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Committee Meeting 25/1/16 Minutes

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Committee Meeting 25/1/16 Minutes

Postby TheLittleJackL » Tue Jan 26, 2016 2:47 pm

Present: Kirsty Stark, Rob Ingham, Dan Hibbit, Rhys Williamson, Jack Lamey, Simon North, Tasha Isaacs, Will Ewbank, Ted Mariner, Bryn Carter tagged along

- To be held on Wednesday the 17th February at Seven Spices (most likely the venue)
- Idea was mulled around that people running for positions could maybe put some details/information up on the forum as to why they'd be good for the position and why they are running for it.
- Current committee will try and spread the word about the Agm and engage with as many people as possible with regards to encouraging people to run for positions.
- Also discussed the idea of 'outsourcing' (shared committee responsibility for) Webmaster and Ordinary member role to committee as a whole, no final decision yet.
- Forum posts will be put up online within the week.

- Comp Secs will look into the subteams for the event as well as the people who would be able to head up and lead each team (These teams will be the usual Tea & Toastie team, Safety team etc.) More details to follow closer to the event which is between 3rd until the 6th March.
- Current Secretary has requested 2 LWB vans from Leeds commercial for the weekend, so will make sure these are booked.
- Simon is in chasing up the last remaining sponsors, and the club will promote the event more aswell.
- White water Course/centre price has increased, potentially a good idea if possible for new committee to try and negotiate a lower price for next year.

Old/Unused Kit:
- Gear and Safety Sec Will has checked over most of the club kit. Some could be repaired and reused, or sold on for the club.
- Couple club boats could be sold.
- Main priority for new kit is to get hold of a new boat (potentially a GT-X or GT-Max), and also new bungs.

- BUCS Pole dancing, Deadline for club members being involved is the 28th January.
- Frisyak will be played on Dan's last polo session (He fully agreed to it! :tongue4: )
- Still have to pay for a Van incident from last year.
- Upcoming Midas test slots will be promoted around the club.
- Rash vests may be bought and ready in the coming weeks
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