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What type of canoeing do you do?

We're a club that predominantly goes white water kayaking and plays canoe polo. On a semi-regular basis we also go kayak surfing. Don't worry kayaking novices, at the start of the year we offer several flat water trips where we aim to introduce you guys to the wonderful world of kayaking before hitting the white stuff.

What is white water kayaking?

White water kayaking is the fun and exciting activity of paddling a kayak down a river, usually somewhere beautiful like the Yorkshire Dales or the Lake District. Rivers naturally form fun features like bouncy waves and wiers to river down.

What is kayak surfing?

Think of the stereotypical surfing, a cool person using a surf board to surf the wave crashing in to the beach at some exotic location like Hawaii. Kayak surfing is like that, but in a kayak, in Scarborough. It's pretty cool, especially when you catch a gnarly wave!

What is canoe polo?

Canoe polo is a fun, fast paced sport. It is played in kayaks with up to 8 people per side, where the aim of the game is to throw the ball in to the oppositions goal. A lot of people describe the game as a combination of basketball and water polo but in boats. It's been rumoured that the wonderful sport will be an Olympic sport within the next 10 years.

How much does it cost to be a member of the club?

Membership costs £45. During the freshers fair, we discount membership to £40 that includes canoe polo. This includes free use of our specialist kayaking equipment on club trips, BCU affiliation, insurance, and to cover the up keep of our club equipment.

Are there any other costs?

Pool/canoe polo sessions costs £1 each. Each river trip costs £10 to over petrol and vehicle hire. Our weekend's away and competitions costs something. Each costs a different amount and vary year on year due to various varying costs

You get excellent value for money for all of the wonderful coaching you receive and the fun packed activities. The club heavily subsidises everything but we unfortunately can't afford to cover all costs - if we could, we would. As we would love to go on free trips too. :)

How do i sign up to be a member of the club?

To become a member of our lovely club, which i hear is one of the best clubs at the University of Leeds please visit the How to join page.

How do i sign up to be a member of the Edge?

As a student that lives in halls, you automatically should get an Edge Club membership. So if you're a fresher, you shouldn't have to worry about being a member of the Edge. Unfortunately the Edge doesn't give that lovely gift to students who live outside of halls. In this case please visit The Edge's website where you can purchase your chosen membership. If you want to store your paddles or boat in the Chapel, you require a minimum of the Sports Hall Pass. After the first couple of weeks, you'll require to pay for single entry in to the pool, which costs £5. Unfortunately, this is a requirement by The Edge. If you purchase a Sports Hall Pass and go to both the pool and polo sessions every teaching week, it'll work out as little as £1.73 per session.

What is the Chapel?

The Chapel is an old Methodist church where we store our club equipment.

Where is the Chapel?

The Chapel is diagonally across from the Edge at the bottom of the campus. Please check the map page, where you'll be able to see it and get navigation directions for your mobile device.

What is the Edge?

The Edge is a sports centre where we hold our pool and polo sessions.

Where is the Edge?

The Edge is at the bottom of campus - the sports freshers fair is held in the building, and so you would have been in it if you had visited it. You really can't miss it. If you're still unsure, please check the map page, where you'll be able to see it in Google Maps and get navigation directions for your mobile device.

Can i keep my equipment in the Chapel?

You can store your boat and paddles in the chapel and nothing else but only if you're a member of the club and an Edge member (a sports hall pass is good enough). The Chapel is managed by the people of The Edge Sports Centre and so both memberships are a requirement. Please contact us beforehand to sort it out.

I've never paddled before, can I still come along?

You certainly can! Many of our members join with no paddling experience. We have plenty of people ready to coach you in both pool/polo sessions and river trips/weekends away.

I can't swim. Can I still come along?

Unfortunately we can't allow you to kayak with us if you can't swim a minimum of 50 metres. By all means, feel free to come along for the social side of things. We have a number of people that are social kayakers, where they turn up to pool and polo sessions, as well as weekends away, and of course our social nights out.

Do you meet for socials?

We certainly do. We meet every Wednesday evening for a bit of social lube, as well as for a Christmas meal and summer meal.

What do you do for socials?

We mainly meet up on Wednesday evenings for a few socialable beers and then the hardcore lot (aka the cool kids on the block) venture out to the lovely bars and clubs that Leeds has to offer. We also go to places like Xscape for things like laser quest and bowling. We have an LUUCC quiz and Otley run.

How do i sign up for a trip?

You can sign up for a trip via our online shop on our union page. The captain will usually notify the group of the plans for the weekly river trip on Monday via our newsletter and at our Monday pool session. Weekend trips and competitions are usually notified to people a couple of weeks in advance of the trip. Once notified, the sign up on our online shop usually goes live the same day. It's first come, first served. So keep yours eyes and ears peeled as you don't want to miss out on one of our amazing trips!

What do i need for a trip?

Check the What you need page where you'll find a list of items that we recommend you take as a minimum. People differ and so does the gear that they take. So if you usually require more than most in a particular way, please take that in to consideration.

I have a question that your website doesn't answer. How can i contact you?

Please visit our contact us page where you'll find various different ways to contact us.