having a broken kit procedure policy and will need to look at the current insurance policy to confirm what is/isnt covered.
- Linking to this: would be good idea to have protocol on what procedure is to sort issues.
- Also the club will look to buy new soft kit (esp. Bungs)
- We lost a paddle on a trip (Cant remember where exactly) and could arrange for the uni which has it, to bring it with them on NSR.
- We will also continue to sell unneeded/unwanted kit.
- Polo Sec currently along with new one will be looking into applying for Sport England (Canoe Polo) Grant, and new Treasurer is encouraged to apply for as much funding as possible such as Footsteps etc.

Committee Handover:
- Each current committee member needs to ready and produce helpful handover info on their respective role, to pass along to the new committee.
- Current committee will arrange with activities an induction for new committee.

Sports Colours + Rileys:
- Deadline for these award ceremonies is next month, and the current committee and club would like to encourage people to vote/nominate current members for awards.

- Sub-Teams need to be finalised are: Tea+Toastie, Scribes+Runners.
- The First Aid and Safety teams are sorted.
- Comp Secs will look into if its possible to get a sell-out of tickets.

- Dan loves the saying 'lads, lads, lads' as he was "On it" Friday night.
- Bate were meant to but didnt/couldnt do a promo.
- I was distracted by duct-tape talk.

mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm..........................duct-tape! duct-tape! duct-tape! duct-tape! duct-tape! duct-tape! ;)
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