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Committee minutes 20/3/17

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Committee minutes 20/3/17

Postby chloesaunders » Wed Mar 22, 2017 4:08 pm

Firstly, Sam has revolutionised modern student eating by creating the most high value meal deal possible, and so cheating Tesco out of a whole £2.50.

Welsh Weekend
Mark Waddington will be coaching, but still waiting on other coaches
Transport will come to about £250 overall
Ideal bunkhouse is booked up for the weekend we need - will find accommodation within half an hour drive of Bala.
People will be providing their own food.
A private facebook group will be created for Welsh weekenders/ individually message to see who can go, then a facebook group.
Will need 2 MPVs, a van and a car
Could use a different river in Wales if need be.

Should go to Roxy ballroom at some point
There have been smashed eggs on Emily's kitchen floor for over a month

A whole day hire of Roundhay lake for Christie cup is £150
This needs to be paid by the morning of
BUCS teams have been decided, 25 people going in all.
There is a company that can do club rash vests --> The more you get the cheaper they are.
Plans to christen the polo boats
Need to apply for university funding for kit, emphasise getting girls involved in polo.

Weekend River Trip
Conor forgot a boat
Anna forgot a spraydeck

Charges may come from Salford Van Hire from the weekend - This shouldn't be more than £100 though.
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