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AGM 2016

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AGM 2016

Postby KirstyS » Tue Jan 26, 2016 12:13 pm

Hello LUUCCers,

On Wednesday the 17th February, we'll be holding our AGM
It will take place at 7 Spices at 6.30pm (get your tickets on the union website!)
Dress code: Formal/black tie


What is an AGM? 
The annual general meeting for the Canoe Club is when we say bye to the old committee and the new committee for 2016/17 are voted in, all ending in one big messy night out. 
The first part of the night deals with club business, where we review the constitution, and amendments are suggested, and then on to the nominees speeches and elections. Once all the business is out of the way we move onto food, drink, and party!
Definitely not one to miss! 

Club Business 
This is the “important” bit where we have to put our sensible hats on and remember that we are a university club, following a constitution and university guidelines laid down by the Union, and that every paid member has the opportunity to voice an opinion on any aspect of the club. This will therefore be at the start of the night before we can’t talk very well. 

The order of business will be as follows: 
• Captain’s Report – short speech by Kirsty giving a report on the year 
• Financial Report – Ted filling us in on the money situation 
•Constitutional Amendments – all members have the right to submit constitutional amendments they feel are necessary to the club via the forum using this topic, which are then voted on during the evening. Members may either be “for”, “against” or “abstain”. Amendments MUST be submitted 5 working days before the date of the AGM. 
• Any Other Business 

An exact agenda for the meeting will be posted on this topic nearer the time 

Now on to voting in the new committee. Each person who wishes to run for a position needs 2 additional people to sign – one “proposer” and one “seconder” who think they are the right man/woman for the job. Strictly speaking you cannot propose and/or second 2 people running for the same position. There’s no real limit to the amount of people who can run for each position so if you fancy it, go for it! If you need more information have a read of the role descriptions below or talk to the current committee member in the position. 
There'll be a separate nominations thread up soon!

On the night each nominee must then make a short speech, answer a couple of questions about the role and then someone is voted in (pen and paper ballot) for each position by all the members of the club. Last minute proposals can be made on the night at the discretion of the current Captain who chairs the AGM. 

Why bother? 
The reason why LUUCC goes from strength to strength is that every aspect of it is run FOR its members, BY its members. Being on the committee is a great way to put back into the club, you get loads out of it, it’s an awesome way to meet new people and it looks great on your CV. 

I don’t have the time to do it… 
The LUUCC committee has been running for decades with every person working towards a degree. It is unlikely you don’t have the time, more likely is that you simply need to organise yourself more so that you do. If this is something you need to do generally then getting a role on the committee may be the kick up the arse you need! 

I don’t know enough about kayaking… 
This is often something that people worry about the most when going for a role. The only thing that requires prior knowledge is river leading or coaching – neither of these are committee positions. Being on the committee is mostly about organising and welcoming people, rather than specifically organising kayaking. I have clearly proved this year that you can have fairly limited knowledge on kayaking but still be on the committee. It's more important to be enthusiastic about the club!

The Positions 

Currently Captain Kirsty
Being Captain of LUUCC is about introducing people to a completely new sport (or welcoming people who already love the sport), and having an all-round awesome year both on the river and on the dance-floor. It’s worth stressing the key is not being the best paddler, many captains in the past have been nowhere near the best boater in the club (as has been the case this year!) The key is organisation along with being friendly and approachable, working well with your committee and lots on enthusiasm for the club. The week to week duties include keeping members informed with emails, chairing meetings, identifying action plans, organising weekly trips, making sure tasks are carried out and generally keeping the club ticking over. 

Currently 'Little Jack' Lamey
The club secretary is essentially all about working with the whole committee, assisting the captain with the organisation of club events, such as Tyne Tour and being the sole organiser of the Lake District Trip. The secretary is also responsible for distributing information within the canoe club, recording and distributing committee meeting minutes, booking rooms for meetings, doing other nitty gritty jobs like booking transport, ringing up venues to book, sorting ceilidh tickets etc etc. One of the big jobs is also being the first point of contact for the club when booking pool sessions with the University. Secretary has always been about someone who has a keen eye to be organised and willing to work hard. Being passionate about the club and wanting to ensure its smooth running to continues is an absolute must. 

Currently Teddles Mariner
Looks after all the clubs money! Keeping everything balanced and looking ship shape and making sure the Union are happy is the key role for the Treasurer. Giving students money to spend over a year is a recipe for disaster unless managed well. Collecting all the wonga from club trips, paying people back for their expenses (mainly petrol money), paying for pool hire, and booking transport are just some of the jobs. Knowing where the cash office is definitely helps as you will be heading up there once or twice a week, sometimes more in the lead up and come down from the big events. Debt collecting skills are also very important, as there are always some people who forget to pay... 

Comp Secs 
Currently Simon North & Rhys Williamson
The competition secretary’s main role is to organise the annual National Student Rodeo (NSR) in March. This is a major student kayaking competition in Nottingham attracting 800+ students. They also organise the clubs attendance of BUCS Whitewater Racing and Pole dancing. The NSR especially is a massive commitment in terms of time. It involves dealing with large sums of money and co-ordinating a massive team of amazing volunteers. It’s a fantastic opportunity to develop managerial, delegation and teamwork skills whilst professionally organising a large scale festival. You’ll have to deal with industry sponsors, non-profit organisations, and members of the public and of course lots of smelly students. If you're interested in the position then have a chat with Simon and Rhys, make sure you get yourself a ticket for this year's MASSIVE Christmas party and learn the ways of the comp secs. 

Polo Sec 
Currently Dan Hibbitt
Polo Sec is all about organising the club's canoe polo sessions every Thursday evening, keeping it interesting for all abilities and giving as many beginners a taste as possible. Along with this, you will need to organise a men's and ladies team for the regional Yorkshire Polo league, the Christie Cup and of course the BUCS annual competition in April. Along with the Gear Sec you will also need to keep all the Polo kit in good working order. Although it may seem like you have to be awesome as polo, this does not have to be the case. As long as you are willing to call the role your own and have passion for it – it will be awesome fun. Like most roles it's about organising and making sure things run smoothly, and critically introducing as many freshers and beginners as possible. If you feel you can do just that, the role is for you! It doesn’t stop with Polo either, you will still have an important say and input into all the other goings on in the club. 

Gear and Safety Officer 
Currently Will (Sp)Ewebank 
The Gear and Safety Officer is responsible for the inspection, maintenance and repair of all club equipment, the purchasing new equipment for the club, and maintaining an accurate inventory of all club kit. In addition you must also remove any kit that is not suitable or is deemed to be unsafe for use and ensure that any kit that is decommissioned is disposed of correctly. Again, working quite closely with the Captain, the safety aspect is ensuring the club’s risk assessment and code of practice are maintained and updated according to recent standards should it be required and ensure that river leaders are all keyed up on safe practices on the water. 

Social Sec 
Currently Tasha Isaacs
The social secretary has to decide which place the club will descend upon each Wednesday night. Generally merry much of the time, it's their job to make sure everyone is having a good time (no easy task). They also organise the yearly summer and Christmas meals, joint socials with other clubs, keeping everyone cheerful on the river or at a freezing Tyne Tour campsite, starting up drinking games, organising a wide range of socials that can cater for everybody (including those that abstain from the dreaded drink) and much much more! Social secs are generally out-going, friendly and good at wangling discounts so the club can get into places cheaper! Socials are always the aspect people remember most (on in some cases don't remember at all…) and a brilliant way to get to know everyone, so it’s your opportunity to put your mark on people’s uni stories! We have has 2 people for this position in the past so if you want to combine your awesomness with someone else to make a team that is also possible too!
And don’t forget, if you get voted in your first social starts then. So have a think about where everyone will be going after the AGM. 

Currently Rob Ingham
The webmaster is responsible for maintaining the club's online presence, from the website, to the forum and social media. This is a busy role, with constant information that we need to supply to our members, and keeping us looking shiny and attractive to new members.

Ordinary Member 
Currently No one
This position has no set role but to actively assist the other members of the committee in their operations within the club. While carrying no power or responsibility, this position is intended to be filled by a club member believed to have experience or skills to effectively aid the committee, and so benefit the club as a whole. 

Party Time! Then the night continues...wherever the new social secs take us! 

At the AGM the nominated member must give a short speech stating why they think they should be chosen for the role and will not be required to leave the room while others make their speeches.

Get nominating (on the forum thread). 
Get signing up. 
See you on the night! ::D
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